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Danny Kleinman
Danny Kleinman
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Feb. 7, 2012
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June 22
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Mystery of Barry Crane
There was no confession.
Mystery of Barry Crane
Ed Hiatt had no motive for killing Barry, nor did he remember killing anyone. What if he'd just been a hitchhiker that Barry picked up? What if he'd just stolen Barry's car after somebody else killed Barry? What if after killing Barry, the assassin had seen a ...
Arrest made in Barry Crane Murder Case
From what I've read, the evidence links Hiatt only to Crane's stolen car, not to the murder, of which Hiatt has no recollection and for which Hiatt had no motive. Case definitely not closed.
Anders Wirgren has passed away
I never met Anders, but I corresponded with him via email. I considered Anders the best analyst of card play in the world. I am struggling to suppress my tears upon learning of his death.
Symmetric Two-Bids (clubs and diamonds both strong and artificial)
See Tri-Color Two Diamonds (December 1998 Bridge World) for a simpler way to combine 2C and 2D for use as powerhouse openings. Eventually I dropped 2D-2H; 2S as a prelude to showing strong 4441 hands to facilitate 2D-2S as an artificial positive response. Once at a national tournament my partner ...
Best Defenses against Strong One Club opening bids
Different strokes for different folks. For everyone: (concurring with Kit Woolsey) be willing to preempt to the hilt, getting your suits in before the opponents can show theirs. For experts with good memories: work out your own ideas and play what you think is optimal. My own idea was already ...
Randy Thompson's bidding problem: AT632 K5 KQ976 4
Nice to play a double as whatever you'd like to have available for your present hand. Last time I doubled as opener in this sequence I had five hearts, but my partner, trained by others to treat all doubles as takeout, pulled and we got too high in another ...
Randy Thompson's bidding problem: AT632 K5 KQ976 4
2NT is easier than 3D for an opponent to double for penalties, thus triggering penalty doubles of the runout to 3D. After a "Weak Must Speak" 2NT, partner can often cooperate ... or you can compete to 3D. After a "bad" 2NT, partner cannot compete over 3H even with a fine ...
Randy Thompson's bidding problem: AT632 K5 KQ976 4
Using standard methods, you must pass. Playing "Good-Bad" 2NT, you should bid 2NT, showing an unspecified minor suit with limited high-card strength. Playing the superior "Weak Must Speak," you should bid 3D, showing a limited hand with diamonds.
Simple question 2!H response to 2!C, alert required ?
Thank you, Neal, for the correction.

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