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May 2, 2011
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We play with tablets on Sunday
That was one of the reasons I stopped playing on BBO with random strangers - always getting the 'pls play' comments, or worse, getting kicked off the table for not insta-clicking. This is not a horse race, or not even poker. Sometimes you have to stop to think, let us have ...
1430 or 3041?
As it was said but not stressed before: it all comes from the laziness of people wanting to play 4NT RKC with all suits. If you tried minorwood/kickback, this question would never come up. I heard people say '4S as rkc H? I could never remember that...' - well, sorry ...
A question on precision 1!D opening
Ok, so on high level (superchart) both old 2D and 1M-1nt GF are allowed, phew. Is this true even if all other responses to 1M show less than gf and therefore not even forcing? Thnx for the info anyway. Strange place, that side of the pond.:-)
A question on precision 1!D opening
Really? This is very strange. And then I hear even 1M-1nt GF response is not allowed, either...:-( Is this true for all events, or just shorter ones (like MP)? One day I would like to play in a Spingold or something, but not sure what 'tweaks' I would need not ...
A question on precision 1!D opening
I would adovcate our version: 1D 4+ unbal 2C 5C4M or 6+ 2D 4414/4405/45xx 1nt 12-15 bal So 1nt rebid is unbal, too, 1d followed by 2c is 54 either way. We raise 1H with 3 or 4, bid 2H over 1d-1s with 3s (stolen from Kit). :-)
He Didn't Shift
I don't get this, opening 2S on the East hand is pretty standard here, beating 4h very fast. People never open wk2s on that side of the pond with 5 cards, green vs red? And for that 3c bid, green vs red, with a passed pd, I have no ...
Kings inquiry activation following RKCB and Dynamic meaning to Kings Inquiry
It is funny how you state 'no kickback' for aces, then you propose kickback for kings.:-) Kickback/minorwood/optional rkc are all better than 4nt rkc (not necessarily in that order, but certainly 4nt as rkc for any suit is the worst by far). After these, you have enough space ...
Which 11 Tricks?
Add also 1nt being 12-15, and your 1D is always 4+ and unbalanced. Works wonders for us.:-)
Responding 1NT or 2 Clubs to GF after 1 MAJ; Everything else NF.
Yes, it is our system, feel free to ask me any questions. I don't know if this is playable in the US, tho. (As for the treatment itself, it is great: you can show full pattern following relays, without showing your own hand. Downside: as the first bids are ...
RKC continuation question
I think it is a good rule of thumb. I can see some hands tho, where you know (eg. by finding out abt pd's exact distr) that there is no chance for 7, you will have a slow loser somewhere (and he cannot have all the missing cards by ...

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