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Dave Synnott
Dave Synnott
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June 19, 2012
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March 23
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Bridge Player
about me

I've been playing on the Irish Junior team for the last 10 years. I'm also a qualified Irish bridge teacher and Regional Tournament director.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Junior European Teams 2011
Bridge Accomplishments
17th European Junior Pairs Championships 2016, Perennial 4th place finisher in Irish Camrose Trials.
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Bankers, Regent, Glasnevin
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Junior European Teams Chamionship
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2 over 1
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Junior Entry Fees at ACBL NABC
Having played junior bridge (albeit not at ACBL events) for 11 years I can definitely say the junior/student discount (which is 50% in Ireland, or at least was as of a year ago) did make a large difference to me entering events when I wasn't working full time ...
1!C balanced or !Cs with transfer responses, 1!D unbalanced
I think what your asking is a large reason why transfer responses to 1 aren't more common (I think ACBL disallows it at some levels, so this may play a part). Or in other words the "standard" part ends at deciding if 1 - 1/1 ...
Inexplicable and/or Inexcusable
Everyone cashed A and LHO has QTxx? If that is what you mean, you can take all tricks if RHO as QTxx or LHO has singleton T and you decide to finesse, so in match points that looks right to me if you think all or almost all of the ...
Technological complexity of tournaments
I would have a philosophical view that you shouldn't need training materials for software. At the very worst there should be documentation that is needed something in the order of once a month.
Technological complexity of tournaments
In reality the issue is the software. Compare ACBLscore, Scorebridge or Jeff Smith (EBUscore?) to modern software. They are all entirely out of date from a usability point of view (among other issues). This is not to denigrate that software, just that it is entirely out of date. There is ...
How do you count, sort and hold your cards
Generally I count 4333 on the table or in my hands. I sort the two longest suits to the outside with the honours towards the middle of my hand. Order doesn't matter. As the play goes on suits become jumbled with honour cards gravitating towards the centre of my ...
Gazzilli questions
This may be somewhat skewed as I play Gazillli as including a 16-17NT. I've played both long major and the M/ variants. The basic theme is if responder bids over 2M then they are setting the strain(s). 1. 2NT - 55 Minors, 3/ to play (this ...
How Does 1NT Opener Rebid on This Sequence?
I just play 3 - support 3 - support 3NT - No support 4 - I love You could probably agree 4-4 as some sort of picture bid, perhaps showing support for both... I can bid 3 so I'm setting the right suit if ...
Twisted Play Problem
You (declarer) have to decide who is declarer if you accept the lead, dummy cannot intervene. You could also allow West to lead anything they want and 4 becomes a major penalty card (exposed card).
Be a Judge
I'm pretty sure after the fact standard revoke rules do not apply, it is up to the director to restore equity. Given the line so far it looks like equity is down 1, S is almost certainly running into a trump promotion (along with 2s, A and a ...

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