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Daniel Kroll
Daniel Kroll
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April 22, 2014
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March 23
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bridge player

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ACBL Ranking
Misook & Chuck
2/1 Game Forcing
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Chuck & Dan Precision
Precision 14-16 NT (11-13 1st/2nd NV) PRECISION w/2/1 TMFG
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BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
Well, I am used to it at this point. I just wish they had picked a different term for their system that is less ambiguous. But it's too late at this point to come up with a new one I guess.
BW 2/1: What is 2/1?
I play Precision with Weak NT and 2/1. Am I not allowed to say I play "2/1" because I use a forcing club and don't play strong NT? I think people who play a strong NT with other gadgets should find another term for their system, rather ...
Andrew Sinclair's bidding problem: AT982 AQJT72 83 ---
My plan is to bid spades at my next opportunity. The opponents will likely be in the auction, so pard will know I have a distributional hand and not necessarily a lot of hcp. If pard responds 1NT and opponents don't interfere, I still plan to rebid 2S. This ...
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: 54 A86432 --- KJ953
Doesn't meet Rule of 20. Doesn't have 2 quicktricks. I may well get a chance to show both my suits on my next bid. It will not pass out. My partner isn't going anywhere (at least, not until I bid too high next time and misplay the ...
Ray Yuenger's bidding problem: 83 8752 AK84 AJT
Open 1NT (weak) and not have this problem. ;-)

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