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Dan Putnam
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July 6, 2017
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Director Pleas
The issue is that claimer might think trumps are drawn. Therefore, there is no bridge reason to ruff high. The two examples you give are not merely careless. They are frivolous - that is there is no bridge reason to play this way. The claim should be allowed in this case ...
Methods following an overcall after you have agreed a suit
Balance of Power. We have more high card strength than they do.
Your thoughts on whether Alerts or Explanations are required or should be required or voluntarily should be done
Bridge is hard enough for beginners, intermediates and party bridge converts without requiring them to know what better players may consider unusual or useful information. I would hate to see these Walsh/Flannery inferences made alertable. I'll defer judgment on higher-level competitions.
Mindless revoke
They don't want to lose that way, but I would never admit I want to win that way either.
Mindless revoke
Calling the director and then asking him to waive the penalty strikes me as a pompous gesture and a waste of the director's time. Either take the unearned penalty which you are entitled to, or accept the claim with or without explanation.
Placing the cards
As an intermediate, I might be wondering how E/W are bidding as though they have N/S cards. :)
Two Step Slam Dance
With strong NT, I would think a superaccept would be enough for responder to set the slam track in motion. With weak NT, if opener bids 3, I still cue 4.
Opening and Rebid with a 15-17 NT
I don't want to play in a 5-1 spade fit. And this hand doesn't justify a reverse. I prefer opening 1 to show 9 cards, but only with a decent 4-card diamond suit.
Opponents remind you of your own failure to alert -- AI or UI?
It's authorized information. It's also the reason many players don't ask about bids when they think alerts were missed, and the reason acbl took away the excuse of not asking in hopes of a misunderstanding by opps.
Thinking Twice About Two-Way
I think it is important that advancing players first learn the version that is most common in their sphere. It makes them more desirable as partners for better players. In my world, if you only know 2-way, you'd better have a reliable regular partner.

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