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Dan Jablonski
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Aug. 1, 2013
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June 23
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Youth Robot Bridge Tournament
in some ways, i consider a just declare robot individual *more* like real bridge than a matchpoint robot individual. some of the techniques that make the bots look really bad on defense involve telling lies in the auction. if you can get to the right contract via an "interesting" auction ...
Using two bidding systems according to vulnerability
I did this for a bit recently. red opponents don't bid nearly as much over the strong club. seemed half the time they bothered to come in at all, they ended up in game! when opponents are nonvul, it's sometimes nice just to get a natural suit on ...
What happened to the Colorado Springs bridge web site?
looks like the domain registration probably expired.
Dan Jablonski's bidding problem: QT987654 AT8 J7 ---
ahh, the joys of one-word agreements! with partners i have actually discussed it with, 2NT is still forwardgoing with whatever convention you play there, and redouble demands the ranking bid, for pass/correct.. allows reaching 2. I got it from one partner, and have relayed it to a couple ...
Leads from doubleton honor sequences
funny, both situations came up in last night's (jan 2 eve) common game. I led the king both times. (east on board 4, north on board 19) i like it from AK because i expect to complete the signal at trick 2, and get a suit preference signal from ...
Should there be a law change for procedural penalty’s, zero tolerance etc.?
Ok, that is hilarious. Because 7 points is one fifth of a board. (No impact on the actual result, but I like mocking bad math. :) )
Should there be a law change for procedural penalty’s, zero tolerance etc.?
Finn, I'm quite sure you and your partner weren't worried about the difference between 14th and 15th. but when did the directors tell you they had decided on a 7 matchpoint penalty? and did they call it 7 matchpoints, or 20% of a board, or 1/5 of ...
Should there be a law change for procedural penalty’s, zero tolerance etc.?
just checked -- an extra 1.75 would not have changed the overalls..
Wipe your shoes
if you already know controls before you get to the mulberry sequence, that would make sense.. our system is all about shape at the lower levels, and uses the mulberry sequence to establish values/controls.
Wipe your shoes
when accepting the slam try sequences, we answer key cards. that seems lost here. after 4 - 4NT, which accepts a slam try in either major, asker now bids 5, confirming that's where the slam try was? no room to discuss keycards now.. the best cure for the ...

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