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Daniel Lyder
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July 17, 2012
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Daniel and Karen
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Memphis Natl Fast Pairs win taken away by Directors
Why on earth is it relevant what would have happened if you had decided to exaggerate the length of break in tempo for your benefit?
Duplicate Poker
You're incorrect. It was a duplicate match. I watched most of it.
Duplicate Poker
They've done more than one duplicate match in recent times between high stakes online pros and AI programs. Here is a link to a story about the most recent one:
Double Standards
Seems weird that you would need basic BIT arbitration explained to you but if there was a significant BIT before 3C and no polled players would bid 3S over 3C (and it’s extremely difficult to imagine anyone doing that, whatever you said notwithstanding.) I really need to go ...
Massimo Lanzarotti in Vanderbilt
I more or less agree with you, but think vigilante justice is a funny term - couldn’t come much closer to a jury of his peers.
My Turn to Speak
Couldn’t agree more. It seems clear that the president and the board have flagrantly violated the organization’s bylaws.
Bot D again
Every single one of these threads you start is the same and yet there is no sign of you becoming any more lucid with your understanding of how this particular (or any) AI works. As noted, robot defender “knows” you have the king of clubs, thus you have at most ...
ATB - Missed Matchpoint Game
Obviously - but it's not a poll option.
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
Takes about fifteen seconds of sleuthing even if you don’t - all necessary information is in the OP.
Honolulu BOD Journal
$30/35 is honestly an absolute joke. 600+ in card fees for the tournament without any other expenses. I’m sure they will still wonder why young people aren’t playing though.
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