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Danny Sprung
Danny Sprung
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June 23, 2010
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning Mixed with Jo, winning my first club game with my grandmother
Regular Bridge Partners
JoAnn Sprung
Favorite Tournaments
Any National. Gold Coast Congress
Favorite Conventions
Transfers over 1 Club, Multi 2 Diamonds
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Article about AI vs. Humans
Kit: I think you are off by an order of magnitude here. Deep Blue that beat chess was built by IBM at a cost of $100 Million pre 2000 dollars. The company that has beaten go(Alpha Go)was recently purchased for $500 Million. I don't think that there ...
Article about AI vs. Humans
I don't think there is any question that a computer with sufficient resources could become a better declarer (than the best humans) fairly quickly. Defense, with signalling and cooperation is a step higher in order of difficulty. Bidding is several steps higher, especially competitive bidding.
Missed game after Drury
I think the description of 2 is not best. I'd prefer 'interest in game opposite a passed hand' North is maximum in high cards, has a pure doubleton, but only 3 trumps. He should make one move. Opposite an ordinary 10 HCP, game figures to be a slight ...
What will be the winning score of the NABC Individual ?
The inference when you hold 11 HCP is that partner is always a passed hand. Of course they could hold enough shape to make a game, but passing must be percentage
Online Entries for Toronto
Can we pay for the GNT's?
Brackets, yes or no ?
Bo A/X is open. A novice can enter.
Brackets, yes or no ?
There is a hybrid that is often used. Open Swiss; bracketed teams for the rest. This allows everyone to play up if desired. It maintains the ability for those want to play against similar level players to do so.
Play problem
Michael "That might be a good general rule, but applying it here seems a bit robotic. It's not as if the information that you have ♥J1098 is going to 'help' declarer." Sometimes it helps them run to NT (not here).
"Clay" Movement
Clay. Bill Clay.
Correct explanation of 4NT
That still tells partner you are answering KC instead of plain Aces. There are a number of sequences where experts play 4NT is plain Aces. If the auction had been 3-4NT, many play that is plain Aces, with 4 the KC ask.

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