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Feb. 23, 2016
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June 7
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Novice in perpetuity.  Self-depreciating master of stating the obvious.

United Kingdom

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Dounby Bridge Club, Orkney Bridge Club
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Post 14 Mrs. Phyllis Bosworth & Mr. Terence Reese
Richard, You are right. Mrs Reese obtained her Culbertson Teaching Certificate from Lady Rhodes. Hubert Phillips credits Lady Rhodes and Mrs Bosworth as being the first two accredited Culbertson teachers in England. Regarding Phyllis Bosworth, it struck me that the Aylward part of her name was quite distinctive. Amongst my ...
Post 14 Mrs. Phyllis Bosworth & Mr. Terence Reese
My reckoning is that.. Phyllis Bosworth was a member of an old Canadian family, being the daughter of Edward Sears and Mary Kate Hall (who at the time of their marriage was reportedly a very wealthy orphan from New York) that was born 23 November 1889 in New Brunswick, Canada ...
Showing the Joker
In building your timeline of the activities of Leandro Burgay these links may be of interest (if you have not already read them). The Polish report ...
Showing the Joker
The WBF book tends to more like a coffee table book than a detailed account Consequently the WBF book is not very precise about dates etc. Also the Burgay affair is spread over a few sections. In regard to your questions, according to the book: The first contact with JOP ...
Showing the Joker
I think this interview has been discussed earlier on BW. A couple of comments regarding from the WBF 50th Anniversary book: Much of the relevant material in the WBF book comprises transcripts of press releases and reports in World Bridge News. Pietro Burnasconi was ...
Showing the Jack of Spades
Richard, firstly can I thank you for your informed comments on this and many other threads. Can I also bring to your attention the comment made immediately above by Tim Goodwin. The analyses in this thread appear to assume that the two doubles made by East were equivalent. Do you ...
Showing the King of Spades.
David - can I thank you for the many interesting comments you have made on numerous threads. Previously you have mentioned that pairs using "unusual" shaped takeout doubles tended to advance slowly into finding a fit without jumps to games and slams. On this basis I would have expected Advancer to ...
Showing the Eight of Spades
Does the +140 underneath board 1 indicate that only nine tricks were available to N/S in spades?
Post 11. Captain Ewart Kempson - “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” Monday, 18th September 2017.
My suspicion is that if Ewart Kempson had studied Herbert Rowson's "Picture Echo Calling" to the depth that Goulash had, the review would not have been so polite - especially considering the ongoing issue of "Card Naming" in 1933. However, I would consider it to be very reasonable for a ...
Post 10. Captain Ewart Kempson & the first British broadcast of a Bridge programme Friday 15th September 2017.
Post 11 made me realise that I had forgotten to mention that (as far as I can tell) in the Rowson System a 2C response to a 1NT opening was conventional. However the 1NT opening (and the 2NT until it was revised in 1938) showed a three suited hand. The ...
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