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Daniel Hamilton
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April 18, 2013
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Aug. 2, 2018
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about me

I live in Glasgow in Scotland and play bridge with my wife Anna. I write a bridge blog:

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Double entry
I don't think this would have stopped the mistakes that happened at the World Championship, as on those occasions both pairs agreed the incorrect score (one pair entered and the other checked). If each pair had their own Bridgemate you'd just get a matching pair of wrong scores ...
Germany to Withdraw from Bermuda Bowl
If I've got this right three teams have now withdrawn from Chennai. Why does the whole team have to withdraw, can't they just replace the unwelcome pair?
The Maze of Fisher/Schwartz
It doesn't seem right that any time an F-S lead worked it's considered cheating, and every time it didn't work it's explained as them forgetting their system or trying to avoid suspicion. By that biased reckoning every hand 'confirms' the theory that they are cheats. With ...
Boye Shows the Jack of Spades
Ignoring Mr. Lupan and supporting Kit: The problem with claiming a pair are guilty because they made too many ridiculous plays that worked is that people disagree on what is a ridiculous play. That's why it needs a survey of experts looking at each hand in isolation to determine ...
The Whole Story
Ellis - in your four examples did the missing cards each belong to the hand with 12 cards?
The Whole Story
Hello, first time posting on BrdigeWinners. I'm a club player in Glasgow, Scotland who has been following this. There's one thing I don't understand about the mechanics. If I have understood it correctly, after playing the board Mike Passell saw a card face up next to one ...
Can you show me my cards?

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