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Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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Another "What is this double"?
"making some silly bid the first time" after 1M (x) is certainly a concern. But, IMO, passing hands which would have made a response sans the Double -- then hoping to catch up later -- is also a concern. The advent (invent?) of transfers didn't quite keep us from being hamstrung ...
Another "What is this double"?
Can South have an invitational 3 bid -- even within context??? Probably; but my range for the first Pass was zero to 5 ish so distinguishing between a competitive 3 or 4 and an invitational 3 or 4 is above my pay grade.
Your Opinions, Please
The point, Jim, is not to 'cover everything' before playing with a new partner. The point is to 'not play' toys which we can neither handle nor properly disclose.
Your Opinions, Please
Ed: There are times? I raise you. If they can't answer all that, they must be willing to discuss the incomplete parts. "Won't" is a deal breaker. I might not be a very desirable partner 'antidisirregardless'.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: 2 J8752 AJT2 J75
Maybe the conditions were different for the eventual winners of the event. Or is this not the hand they declared a 3-3 club fit?
Your Opinions, Please
Holding something like Kxx xx Ax KQtxxx in 2nd chair, I see: (1) P (1) P 1 back to me. I would be grateful for the knowledge that Opener has a lot of Clubs (by agreement).
Your Opinions, Please
Nothing else in mind. Perhaps the sticklers don't think so, but our partnership believes that the rebids after a Walsh 1 response should be alerted by us. 1M -- alert (guaranteed unbalanced hand) 1nt -- alert (Any balanced 12-14 including 4c Majors or 4c Diamonds). I am sure it is ...
Your Opinions, Please
If the pair in question were actually playing a Walsh diamond response agreement, the 1 rebid should have been alerted -- with its secondary meaning (unbalanced). 1 not alerted simply would mean to me that it is expected to be a suit (not discussed as artificial). The guy who ...
Meaning of pass after (1M)-dbl-(redbl)
Our experience with 'Pass to defend' is about the same as Adam's. We learned, for instance, that 1m xx +1 is a push with 3n+1 NV and better than minus 800. The 1nt scramble after (1M) x (xx) is Humpty, however. I want it to show a constructive ...
Your Opinions, Please
If I had to written it the way Peg did, I would be describing a time gap between 1 and 2.
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