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Dan Wolkowitz
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Play 6!H
When given the hand, I described the J from Jx as a play that is only possible from a player who knows enough to consider it but not enough to know that it's crazy.
Play 6!H
If you cash the T, you're afraid when West was 6-1-1-5. When East pitches a club on the fourth diamond, you don't know whether East has Kxx, xxx, or any four clubs and will have to decide at some point whether to finesse the club or play for ...
More Active Ethics
I'm going to assume we don't have any special agreements such as the one Steve Bloom points out above (partner being able to show shortness below 3 after a 2 signoff) because I would expect that the OP would have specified this. We can't impute ...
Bessis-Volcker Lead LM Pairs
The fall (Nail) LM pairs has been two days for a very long time.
Switch in Time or Straight Ahead?
Partner also might have played the King from KQJ of diamonds
ATB: very round zero
Until reading this post I wasn't aware you could 'crime' anyone.
Preempts work, or...?
You two sound like you're playing different contracts
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
His name is actually Bayes (Bayes' theorem). Sorry for being a jerk.
Wolfe Signoff versus CheckBack Stayman over 2NT rebid
Carol: Wolff signoff is a convention whereby responder's 3 bid forces opener to bid 3, after which responder can place the contract, either by passing 3 of rebidding their original suit. (There is a question as to whether: 1m - 1 2N - 3 3 ...
Wolfe Signoff versus CheckBack Stayman over 2NT rebid
Whether or not transfers are good, I don't think this comment addresses the OP's question in a way that will help them.

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