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April 14, 2015
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What is 4NT
@Bill: If you play Non-Leaping Michaels, you might not need both 4 and 4NT as minor two-suiters; if not, you can use 4 as an unspecified two-suiter which puts you in a slightly better position as having to bid 4NT over 4 opening since advancer has 4NT ...
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: AQ976 Q9842 53 A
I play that double is (semi-)balanced game try and 3 is artificial unbalanced game try.
Many choices, many levels
@Jess: This is a General Poll; you wanted to create a Multiple Answers Poll. While you can edit a poll for about 24 hours after you publish it, I suspect you can't change its type. You may, however, be able to change the meanings of the choices and eliminate ...
What is 4NT
Other Tricks-based NT with stopper and lots of tricks. Too good for 3NT and can't afford to double.
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
There were a few different polls on those topics that were part of the [url=]Bridge Winners Standard 2/1 Series[/url]
Opener's two-level "reverse" after a 2/1 GF
(duplicate of prior comment)
Construct a hand
I don't open 1 with 4=4=3=2 but if I did I would treat it any differently than what appears below. After reopening double: • pass = nothing special - could be weak NT with only 3 clubs • bid suit = extra shape and usually not minimum • redouble = extra values ...
Construct a hand
@Yehudit (& Craig): I would open it 1 but there are lots of people who open 1. Good hand for Blue Team 2 opening (4441 & 17-24 HCP)
Dave Beer's bidding problem: A JT94 KQJ84 A93
The agreements used are from an article on [url=]Larry Cohen's web site[/url]. 4M as a jump would be dead minimum 6322 but there is no mention of 4M if not a jump.
Construct a hand
I can't have a balanced hand that has some play for 8 tricks opposite a partner who passed 1 because I would have opened it 2NT or 2. I can't have one-suited tricks-based NT hand because I would have rebid 3 or 2NT instead of ...
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