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Danny Kleinman
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Feb. 7, 2012
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July 10
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Randy Thompson's bidding problem: AT632 K5 KQ976 4
Nice to play a double as whatever you'd like to have available for your present hand. Last time I doubled as opener in this sequence I had five hearts, but my partner, trained by others to treat all doubles as takeout, pulled and we got too high in another ...
Randy Thompson's bidding problem: AT632 K5 KQ976 4
2NT is easier than 3D for an opponent to double for penalties, thus triggering penalty doubles of the runout to 3D. After a "Weak Must Speak" 2NT, partner can often cooperate ... or you can compete to 3D. After a "bad" 2NT, partner cannot compete over 3H even with a fine ...
Randy Thompson's bidding problem: AT632 K5 KQ976 4
Using standard methods, you must pass. Playing "Good-Bad" 2NT, you should bid 2NT, showing an unspecified minor suit with limited high-card strength. Playing the superior "Weak Must Speak," you should bid 3D, showing a limited hand with diamonds.
Simple question 2!H response to 2!C, alert required ?
Thank you, Neal, for the correction.
Simple question 2!H response to 2!C, alert required ?
Dear Rich, In a well-directed game, where utilization of unauthorized information were not tolerated, querying alerted calls should be routine. The simple reason is that it's desirable to be aware at all times of what's going on in the auction. If you are, then you'll have no ...
Weak or Strong 2D bids?
When used as the only forcing opening, 2C is overburdened. The two hand types for which an Omnibus 2C works poorly are balanced game-forcing hands (2C-then-3NT derails Jacoby Transfers and Stayman on game hands, though "Kokish" mitigates this at some cost)and hands whose main suit is diamonds (2C-then-3D is ...
Simple question 2!H response to 2!C, alert required ?
When Howard Cosell hosted Monday Night Football on television, he would announce the lineups and state the colleges for which each player had played. When he announced Otis Sistrunk, he said "from the University of Mars." So I propose the Sistrunk Rule. If Otis Sistrunk played bridge with his classmates ...
Best Defenses against Strong One Club opening bids
First, be willing to jump to three of a suit with a hand on which you'd make a Weak Single-Jump overcall. For other hands: double shows the suit doubled, one of a suit natural (if there's any preempting to do, advancer can jump raise). Bids from 1NT through ...
The Bridge World
Maybe, Barry, he considers that your writing is already so polished that the lifting will be light. Or maybe he trusts me to polish almost as well as he does. I compare my work in directing the MSC to that of a sculptor working in stone rather than clay, chiseling ...
The Bridge World
Ed, I agree with you quite thoroughly. Usually (though not always) Jeff's editing did improve what I wrote, and The Secrets of Winning Bridge is excellent (my second favorite bridge book after Why You Lose at Bridge). It's rare, however, for writing to flow effortlessly without polishing. I ...

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