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Marty. Thanks for explaining exactly what the rules say. Why were the rules changed? To outlaw Kit's 20 year old methods? If so, what was the rationale? Was it felt that he's been getting an unfair advantage all these years?
A Little Help
Kit: I'm a bit shocked that I never thought of using 1S-3NT as a spade raise for myself! Could you tell us how you define it?
Give the Ruff
Kit, on page 1, you consider bidding on the West hand, then on page 3 you consider raising partner's 2 bid. But, if East has bid on a similar strength/shape hand to yours, 3 will go for a big number. For example, I tried giving East ...
Psychic Bids by US Players during the 1957 Bermuda Bowl and Related Deals
I wasn't aware that the Blue Team was found guilty of illegal transmission of information. Have I missed something?
Way to Recover
Kit, you say "on most hands, opener is able to place the contract accurately when he knows the number of controls", and in the article itself you indicate that the general combined strength of the two hands is also important (it's no good having the controls if you can ...
Conceal the Spot
Kit: After 2C-2D, how do you show shortness in a clubs-only hand? I presume by bidding higher than 3C? Which means the 2D query has to be fully up-to-strength?
Explaining partner's bid
No, not like that. There was disagreement on whether 8+ was satisfactory, that's all. The point is, what is actually appropriate. Should South frame their answer to take account of the prior bidding? Should East refer to the prior bidding?
Explaining partner's bid
Thanks for all the (varied) comments. I now realise that my description of events was misleading. NS didn't refuse to provide further information but (when it became apparent that East wanted the information) went on to give a full description of how they open balanced hands. But they didn ...
Slow Return
Kit, the following statement of yours is surely wrong? "If you think {...} before making a return at trick 2 in a position where you had to win trick 1, it is quite clear you had a problem on your return." Your statement is true of someone who doesn't routinely ...
In a Hurry
I thought Stefan was referencing Bob Dylan's "I got mixed up confusion; man, it's a-killing me". (I take a lot of false inferences from my bridge partner, too.)
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