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Dave Waterman
Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Those which plug a hole, rather than create holes
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because 2nt over a weak 2 is expressly not to be alerted.
We aren't talking about subtle nuances of complicated 5+ rounds of bidding here. We aren't even talking about a delicate competitive auction. It's an opening bid; if we have an 'oops' in this basic scenario, we should expect PP's and whatever else bad happens. Maybe it ...
O.k. How about 'Can't be bothered to remember"?
Sorry, folks, (not really) but time for my continuing rant: No sympathy for a pair that can't bother to remember what its opening bids mean. Forgetting things is indeed a part of life; knowing and properly disclosing our commonly used methods is the part of life required in the ...
Stayman and Blackwood arguments, IMO, are poor analogies to bring up in this context. Forget for a moment that the question doesn't get asked when 2c is bid or 4nt is bid; sometimes the answer gets asked about. Also, the very reason for not alerting the 2nt inquiry over ...
"UI doesn't just constrain the recipient's immediate actions, it constrains all of them." Nice to know, but since Opener gave no UI, I don't understand why it needs to be said, here.
I can only assume one of us is misreading the scenario. The alert of 2nt gave Partner no UI. My subsequent actions were as if I thought Partner had a lot of hearts and a good hand. If the opponents' double of the final contract made partner think "HUH?" and ...
Sportsmanlike dumping???
Good questions, Peg. But, the ethics of dumping are not dependent on whether we get caught. I agree that no disciplinary action is likely because the proof is lacking; my views are not based on getting nailed for it, just on whether I am o.k. with what I did.
I was musing about that double. It is the only thing anyone did at the table which might wake Partner up. QJX Axxx Ax KQJx anyone?
The point, Ed, is that not alerting it would be (could be) a wakeup; alerting it is not in self-interest. I guess we just have to disagree on 'proper'.
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