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Feb. 23, 2016
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Novice in perpetuity.  Self-depreciating master of stating the obvious.

United Kingdom

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Dounby Bridge Club, Orkney Bridge Club
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Showing the Eight of Spades
Does the +140 underneath board 1 indicate that only nine tricks were available to N/S in spades?
Post 11. Captain Ewart Kempson - “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” Monday, 18th September 2017.
My suspicion is that if Ewart Kempson had studied Herbert Rowson's "Picture Echo Calling" to the depth that Goulash had, the review would not have been so polite - especially considering the ongoing issue of "Card Naming" in 1933. However, I would consider it to be very reasonable for a ...
Post 10. Captain Ewart Kempson & the first British broadcast of a Bridge programme Friday 15th September 2017.
Post 11 made me realise that I had forgotten to mention that (as far as I can tell) in the Rowson System a 2C response to a 1NT opening was conventional. However the 1NT opening (and the 2NT until it was revised in 1938) showed a three suited hand. The ...
Post 10. Captain Ewart Kempson & the first British broadcast of a Bridge programme Friday 15th September 2017.
Herbert Rowson published a couple of pamphlets in the UK, one in 1933 and one in 1938, which outlined the Rowson system of bidding. There is a slight evolution in the system between the two pamphlets. In May 1933, Goulash wrote "In fact, I believe that two players handling the ...
Post 10. Captain Ewart Kempson & the first British broadcast of a Bridge programme Friday 15th September 2017.
In his book on pre-1945 British tournament bridge, Richard Fleet identifies that Ewart Kempson had developed a pre-cursor to the Marx/Stayman 2C bid (page 85). From memory, I think that in one of his newspaper articles in the early 1930s (possibly around 1933) Kempson suggested that a minor suit ...
Post 6 : “Never deny a four card major”
Definitely of interest. Slightly off topic but - I was surprised at the number of agreements (conventions) whist players had regarding which card to lead from a suit, which card to play from a holding, which card to discard etc. etc. It basically reminded me of a modern textbook on partnership ...
How Would You Rule
@Steven Allen - You make a very interesting point in Para 3 of your comment 7 levels above. I had also assumed that a top pair would have some agreement (general or specific) in place for such lead directing/interference calls. However the information in the associated bidding poll indicates that ...
How Would You Rule
@Marshall - Thanks for the update. I now appreciate that the tears caused by XX referred to E/W rather than N/S. Being a pedant, I note that you acknowledge that this hand is being discussed on another website but with a different auction. For completeness, I also note that ...
How Would You Rule
@David Gold and @Marshall Lewis, Thanks for taking the time to address my comments - much appreciated. @Marshall Lewis - in the penultimate paragraph - 7- by XX (twice)are you referring to the lead directing double rather than to a redouble by N/S?
How Would You Rule
@David Gold. Thanks for your comment. It is very unusual for me to be over-optimistic on bidding at high levels. Hence I would like to recalibrate my thought processes. Consequently could I please ask you three questions? A major part of my upgrading the S hand was the double by ...
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