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Dave Waterman
Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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about me

Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Those which plug a hole, rather than create holes
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Sapphire Life Master
Dave & Terry Waterman
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Another Comparable(?) Call
Yep. And I apologize to MR if my post implied that he isn't already God. BTW: Crowd sourcing is done by the entity interested in the wisdom of the crowd, not by the crowd. It is not up to me to create a vehicle for that crowd sourcing, but ...
Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
Loading the boards into the Bridgemates is already shown as a bad idea on other threads.
Another Comparable(?) Call
Another Comparable(?) Call
'Other'= This is more ammunition for my campaign when it is time to crowd source the next Laws revisions. "Illegal action is cancelled, play reverts, and the illegal action is UI in to the offending side. Any reasonable doubt is decided in favor of the non-offending side." The above is ...
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
our preference has been called 'mini-Smolen' by name droppers.
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
Would that be 'other'?
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
I believe when the OP asks what a sequence 'should' mean, we can get over 'it means what you agree it means' and give our opinion about the treatment we prefer.
Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
Well, I never mastered the term 'double weave'. But 8= a just fine Web of 28 boards; 12= a good enough Web with 27 boards. All even numbers above that and multiple of 4 seem good enough for 26 boards, 13 two-board rounds, and life goes on.
Mechanical error
Good practice even if the indicators are more subtle, IMO. It is (or should be) obvious to all that that delay is for that purpose, and not a break in tempo such as those under discussion.
What's He Doing This Time?
It does come up way more frequently. Neither Partner nor I, however, would Double at that point if it did occur -- and would bet that it wouldn't gain over the long run to do so.
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