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Dan Wolkowitz
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Monday morning quarterbacking
He's saying that if you give South the 8, 9, or 10 of clubs (which are the only possibilities and which West knows, considering he can see all the other spots) then there is no way for South to lose any club tricks. South cannot take a second round ...
Calculations of Master Point Awards
Who cares? The only thing I dislike is if someone posts on Facebook that they made the final day of the LM pairs without specifying that it was the 0-6000 or 0-2500. That feels like an overstatement of accomplishment. Once someone is at an NABC they’re committed to playing ...
Chinese Food & The Big Picture
I think he meant Kenneth Lay (Enron) but I could be wrong. I wouldn’t purport to be one of the smartest guys in the room.
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: KQJTxx AKxx --- KTx
I bid 3N, planning to bid 5 over 4C, but this could be too much. Either way, you're probably not making a slam if partner bids 4. However, what if partner bids 4 over 4? Does this mean that they merely have no heart or ...
Ax opposite KQTxx
David, this is also why you can never have a break even level when East has an even number of available spaces (prior to subtracting 3 cards from East and 2 from West). Under that condition, after the subtraction, East will necessarily have an odd number of available spaces left ...
Nickell vs. Lall - Board 111 - 7!S
Kit, The most charitable assumption for favoring the two cases of the 5-2 split is that we know no cards in either hand besides this (rather than the 2-2 spade split that we have already seen). In that case, the weight of the 5-2 split is: 13 * 12 * 11 * 10 ...
Any Blame?
It depends when you decide to assess. If you look at the bids themselves, East has a suit that is a likely source of tricks and a sure entry on the side. That probably makes bidding fake worthwhile even with only 9 high. West has a little too much in ...
Bay Area High School Bridge Championship
Nice article. Notice on page 4 that after ruffing the third round of spades high and crossing to the J, declarer can simply ruff his last spade and concede a diamond and save all that energy of counting that hand out. Also, if West had led the T from T9x ...
Whats the ethical thing to do?
"so I toyed with a fake minor reverse" 3m is not a reverse, it's a jump-shift. It's game forcing, so what you're saying there is that you have 17 points, no guarantee of a fit, and you want to force game because partner might have three hearts ...
April 2018 It's Your Call
Nice job Zack Grossack, bidding an insufficient 2 on board 3

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