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Dan Jablonski
Dan Jablonski
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Aug. 1, 2013
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United States of America

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Missing Hand Record
maybe they swapped it with the portland, maine, sectional. same thing -- no hands for the second set.. (not that i ever want to see those hands again.. :-) )
WBF Anti-Doping Regulations
when bridge first came under the WADA rules, i was using a banned substance (a beta blocker.) i don't play in WBF events, so i could just laugh at it. they fixed that one pretty quickly -- the next version of the list exempted beta blockers for bridge. therapeutic use ...
Director, please!
2 after michaels sounds like a big hand. i'd require west to bid 3. still making 4? OK.
Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare)
i appreciated your alert of his 1D opening being normal. :-)
Condition of Contest
i'm all for playing up. i'm also all for playing fun events in my bracket. i do both, and enjoy both. i understand Sabrina's negative reaction to this news (which i see below has been reversed..) it would be so easily avoidable by simply putting the specific ...
Condition of Contest
i would further say NAP and GNT are different because both events "start" (or allow qualifying to start) on the first of a month. so the run on the preceding sixth of the month is the run-of-the-month (thanks Cornelia) preceding the event. NAP qualifying starts June 1, so levels are ...
What's the correct ruling?
If 4NT is ambiguous I agree. Don't think that's the case here. I'll take the friendly amendment: no one will ever question a slow choice to keycard.
What's the correct ruling?
I learned this when I started playing that partner can carry on answering the queen ask with three keycards after I sign off over 0 or 3. Can't put partner in the situation to carry on over a slow signoff. Have to have my plan in place before 4NT ...
Dan Jablonski's bidding problem: 2 A82 QJ973 QJ87
I passed, then came in with a delayed double over 1NT P P back to me, thinking that would describe an imperfect double, and encourage a minor all things being equal. Partner had a sad 5=3=3=2 and bid 2, and had the joy of playing 2 ...
Deal rotated in the board
It wasn't. Well, it was played 5 times, at tables 24, 23, 22, 21, and 20, in that order. We played it at table 20. People we know at table 22 clearly played it un-fouled. So at most one result to compare.

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