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Dave Feldman
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July 28, 2010
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KO: Waving the white flag not allowed? (ACBL)
If all the members of a team want to concede, and their withdrawal does not inconvenience the directors or ruin the movement, I don't see who the victims are or why a concession is bad sportsmanship.
Attitude, Count, or Suit Preference?
I don't understand this argument, Phil. Opening leader knows how many clubs SHE has. She doesn't know how many clubs partner has. How can third hand "know" how many clubs opener has in order to encourage/discourage confidently?
Becoming a Bridge Player
You are lucky to have Debbie as a teacher, but she's lucky to have you, too. How often do you see someone as serious as you who also has a sense of humor and perspective about the game, and a willingness to stretch his abilities. It's also great ...
ATB: -800 instead of +600
The 2D bid was not weak, and presumably is right in the middle of the indicated range, despite the high-card count. Or am I misinterpreting the "enterprising" above?
ATB: could it happen to you?
Arrgh, looking at the white "EAST-WEST" rather than the red on the boards.
ATB: could it happen to you?
The opponents weren't tough enough to bid 6C and make it.
Is this a slam you'd like to be in?
I voted for "terrible" because I know I don't want to be in slam, but if you are grading on a curve, this wouldn't make my top ten terrible for the year. So I'm sort between the two choices: "Bad slam, but I've been in much ...
Everyone is Wrong – 'Cept Me and a Few
Boxing? Gymnastics? Figure Skating? These are just a few sports that rely on one set of judges to determine the finish when either contestant/pair/team might disagree?
Everyone is Wrong – 'Cept Me and a Few
By this definition, wouldn't debate or acting be a sport?
What if a ruling doesn't take into account an individual player's particular foibles?
Sarah, the whole tenor of your post indicates you care about ethics, so please understand I am not accusing you of wrongdoing, but something is desperately wrong if your opponents aren't informed that you never lead from unsupported aces or from kings in suit contracts. This information strikes me ...

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