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Daniel Sonner
Daniel Sonner
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Aug. 12, 2016
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about me

I love to play whenever I can and I'm always looking to improve. 

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17th in IMP Pairs
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Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
It must depend on the tournament but at some you can get in trouble if you get the masterpoint total for your team substantially wrong.
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: J A96 J8543 K963
I'd X just because I don't think defending 3S undoubled is our best spot at mps. Hope pard guesses right what to do over it lol...
Xmas party bridge
8 seems like you are supposed to open 3N every time as dealer to force them to make the 4 level bid and then collect
Greek Gift Part Two
I like 1NT because 1NT auctions are easy
ACBL Live Chrome Extension
That's a great idea for future improvement. Thanks! I think currently the easiest way is to just take a screenshot which I'd agree is suboptimal.
ACBL Live Chrome Extension
I'm definitely happy to hear suggestions for future improvements. There's a few things I've thought of improving with it down the road and love to hear other people's ideas of what they'd find useful. Craig, can you elaborate what you mean by "results summary"? Do ...
A Recommendation for USA Bridge
I wish I could've made it to Hawaii the pictures looked so pretty
Cool ending
You may be right I'm not sure technically what counts it. This would also be a guard squeeze ending where W doesn't really have any option but to pitch his guard: N: K K Kx void E: void x Qxx void S: void void AJx A W: A ...
Cool ending
Anything is possible but to overcall such a ratty heart suit I'd want to be 55.
Cool ending
I think not quite because W can pitch a club and E still guards the club suit (and then E will get squeezed on the HA). Perhaps this still counts as guard squeeze but I thought the double squeeze element made it more interesting than "a standard guard squeeze."

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