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Dave Robinson
Dave Robinson
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Sept. 13, 2015
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Feb. 13
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Bridge Player
about me

according to my partners and team mates i am exasperatingly bad but they still want me in their teams

United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
when a humble youngster I had read a book on squeezes and 2 weeks later executed a criss cross against the club's top player
Bridge Accomplishments
won a number of national pairs and teams events and specialise in coming second by a narrow margin
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Dave Robinson's bidding problem: AQ4 AQJ3 KQ872 A
Thanks all. The fact is the players system was puppet which declarer had temporarily forgotten. Her partner knew she had as 3 was not alerted and when she woke up ( whether by chance or through her partner's discomfort) we felt that she could reasonably have expected 6 ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: AQJT742 K5 QT84 ---
Thanks all who voted / commented. I agree that for sensible players an immediate 2 shows the hand. At the table East showed a deal of interest over 2 ( readily agreed as fact by West). We did not ask for a ruling, I was simply interested to know whether ...
David Caprera's bidding problem: AKQ543 K43 A6 A4
I am an even more simple man Just today I opened 2NT with AKQJxx Ax KJx xx in an english bridge union event. As it happened 3NT was laydown and even though partner had 3 spades 4 spades could only be made by dropping the doubleton Q on y ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: KT32 K52 6 QJ954
dealing with the 1552 issue is easier. if partner had 2 clubs the club bidder must be 2 and 1 maximum else they would have passed the redouble. the doubler of 1 will not be 6-4 in the minors or they would have opened a weak bid ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: KT32 K52 6 QJ954
it would also have been made on a 2443 19 count for example. But responder can now rule that out!
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: KT32 K52 6 QJ954
because the 2 bidder may have 5512 rubbish thats about to go for 1100. The point is that the player with the long clubs can work out what his partner holds and thats NOT the case the other way round.
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: KT32 K52 6 QJ954
really! well perhaps it would help if i were to tell you that on this bidding partner must be either 3541 or 3550. ( if he has 2 clubs he will also have 6 diamonds which is impossible.) And in my opinion its rarely correct at unfavourable to defend a 2 ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: KT32 K52 6 QJ954
for those who decided to double please tell me what you think your partner's most probably SHAPE will be
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: 986 KQ763 4 AT52
steady on lads!. I would only add that bidding 2 does not preclude ending up in a heart contract. 1 2 3 ( trial) raise and 1 2 3 ( trial) 3 4 are all still available. Incidentally I have a partner with ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: 986 KQ763 4 AT52
i knew that one day I would agree with Lynn- i am still waiting however. I agree its a close run thing and with a 4th spade i would. But having shown a good raise if only with 3 card support minimum of good 7 i am not beyond the ...

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