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Oct. 13, 2015
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June 2
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Cheating on BBO
Since I started playing on-line due to the pandemic, I too have noted in particular strange and winning opening leads. I won't go into details here, but my assumption at first is that the opponents got very lucky. By the time it occurs to you that something nefarious might ...
Board 22 from the 05/29/2020 Common Game
After 1S P P would you balance with the East hand? I did not. Thank you
David Parsons's bidding problem: KJ654 T9864 --- A64
My view,,no matter what else, the penalty double was just plain wrong. No reason to believe the contract is going down. Hope the doubler isn't someone I know:)
David Parsons's bidding problem: Q983 3 AJ54 A632
Who knows? Bid 5. Might make on any hand partner has 10 red cards.
A "friendly" game
I see I'm out of the mainstream here. i'm irked, but only for a short while. For my own well being I would make a comment, in a gentle fashion, about the lack of reciprocity, then move on. Look at it as some insight into the personal character ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: JT976 KQ 9732 98
I'm of the view that on values the hand is worth 3 Ss. I chose 2 Ss because it's not clear to me what partner has in mind. Might this be a command to bid 3 NT with a H stopper, a 3-card very strong S raise. In ...
Exactly right Phil. S knew a club return was undesirable. Why give partner a chance to go wrong?
Exposure -- We're doing something wrong.
It takes a lot of effort to start playing bridge. I sat nest to a married couple about a month or so ago. She was playing and taking lessons at a local club; he was interested in starting. But she described her experience and those of her friends as disclosed ...
A Simple Question
Playing the hand at a (semi-)normal pace can never be criticized.
Alert a natural preempt?
Pretty c;ear, no alert. However, playing with one partner we have an agreement hat 3 Cs in particular in first or second seat can be on almost nothing except club length (perhaps 6), subject to vulnerability. I alert that prompt. Otherwise, we are aggressive preemptors and I see no ...
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