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Daniel Zenko
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June 28, 2010
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Life Master
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2 over 1
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1NT or 1C
Because there is something called risk/reward ratio, as in many aspects in life your should be looking for an optimal balance between those two, i.e. at matchpoints you upgrade 17 to non-1NT opening only when its completely obvious to do so, and here its just isnt. At IMPs ...
The Club's Coffee-Housing
We all had similar experiences, but beware of confirmation bias, you brain is wired to forget when the person who was giving you positive tell actually did have the Q, and remember when he did not.
2c over major as limit raise or GF with clubs
Agree, its just dangerous too mix and matching that way, if you have to do it make it rather other way around, say 1nt either weak without support or strong with support, much easier to deal with competitive bids
1NT or 1C
In my experience messing around with NT range leads to major result variance, especially if you are breaking standard 12-14/15-17 boundaries. In another words, if you choose to open/not open NT against the grain of the field you better be very sure you are doing the right thing ...
Cheat in a fishing tournament and get charged with fraud.
So basically we would be better off if Gambinos adds bridge to the list of games they run, then we would not have to worry about players illicit behavior at all. Sad state of affairs indeed.
What does a hesitation suggest here?
the question is incomplete, at IMPS hesitation implies more than a garbage 5-5, at MPs could be many things, including angling to pass 2nt with honors in short suits, etc
1NT or 1C
I might consider upgrading this at IMPs VUL, but at MPs its just asking for trouble, its mandatory 1NT IMO
I think that in ACBLland weak two range has to be limited to about 6 or 7 points range, if its wider than that you have limited responses options. Based on that you probably can make a case with director for not stating a range, but I personally would never ...
Challenges and concerns for the bridge community
I just don't think a new generation is that much interested in intense intellectual stimuli. I tried to play a popular strategy board game from '50 and it was hard as hell (they actually have a whole episode on Big Bang Theory show built around how difficult that game ...
Is N/S damaged?
No offense to lawyers, but this type of "lawyering" is what people find very off-putting when they try to play bridge competitively. Asking for retribution here would kick you off my team for sure.
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