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June 24, 2015
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"Bury those bidding gadgets from Contract Bridge's childhood. Bid properly."
The Jorj club, I came across a pdf on the qld bridge website dated Nov 2014. Keen to see the latest!
"Bury those bidding gadgets from Contract Bridge's childhood. Bid properly."
Cool! I've found your Nov_2014.pdf and I'm working my way through it, is there anything more recent?
"Bury those bidding gadgets from Contract Bridge's childhood. Bid properly."
So you've got a great new system idea... cool, good for you. Play it with your partner and win a few things then teach a few more people. When they start winning too we'll be all be scrambling for the details. Have you tried existing systems that have ...
What do you play 2NT-3!S?
3NT as anything but natural is too scary. System I prefer: 2NT - 3 is Muppet Stayman (Puppet with swapped 3 & 3NT responses) so the auctions: 2NT - 3 - 3 - 3 2NT - 3 become very similar - responder is asking about minor suits. Take your pick on ...
Unusual 2NT
I play it but "constructive plus" which usually means ~10+ if partner hasn't passed and ~13+ if they have. There's little point unless you got good chances of declaring.
What is wrong wih 1 NT range 14-16 ?
@Rainer, The advantages do outweigh the disadvantages provided your response structure is adjusted accordingly. Playing a transfer system over 1C so you can make the 1NT rebid show 17-19 takes away most of the pain.
Long consecutive alert sequences
It's not all happiness and rainbows in the relay encampment.
Long consecutive alert sequences
This relay makes some sense (though captain would almost certainly have stopped asking...) This is from the Crunch system which I've been learning: Pass: any 0-6 or 15-20 balanced or 15-20 no Major 1: What have you got? 1: 15-17 balanced 1: Relay 1: No ...
Introducing a suit that wasnt good enough to overcall at the 1 level.
Just a bad suit in a reasonable hand, AQ Qxxxx xxx QJx it seems right to try for a 10 trick game.
Improving vugraph
Agreed, this is my main problem with watching vugraph. All fun and games until one hand takes 15 minutes. I don't want to eliminate the timing and make everything rigid because that's not how bridge is played. Plus it's fun part of watching - trying to put yourself ...

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