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April 14, 2015
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Bergen Raises Over Major And Double (BROMAD)
Back in the days before transfers after partner's opening bid was doubled I played 2/1 by responder as forcing for one round.
What does this 4NT bid mean?
Moved to reply to Ben Thompson's comment
What does this 4NT bid mean?
I prefer the serious/non-serious but not sure which sequence should show which one. If using this you have to have agreement about whether or not the serious try creates forcing pass situation.
Balancing Michaels
It isn't Michaels for me either but it doesn't have to be old-fashioned strong, just a good hand unsuitable for balancing double (usually void in their suit).
How would you bid this using your favourite system
[code]P 1 2 4 5 6[/code]Where 4 = NF two-suited slam try 5 = 4-card support and 2 working cards which have to be in and a/c failure to cue-bid. With Axx-Kxxx-Qxx-xxx responder would bid 5.
After Their Nebulous 1!D...
I voted for natural, minimum but I would have preferred to describe it as natural and non-forcing which doesn't necessarily mean minimum.
Equal Level Conversion Parameters
I wouldn't double 1 with the given hand preferring to pass and hoping to make a delayed double of 2. I would need either 6-card suit and/or doubleton (preferably Hx if only 5-card suit).
Which is 4SF to game?
Neither 1 was forcing for one round only, could be artificial and didn't guarantee a rebid. In most partnerhips 2 was slam try agreeing and showing shortness in .
Define 'Fragment'
From "The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge": "A term describing a suit of two or more cards that is not long enough to bid naturally, usually a three-card holding. The bid of a fragment is designed to imply shortness in an unbid suit."
Systemic lead from doubleton w/ two touching honors
Abstain because we are not told what we lead from AKx(x..) From all other holdings I lead the higher of the two cards; from AK doubleton I lead the one that I don't lead from AKx(x..) and when I follow with the other one partner will know ...
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