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Dave Grubbs
Dave Grubbs
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 22, 2011
Last Seen
April 30
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 1983 Portland National 0-2000 KO
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd in the GNT Flight A in 2009
Regular Bridge Partners
Stephen Hosch, Barbara Nist. John Maki
Favorite Tournaments
Victoria, Penticton
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Copy of John Maki - Dave Grubbs
2 over 1
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2 over 1
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Copy of Stephen Hosch - Dave Grubbs
2 over 1
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Copy of Aitken/Grubbs
2 over 1
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Copy of Copy of Nist/Grubbs
2 over 1 (Baby NT 123 nv)
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2 over 1
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Dave Grubbs's bidding problem: T9xx AT J AKQJ54
I included the fact that we play support doubles to see if there was any support for a 3H bid as I have already denied 3 hearts.
Dave Grubbs's bidding problem: T9xx AT J AKQJ54
Hi Lynn. Support doubles through 2 of our major. If I had doubled 2D, that would have been a support double. However, I didn't have the 3 hearts usually required for a support double. A double of 3D was undiscussed, but would not be a support double.
How would you rule?
Bryan, RHO gave an incorrect explanation in the first place. The rules require the the partner that didn't give the wrong information to correct it after the bidding is over if their side has won the contract. If on defense, then after the the hand has been played. In ...
How would you rule?
Yes, knowing what W meant by 3C doesn't change the expected spade fit, but OP is arguing that he wouldn't make the 5D bid with correct information. The self alert at BBO is a totally different situation. OP did not get that information, they got misinformation. You are ...
How would you rule?
Why do most dissenters feel that the auction would have gone the same way with a correct explanation of Hearts, 11+ points, forcing one round? E explained it as limit raise in spades and signed off. I don't know his hand is, but it is reasonable to assume that ...
Dave Grubbs's lead problem: 743 753 T64 7653
What I was looking for was some kind of discussion about what partner might be looking for by doubling. If they make this, missing an A, you're getting a bad board. If they go down, you probably have a near top. The only reason to double is to tell ...
Double Shot or Applying Legal, Appropriate and Ethical Pressure
I don't think you wrote down the question you really wanted to ask. Of course it is legal and ethical to pass and hope for a mistake by the opponents. IF you know their system, and passed hoping for a mistake, then I think it is unethical to ask ...
Best Card Game
After a Victoria regional, we used to have great times playing "Hairy Hearts" on the ferry ride to the mainland. Scoring is the same as regular hearts. The difference is that if the person in front of you can't follow suit and discards, you must follow in the same ...
Deceptive Declarer Play
Declaring: Ended in 6N 3334 opposite 3433 with 11 top tricks and Jxx opposite Qxx. Won the first trick in dummy and ran the J. Claimed when it held. Defense: On lead against 6 with the A a heavy favorite to be on my left. Led low from Kx.
If partner has the A, then it doesn't matter. If partner had the K, declarer should have won in dummy to try the trump finesse. I think declarer has more than just the singleton club, and is hiding lower club spot(s). I lead a Diamond back.

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