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How do you rule?
Michael R: Perhaps the term "nit picking" was wrong (I am not a native English speaker). I did however specify all by myself that this was, and I quote, "in my view", therefore your emphasis on something which I have already said myself is, maybe not nit picking, but definitely ...
How do you rule?
You have ignored most of what I wrote and instead chose to nitpick on what I prefixed as "my view". So no, I am not conceding that my statement is false. It was not a statement of law, rather it was my opinion as to how the law should be ...
How do you rule?
I understood the question and I don't think it is a claim, rather it seems to me that you really want to punish the offender for his impatience. I agree the impatience is a bad thing and could be sanctioned, but not by treating it as a claim and ...
How do you rule?
So I guess you've never played against simple Joe who thinks for ages whether he should finesse or not and when you produce the K, jokingly says "well why didn't you just tell me it was offside". I'm not saying this behavior is desirable, I did warn ...
How do you rule?
I do not think North's statement is a claim. In my view he was just telling declarer that he holds the king (in the hope that this will speed up the play). If declarer is a high class player, he should know that North cannot possibly know for sure ...
Common competitive situations and follow ups
Thanks for answering - do you play XYZ normally, or do you make any modifications? (considering you have a cuebid available)
Common competitive situations and follow ups
we play 1♠ denies a major after 1♥, X after 1♠ can be more than 4♥ if a weak hand.
ATB - Defense
Assuming 2♥ showed a fit (pass with xx), East can be reasonably certain West doesn't have 6 (otherwise likely West would have bid 3♥), so he can afford to cash a top ♥ as a lead director, although that seems to cost a trick and an extra 100 is nice ...
Wednesday common game
I like your sequence and I would probably duplicate it, but as somebody else already commented, whether 4♥ is last train or just a cue makes a difference. I am wondering, it seems this slam is only good due to presence of the ♦J? How do you assess the odds ...
Stopper-less INT Overcalls and alerts/non-alerts
Andy, the rulebook and the directors suggest just that (through the implicit understanding mechanism). In fact this whole thread suggests just that. Kirean, as a very experienced player who has been around the block, surely has the implicit agreement that a 1NT overcall does not guarantee a stopper (as it ...

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