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Dan Jablonski
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Aug. 1, 2013
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Convention Cards in NABC+ events
My partner asked an opponent for a convention card in a NABC+ event, and was told he didn't have one. The conversation went like this: "ok, so what are you playing?" "Oh, everything's standard." "What's your no trump range?" "Variable" "director please!" While not giving names, these ...
Alerts when gray: a specific siutational poll
Sadly, that sounds like something the ACBL would say. Still it's *really* hard to get penalized for alerting an unnatural bid, and I don't think it would happen here. One of the more entertaining sessions I ever played, I showed up drunk four minutes after start as a ...
Alerts when gray: a specific siutational poll
Alert, describe it as undiscussed, but clearly not a one suiter with spades, and your partner will not have UI issues. If the opponents press for specifics, get a director now.
Soloway KO results (swiss qualifier)
nice to see fast results getting updated... i noticed it after two rounds, but the third round was then posted in pretty timely fashion..
An Open Letter to ACBL Unit and District Officers
Agree completely. D25 did not bend the rules. It found the hole in the rules. It's a hole that needs to be plugged, but not overplugged. I like the full day qualifier, but it should be necessary to win a match to win points.
An Open Letter to ACBL Unit and District Officers
bingo. The proposed elimination of creativity is a gross overreaction. Try new things. When someone finds an unsavory degenerate case that awards gold to a team that wins zero matches (ala KIKO), clean up the rules, but also thank the tournament organizers for trying! i moderately favor 193-21, and strongly ...
A better rating system
If ACBL knows, PR should pick that up the next month. Can also let Chris know directly -- he's got a link on for exactly that, so that must have hit a few nerves.
A better rating system
I have a few issues with it, but it is clearly better than nothing. My main issue is that I don't like recasting past history based on present results. A game 23 months ago should be rated based on the opponents' ratings at that time, not thrown into a ...
Don't shoot the messenger!
Right next to that book on the library shelf at the local bridge club is probably the most real bridge book I've ever seen. It's titled "everything I know about bridge" and it is a 150 page volume of blank paper.
U31 junior event
I'm 45. I think I'm now closer to being eligible for a junior event than the D25 senior regional. Thanks WBF!

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