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Daryl Fisher
Daryl Fisher
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Dec. 25, 2011
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Jan. 16
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Bridge Teacher
United States of America

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Qualifying for the Vancouver NABC in NAOP-C
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Diamondhead Duplicate Bridge Club
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Tunica Regional
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cuebids of all flavors
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Gold Life Master
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A nice surprise!
Be careful, Ian, you might become addicted to teaching. ;) No better feeling than to know that your students valued all your hard work
Bridge Convention Card Editor (CCE) Version 1.1.29
I have had extreme problems with CCE since a new W10 update package came in in the beginning of August. Anyone else had this problem? Found a solution?
Effective Training Suggestions?
Hey, Eric, remember a nice teaming with you in Tulsa in about 2006. Glad you are back in the game. Have a copy of BridgeMaster2000. It's a great workout for declarer play. The software is written in such a way that if you attempt an inferior line of play ...
This type of hand is one that prompt players to play ELC dbls, I think. Not playing ELC doubles, the double is a bit of a gamble, but if partner bids Clubs it doesn't mean that the contract won't fetch after I pass.
Playing Flannery 2 Diamonds; Rebidding after 2NT
3H should show minimum HCP range and 2-2 in the minors. 3S shows maximum HCP range and 2-2 in minors. 3NT shows maximum HCP and honors in both doubleton minors. I'm fairly sure that's the way that Bill Flannery outlined the continuations over the forcing 2NT bid.
Director Ruling
Assuming the club director is in ACBL-land, there is a formal system of training and accreditation. It just isn't very good. It depends too much on the local club to mentor a person who studied and passed a three-hour test to become a certified director. To expect professional skill ...
A Simple Question
Perhaps someone needs to ask a question that no one has yet asked, what penalty is there for not waiting? The population of quick bidders certainly includes a subset of players who know that violating this law/rule has virtually no consequence. In club games, directors don't want to ...
Daryl Fisher's bidding problem: T8642 J9 K9 K954
Thanks for input, Andrew. What would you have done instead?
Daryl Fisher's bidding problem: --- JT9875432 Q985 ---
Ben, that was my question--Where are all the Spades? Surprised that no one else has raised that issue.
Daryl Fisher's bidding problem: --- JT9875432 Q985 ---
It certainly was one of the strangest hands that I have ever held at the table.

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