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The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
His name is actually Bayes (Bayes' theorem). Sorry for being a jerk.
Wolfe Signoff versus CheckBack Stayman over 2NT rebid
Carol: Wolff signoff is a convention whereby responder's 3 bid forces opener to bid 3, after which responder can place the contract, either by passing 3 of rebidding their original suit. (There is a question as to whether: 1m - 1 2N - 3 3 ...
Wolfe Signoff versus CheckBack Stayman over 2NT rebid
Whether or not transfers are good, I don't think this comment addresses the OP's question in a way that will help them.
Solution To NABC Starting Times: EVERYONE Can Have What They Want
I think all sessions starting at 1/7 Eastern and converting to whichever time zone the nationals are in (perhaps with an exception if they return to Hawaii) allows everyone to play at a reasonable time even if suffering from jet lag.
RR15 Board 5 Great Defense by Pepsi
Would Michael have led the Q from Qxx?
Which last train
3 hasn't been bypassed so much as (I think) it would have agreed spades. So you have two choices here: If you play 4 as last train, then sometimes you'll get a little high off a diamond control or stay too low with a perfect hand ...
Question for the math wizards
There are (39 choose 13) hands partner can have. If partner is mirrored with you and has 0 points, then there are (9C2) spades * (5C5) hearts * (9C3) diamonds * (7C3) clubs = 36 * 1 * 84 * 35 = 105,840 different hands where partner has suits that meet these restrictions. That makes it 1 ...
A Spingold Story
I think most people lead K from AK or KQ at the 5-level or higher and play that it asks for count.
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
I think in this case, the adjustment could only go one way. The 1 attempt has now forced the overcaller to include more of the weaker hands in their 3 range in order to not bar partner. But it hasn't broadened the upper range of the bid ...
ACBL Tests Online NABC Event
What stops two players from being on the phone and sharing information about hands?

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