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Dan Lester
Dan Lester
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Aug. 16, 2011
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Sept. 14, 2018
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Bridge Director
about me

70 year old retired university professor and administrator.  Have played bridge for 50 years, but duplicate for only four.

United States of America

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Regionall Master, Director
Regular Bridge Partners
Gail Lester
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SunRiver St George DBC, Community DBC of St. George (Club Manager and Director), Sluff N Ruff DBC
Favorite Tournaments
Las Vegas
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Non Life Master
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ACBL Masterpoint questions
Well, Bob, you've already added new "ranks" with the new requirements for LM and the various higher ranks. There are new requirements for all levels for those who joined after 1/1/2010, as I'm sure you know. That took re-educating people of all levels. Or maybe many ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
One question for Ellis: You say "allowing them to attain ranking without ever playing against a ranking player" What level does it take to be a "ranking player"? Is one of the players who I play against regularly with 3000 MP a "ranking player", or is s/he (we have ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
First, Jeff, I didn't ever mean to give the impression that I've done anything to build bridge. I just direct two different games (one Open, about a dozen tables a week, one Invitational, about ten tables a week). I'm Club Manager of the former, working for an ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
I'll agree that Brett is theoretically correct, but the likelihood of anyone getting 50 silver points in STACs (which in our area are two weeks a year) without ever attending a tournament. And then there are the red and gold.......
ACBL Masterpoint questions
Dave is correct on some players preferring to stay lower. At a game yesterday a local person (who Dave also knows) complained that she was in B instead of C in the previous day's club game. The Director explained what the strata were and why she and her partner ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
Just to add the rest of the story, briefly, I promise: For LM one now has to earn 500 total instead of 300, 75 silver instead of 50, 100 red/gold instead of 50, 50 gold instead of 25. Hey, this should help the attendance at Regionals, and at sectionals ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
I agree, Jeff, that most participants are long past pigmented point issues. And note that I'm not complaining about the new requirements, despite some aspects of them not making sense. Although I'd played bridge socially since 1962, my life as a university professor didn't allow time to ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
I don't have thousands of points, but have friends who do. If you have 40,000 points, say, are the 50 (say) points for winning the knockout compare to the 3rd place finish in the national event, even if (say) only 30 points. In fact, if you have 40 ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
Understand your point, Steve. At what point does one become a "good player". Are our local top players (3K MP) who can tell you every card in your hand after the first three tricks, who know every card played, who win regularly, both locally and at tournaments, "good players"? I ...
ACBL Masterpoint questions
And what are the current prices on Gold, Red, and Silvers? And even black ones? I hate to wait for those to accumulate. :-) I assume you're going to hang onto all your Platinum ones. :-)
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