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Sept. 26, 2014
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What does it show?
Agree with the logic, but I expect there is a secondary club suit, getting partner into the picture if they bid over our 4 H.
Do I have an ethical problem?
I believe one has to make the bid one would make without taking any inference from the hesitation. And that's what I'd do - in this case bidding 3NT. To make a bid that I would otherwise not make is just plain wrong, and may be short-changing the partnership ...
Michael Kopera's bidding problem: T96 53 A873 AQ64
I think partner's likely shape is 4-3-5-1 and didn't want to sell out to 3 hearts. It may well be that we should defend 2Hx, but I expect this is a takeout double for the unbid suits in a pre-balancing position. So I'm a 3 D bidder.
Make 6C
Start with pitching heart on diamond ace and take heart finesse. I think I still need spade fines, so I next play club to queen, planning on establishing spades via a finesse, losing in all likelihood one club trick. Ugh!
Carl Mathiesen's bidding problem: QT53 A AT3 A9872
2 S, essentially a help suit game try. May get us to a club game or slam, or 3 NT.
Trouble with cue bids of their minor
I agree that it is best played natural, bu as others have pointed out I don't think many (any?) partners would run the risk of passing without explicit agreement.
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: AK8 2 4 AQJT9865
I'd like to try bidding clubs at the minimum level each time I have a chanced until an opponent says double. Only real decision is whether to bid over their 5 of a red suit. But as a second choice, 5C followed by double can work.
adam mathioudakis's bidding problem: AT5 A92 Q63 K875
Having passed, and without singleton or heart void, double is not an option. Three hearts to start, then be quiet in my view.
Soumya Das's bidding problem: AKx J32 KQT985 K
Agree with this. It seems the issue is the quality of the trump suit. Implied club control plus spade control should get that across.
Full Disclosure?
I agree that it should be disclosed that the actual practice varies. But disclosing what as actually intended by the bidder is an unfair look into his hand that his partner didn't have. The premise of full disclosure is to give the same understanding to them that the bidder ...
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