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Darien Cozart
Darien Cozart
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Dec. 8, 2012
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player

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Still working on it.
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Jeffrey Tsang
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Vancouver Bridge Centre, Regina Duplicate Bridge Club
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Transfers, negative doubles, Lebensohl
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Improving the Seeding Process
In my opinion, no seeding formula is going to solve all the problems in the knockout rounds. However, something I would be interested to see at some point in major events is an initial X-Cut Swiss, which is gaining popularity in some E-Sports. In that format, the tournament would set ...
Even Scrabble is more popular than bridge?!
Cathy, I can't comment on rubber bridge or learning it that way. I learned under very different circumstances, and ironically have never played rubber bridge in my life and I am beyond the point of wanting to play it. At the end of the day, older people and younger ...
Even Scrabble is more popular than bridge?!
I think bridge has a large number of problems leading to it's decline. I am speaking as a Canadian junior, but here are my thoughts: 1. Bridge is an old person's game, and in practice it has marketed itself as such. The ACBL has even publically stated that ...
Controversy in the Canadian Women's Championship
As a VuGraph operator during the event, it is very easy to miss cards, and a trick on the play. Most of the players are claiming to the table, and are inaudible to the person doing the Vugraph, we either have to check or look at the score card at ...
System Flaws
Basically, we play a light style opening, 9-14 HCP. 1D: 4+hearts 1H: 4+spades 1S: either 5/4 in the minors or 6+diamonds 1NT: 11-14, can contain any 5 card suit except spades 2C: 6+clubs We open the cheaper of any suit combination of 5-4, however we ...
System Flaws
I think teaching it to someone else is important. I am Jeff's third victim. However, finding people who want to learn is difficult, especially since the ACBL limits the events in which you can use it. Ultimately, in terms of time, I wound up sacrificing time I could be ...
System Flaws
I also want to bring up your last point, which again I tried to address in the article. My goal was not to eat up time, in fact I felt like I was under constant time pressure. My partnership is responsible for completing the round on time. In fact, with ...
System Flaws
I tried to make this point, but I personally think people miss the sixth club trick by the dummy reversal, which is why I survived the 4-0 break. That said, on a 3-1 break, you do have access to your 4th trump in hand
System Flaws
First off, thank you for Danny for posting the link to the Championship website. This clarifies my point. Donald, I'm not suggesting that the opps come without a defense, in fact, one is online. I even believe that our opponents can bring it to the table. My view is ...
System Flaws
Ironically, we won the match.

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