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March 18, 2016
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Ugly Call
​I've been playing Precision for only a couple of years, but a couple of Richard Reitman's asides struck a chord with me. 1. We now upgrade to 1C only with seriously big playing-strength hands. Mostly, it's 1C = 16+ and other bids = up to 15. Effectively, this means ...
Simple Approach
Kit, doesn't the meaning you assign to "1C-2C; 2D" break rule one of system design? Shouldn't the priority be to elicit shape information rather than controls? Mind you, after redesigning your system you might still struggle with this particular hand. I suspect that no-primary-fit hands with a vulnerable ...
Understanding the Logic and Merit of Strong Pass!
Marty Harris: "... If you play a 10-12 1NT you can play pretty much any responding methods you like, but if you play a 1NT opening with a lower limit below 10 HCP, you can only use natural responses, no transfers or Stayman." Is this true!!! Surely this is just legalistic ...
Time for a rethink
Paul, I'd love to see the contents of your SOAP pamphlet. Can you share it with us, or is it lost in the mists of time?
Time for a rethink
Hi Paul, from 1970s New Zealand. Long time, no see. I agree with so much of what you've said, but also believe you've overestimated the abilities of ordinary players. Defending against unusual/new systems is difficult for we lesser mortals, even if those systems are not inherently difficult ...
Feedback for Convention Chart
WORDSMITHING Re the definition of quasi natural. I understood the first sentence. Then I read the second sentence and became confused. Part of the problem is that the second sentence isn't an example (so delete the phrase "For example"). Another problem is that it's not clear why the ...
He Didn't Shift
Kit, for you "1C-1D; 1H" is natural (not 19+ artificial). How do you handle strong hands that aren't good enough to game force (after 1C-1D)?
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Oops, sorry, unauthorised information :)
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
DISCLOSURE: I am a Kiwi.
The Last Diamond
Sorry for the ignorance, but what is the KSU method? I can't find any references online.
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