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Dan Wolkowitz
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Ax opposite KQTxx
David, this is also why you can never have a break even level when East has an even number of available spaces (prior to subtracting 3 cards from East and 2 from West). Under that condition, after the subtraction, East will necessarily have an odd number of available spaces left ...
Nickell vs. Lall - Board 111 - 7!S
Kit, The most charitable assumption for favoring the two cases of the 5-2 split is that we know no cards in either hand besides this (rather than the 2-2 spade split that we have already seen). In that case, the weight of the 5-2 split is: 13 * 12 * 11 * 10 ...
Any Blame?
It depends when you decide to assess. If you look at the bids themselves, East has a suit that is a likely source of tricks and a sure entry on the side. That probably makes bidding fake worthwhile even with only 9 high. West has a little too much in ...
Bay Area High School Bridge Championship
Nice article. Notice on page 4 that after ruffing the third round of spades high and crossing to the J, declarer can simply ruff his last spade and concede a diamond and save all that energy of counting that hand out. Also, if West had led the T from T9x ...
Whats the ethical thing to do?
"so I toyed with a fake minor reverse" 3m is not a reverse, it's a jump-shift. It's game forcing, so what you're saying there is that you have 17 points, no guarantee of a fit, and you want to force game because partner might have three hearts ...
April 2018 It's Your Call
Nice job Zack Grossack, bidding an insufficient 2 on board 3
They Add Up
I'm surprised that you say 3D is making. If West leads his singleton it looks like it's down two. Otherwise it looks like -1 unless E/W manage to never kill your club trick despite having ample time to signal.
Calling All Robot Experts
To generalize (perhaps overly so), in my experience the bots do not do well at ranking which plays to make. In theory, they should know the difference between a mathematical lock and a play that is likely good from a simulation. So they may take an inference that a suit ...
A Fun Double Dummy Problem
@David Burn Your beer comment is about 20 years stale. Yes, perhaps a few bars in the US still serve awful beer, but I'd wager that even you would find the quality and diversity of American beers to your liking. Sadly, most of the best ones probably don't ...
A Fun Double Dummy Problem
If South covers the spade at trick 2, you don't need to do anything. You just get 3 spades, 4 hearts, 1 diamond, 5 clubs.

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