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Dave Gillespie
Dave Gillespie
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July 30, 2010
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7060 18 HIGH
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Transfer into opponent's preempt suit at the 3/4-level after a 2NT overcall
Riddle me this
I once opened 1nt with 4/4 in the majors - partner was 4/4 as well - both majors broke 5/0.
Congrats:Canadian Womens Team 2019
as always congratulations and good luck
Do you have a 6 card spade suit ?
i believe N should ask W. if a bid is alerted - you ask the partner at any level.
Playing Double Dummy in the Vanderbilt
bridge can be fun - reminds of a time about the 5th round in we are bidding and i noticed a very capable player was bidding with a different color hand. no problem, right hand, the boards had been duplicated and just racked incorrectly. still 5 or 6 rounds in....
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
what if you won a national event with GLM and you have very limited number of points. now you have the oppurtunity to play in an event with someone that has fewer points than you. say it is 0-5k and you are easily under the limit.
What would you choose?
the book is an easy choice- watsons play of the hand. the problem is what constitutes a convention. i know i would have stayman, negative x's, and and a big club, that is if you can consider it a convention. i do consider negative x's to be such.
Anti-Doping Violation by Geir Helgemo results in Team Zimmerman disqualification from Orlando Rosenblum Cup
this discussion has reached the website DEADSPIN. so is it a sport?
Anti-Doping Violation by Geir Helgemo results in Team Zimmerman disqualification from Orlando Rosenblum Cup
klinger understands - mash
Three NABC+ events being played concurrently
can someone move from 1 of these events and still win the second. that is something i have never liked. my feeling is if you are not there in the beginning you are not in the event. when i look at these events, i can see why they are concurrent ...

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