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Why is this day different from all others?
9 teams plays as 3-ways all day. this runs faster than 8 single matches, especially with 6-board matches, since you only compare every other round. i was surprised how much i liked that aspect of the round robin. (i don't like much else about the bracketed round robin, but ...
Why is this day different from all others?
why can't you both be right?
Why is this day different from all others?
someone managed to voluntarily play up into bracket 2 in this format? how did that work exactly?
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
I think this stems from what I see as a common club myth: no one's going to double me on the 2-level!
What, if anything, is forcing now?
After doubling, a direct 2 carries "I don't want to defend 2x" as its primary message. Pass should be forcing!
common game section C E/W field blanket finish
Had a recent club game where an 8 table section had last place over 50% on the burner. Thought that was pretty spectacular. Two pairs fell just below on the final results, tho.
Defense Vs NT Opening: DONT Followup
I assume option 1 is suction-style -- hearts won't work but 2 is fine, and if not, I've got the diamonds for 3. And option 2 is advancer going it alone. I generally favor advancer's first bid played as if we're playing in one of ...
Should ACBL have North American Bridge Championship events and titles for all levels of players at NABCs?
I played in the national 199er one year. What ever happened to that? I like the idea of one or two national events per year at various interesting levels. The OP takes it to the absurd extreme, but that doesn't make the idea wrong.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
My partner asked an opponent for a convention card in a NABC+ event, and was told he didn't have one. The conversation went like this: "ok, so what are you playing?" "Oh, everything's standard." "What's your no trump range?" "Variable" "director please!" While not giving names, these ...
Alerts when gray: a specific siutational poll
Sadly, that sounds like something the ACBL would say. Still it's *really* hard to get penalized for alerting an unnatural bid, and I don't think it would happen here. One of the more entertaining sessions I ever played, I showed up drunk four minutes after start as a ...

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