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Dan Wolkowitz
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USBF Invitational 1: My adventures on BBO part 2
Maybe not a great double, but they also saw how the match was going at the time, so perhaps it seemed like it was necessary. It's true that the likely trick given up by the double means you need to really have thought you had chances of setting it ...
Record trump support; Partnership agreement
UMJOODO? Ok, it was actually easy to google.I figured it was another name for what I’ve heard called “reverse Flannery” but I can see why a couple of lawyers couldn’t resist using a giant acronym when it was available.
Strong balancing notrump hands
It's tough to have four ranges except over an opening of 1, and even that can get muddied. If you doubled 1 and partner bids 2, what does your 2!N show now? Maybe with 15 you'll just pass, but it gets a little murky.
Dirty Talk
I thought South died in 1997.
Coast Conduct
Matthew, I found myself in a very similar situation, also against two world class players, in the 3-day LM pairs in Chicago (summer '15). Red/red I held: AJ 97 JT9643 Q54 I passed in 1st, heard opps bid uncontested 1(2+, <16 high ...
World championships individual
Or this guy:
Denial Cuebidding You wrote about the weak relay two weeks ago (really probably several months ago, or however far ahead you are these days)
How bad is this double?
Let me guess: you doubled at the table, your partner said it was a terrible double, you posted for vindication and retribution?
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
Technically, timeo (I fear) is the verb. Danaos is the Greeks. Fermented is a present active participle and is an adverb. “I fear the Greeks, even bearing gifts.”
Non Timeo Danaos et Dona Ferentes Compulsus
I didn't take a ton of Latin, but... Doesn't "ferentes" meaning "carrying" in this case "bearing"? In that case, I would have thought you meant to write "donum compulsum," an "obligatory gift" in the body of the article. Also, then the title of the article would read Non ...

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