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Damian Hassan
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April 9, 2013
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Damian Hassan's lead problem: 53 97532 643 T43
The actual hand was: [code] AT72 - AKQJT82 K6 53 J964 97532 KJ864 643 95 T43 AQ KQ8 AQT 7 J98752 [/code] Any lead except a heart works.
Is there anything....
Richard Fleet said, "The fact that a convention requires partner to take a particular course of action does not absolve him from responsibility for using his brains (if any)..." I'd have thought that was the point of an idiot-proof convention. A few years ago, Phil King ran a workshop ...
Is there anything....
Partner opens 6 Spades, and you hold A, A, KQJxxxxxxxx.
Play in 6NT
One difference this time is the quality of your pips. Playing A and then finessing loses to cashing the AK if there is Hx offside but picks up HHxx or HHxxx onside. Even if the only chance in the contract was the diamond suit, A then finesse is slightly better ...
Mindless revoke
I've edited my comment. There are few declarers for whom I would not ask the director to waive the penalty. And I agree with Tom that in serious events I'd also be less likely to ask. The revoke has been established by the subsequent claim.
Mindless revoke
I voted other. I call the director, as you must do when attention is drawn to an irregularity. Players do not have the right to waive rectifications on their own initiative (law 10a). I would (probably) ask the director to exercise his discretion to waive the rectification (law 81 C ...
Measuring Deductive Reasoning
The Cornell Critical Thinking Tests might be suitable for your task. They can be administered from age 10 onwards.
Mistimed or Misguessed ?
Not 100% Florian - East might have a singleton or void diamond, which I reckon at about 12% given the spade break. But still pretty good odds, and nearly 10% better than line B.
Mistimed or Misguessed ?
Line 1 is the better line. Christopher is wrong about the hands where RHO has a singleton heart. He's right if declarer fails to notice that RHO discards on the first heart ruff, but an alert declarer will ruff a diamond back to hand after winning the A in ...
T-Walsh: 1!C-1!S-2!D uncontested
In one partnership, we invert the 2NT and 2 rebids, with 2 showing a 17-19 balanced hand (we play 14-16 NT). Responder bids 2 with an invitational hand, and 2 and 2NT are puppet relays, either to play or to show various minor suit hand types.

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