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July 6, 2017
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What do you do about this curious explanation
When someone says, "he wants me to bid something," you should assume that "takeout" is not part of their active vocabulary. You're dealing with a party bridge player from another era. It is highly unrealistic to expect an agreement about hcp or shape. You may get fixed on occasion ...
What's your club policy ...
There are no lines in my area of people waiting to become directors. If they had to be non-playing, they wouldn't direct at all. Same with masterpoint eligibility. Most of us ask players to let us know if they need a partner two days in advance. No guarantees. I ...
Denver Case N9 - Make up your minds!
In your case, the director ruled that there was UI. Almost anything can be UI from a cough to a comment to a hesitation. But in order for it to restrict partner it must suggest one logical alternative is better than another. In the N9 case, both the table director ...
T- Shirt ideas(bridge)
Don't be a dummy. Keep bidding.
Ruling Question
East's pass certainly suggests that he had doubts about the meaning of 2. So does the lack of alert. If he realized he had described the bid wrong, he should have called the director immediately. I wouldn't be willing to make a ruling before asking him to ...
The weakness of lower strats
I think one reason is that clubs are raising the limits for their lower flight games. Players who take advantage of that can get away with hardly ever playing against A players. Playing in these limited games can reinforce a lot of horrible habits. Meanwhile the complexity of bidding systems ...
Board 14 2nd July 2019 Bermuda Bowl Sweden vs Netherlands
Flat boards are so boring.
Yet another freak hand
I had a very similar hand yesterday, but without the 5th spade in South. Bidding went 2-2-2-3-6-7.
Jason Leith's bidding problem: QJ985 A6 JT Q543
I value this as 4 tricks - A, two ruffs and a full trick for efficiency of 9th and 10th trump. Two queens are a plus, but three soft suits are a big minus. Expecting opener to have 5 tricks, I invite.
Overcalling a 3 level preempt
Rafael, you have the wrong book. :) Mike Lawrence deals with overcalls after preempts in Judgment at Bridge 2. Unfortunately, he doesn't offer simple rules such as how many points you need. If I had to condense his advice into a few words, it would be, "Be afraid. Be very ...

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