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June 28, 2010
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What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
My two cents: 2-board rounds foster time infractions. I would like to see some stats on that but I would guesstimate that playing the same tourney with 3-board rounds instead of 2, would cut time infractions by 75-80% which is huge.
Double of Sandwich 1NT
the post is flawed, you ask two different questions: 1) After your RHO makes a Sandwich 1NT bid, what does a Double by you show? and 2) What do you think the best treatment is? but you have only one poll which is confusing. Also, the question 1 I assume ...
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
when they call director after you respond 2 clubs with strong 3433(4hearts) hand and pard opened 1 spade
1D(pd) - 1H(RHO) - X(me) - 2H(LHO) - 4C(pd) - 5C(me), what's 4C?
passing 4 clubs is pretty automatic, yes you have an ace but its the worst one, if pard can is void in hearts your hand is utter trash
No Alert
result stands - 3-imps procedural penalty for failure to alert for N-S
Double game swing - assign the blame
yep, the question is flawed, 3 club bid is the issue
Should we have taken the push?
W has wrong texture for 4H bid. Its not even sure we should be in hearts, let alone the level.
Legal? Ethical?
a) Caller should have talked with director away from the table. b) A relay bid per se does not promise/deny any kind of values, it just asks pard to further describe his hand, thats why GF relay has GF in its name. If opponent wants to know more about ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
Wait a sec: They were reminded "that full disclosure required North to tell the opponents about their tendency to make weak bids with stronger than expected hands." According to ACBL convention card expected strength for weak jump raise is a hand "below invitational". Full stop. So basically director determined that ...
What Suit Preference Signal Should You Give?
There are clearly two camps here, ones that are trying to tell partner what to do, and others that trying to show what they have. On a specific hand any of these approaches can work better, but long-term "showing" seems superior, hence I play small heart
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