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June 28, 2010
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What do you assume? What should they be?
tricky situations, you can make a case for all answers, would hate to have to deal with them at the actual table, I am just glad I was with majority in all six answers, so catastrophe would likely be averted.
The notorious doctors
Interesting. IMO if you are going to play two systems based on vulnerability its better to base it on opponents vulnerability, not yours. If they are vul play strong club, if they are not play natural. In any case, if I am mixing it up I would prefer to adjust ...
What is a No-trump range?
If you are prone to use your judgement just say approx 15-17 on your card and you are fine, as long as you are as likely to upgrade as downgrade, if in practice one outweigh the other add that to the card too. If they want to know more you ...
What is standard lead from this holding?
If I could like Jim's post 100 times I would.
Disappointing Responses to Bidding Problem-Posted on 8/12
Taking in account only our bidding 22-23 2NT is clearly superior, but if opponents are non-vul you have to often deal with interference where 20-21 NT openers don not. So in practice its about toss-up, at least in my experience.
Golf is not broadcasted in real time either. The way to do it is to film multiple tables and switch around showing key decisions and cut out long thinking, and maybe for the last few boards switch to pure live format, i.e. just like they do in golf broadcast.
How many options would you consider?
4H is not much of an option you are too strong for that. For me Dble and 4C splinter are the best choices. Yes you do not have 4th trump but pointed Aces are adequate compensation for that.
Unethical Conduct Accusation
The mere fact you posted this is a tell, or a "hitch" if you will, that you know you overreacted.
Moss and Demuy Win LM Pairs
I suggest killing appeals altogether. Thats why director is there - to make the decision. While on that subject instant replay and especially VAR should go too.
Is this a way to run an organization?
Talent has very little with anything, there is lot of sport research devoted to that subject, and its settled science that by far most important success driver is, in simplistic terms, putting in hours of practicing/competing hard. Therefore if you care about your skills you should grab every opportunity ...
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