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What teaching tool do you dream of?
Hi Eric and Margie, I work at NukkAI with Jean-Pierre. We have developed such a tool, see a little clip I recorded of it here - Don't judge my play! The app currently only supports declarer play. The skills supported are: hcp - Asks ...
Can AI help make better bidding decisions ?
Thanks Michael, we will try and word it more clearly in a revision before publication. I think the point that confuses you (and likely others) is that the two dot points are in fact two completely different tests that select different "mean" values. The first test can only label "pass ...
Can AI help make better bidding decisions ?
I agreem, this would be very interesting to see. I'd also like to mention that ILP is moving in a direction towards being able to learn rules with "invented predicates". When used in bridge, not only would the learned systems use concepts like distribution, hcp, or whatever else crafted ...
Can AI help make better bidding decisions ?
Hey Richard, 1. There were no specifications for East, so all hands are possible. Like you say, perhaps ruling out some extreme hands from the pass could tweak the rules a little. 2. The rules for the North double are fixed. In this experiment we treat the South decision (a ...
Can AI help make better bidding decisions ?
Hi Michael, Thanks for the extensive comments, these are very helpful for us. 1. For this paper, we just wanted to focus on the decision for South decision after 4♠-X-P, although, like you say, it would be interesting to explore other continuations (or even the X itself). Oops, good ...
J. R. Rothschild's bidding problem: xxxx x QJxxxx Ax
Yeah that is a problem, but bidding 2 over 2 (IF partner bids it) seems to have less of a downside than missing a spade fit
J. R. Rothschild's bidding problem: xxxx x QJxxxx Ax
Why didn't we respond 1?
Daniel Braun's bidding problem: AK2 QT73 T6 KT93
The actual hand was AKx-J10xx-10x-k109x. When I polled people originally almost everybody passed so I made the hand a little better for this poll. Perhaps I should have left it.
Sweden in Bermuda Bowl
Andrew Symons likes your comment Dave... amazing
Steal the Trick
Page 5, In the first diagram south has already played the d7.

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