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Sportsmanlike dumping???
@Jeff: What if the unpleasant people are so much so that knowing that they are happy to still be in the event will negatively affect your play in subsequent rounds?
What would you do about illegal note taking?
How would people feel about a declarer on the second day of a national event writing down during the hand a card one of their opponents played?
Steve omitted the most significant part of the second hand, which was that in the two card ending, he ended up with a losing heart and a losing club in hand, with East holding a winner in each major and West having carefully preserved the 7 alone with a club ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
I don't believe he was sanctioning his hypothetical behavior, but point taken.
ATB wrong game
East had two chances to take better actions. West might have made slightly different calls, but not a big deal in my opinion. 2N is right on values, qTxx in this position is one of the best slow stoppers that gives advantage to NT vs suits, etc. east should have ...
Seeding in secondary team events
@Jeff: we're not talking about a randomly chosen group of people with 1k masterpoints, we're talking about a group of people with 1k average masterpoints who decided to play in the 5k event rather than their local club game or even the 1500 event. Also, the effect is ...
Announce 1NT Rebid with 15-17 HCP?
The purpose of announcements is that they force the side making the bid to explain what it is right away. This is to prevent the other side from having to ask questions every time to avoid giving away information (namely, that their hand is so bad that it's not ...
6000 mini I and 2500 mini II
John's point is supported by the results from this year and from Ben Kompa's comment. If seeding were positively correlated with performance, it would be incredibly unlikely to have five of the final eight teams include four of the five lowest seeds and only one of the top ...
Inevitable Bad Result
Pass 4X in the North for a start
ACBL Expels Fantoni-Nunes
Did this affect the Zimmerman team's seeding for this Spingold?

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