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Dave Waterman
Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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about me

Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Those which plug a hole, rather than create holes
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Sapphire Life Master
Dave & Terry Waterman
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Assign the Blame/Credit
Interesting, since the opening lead will be a heart through the King.
And then CHO bid 2!D
Will take a wild guess it was he, not you, who thought it showed Diamonds.
Minorwood or Redwood?
Yep, to your 1st paragraph.
Assign the Blame/Credit
FWIW, that negative double, as we use it, while denying Spades, does not necessarily 'show' the unbid minor. 1) The actual OP hand or somesuch with the unbid minor. 2) A hand which would have responded 1 or more notrump but has no Heart stopper. 3) A hand which would ...
Assign the Blame/Credit
The system weakness is really not pointless. When lack of system means we cannot show responding values, it is difficult to later convince Opener that we have responding values. There are two scenarios (I only can think of two right now) where this theme occurs: 1) The OP case, where ...
Minorwood or Redwood?
nice to know, but the op showed gf with 2d, so 3c isn't even a 1st negative, let alone a second negative. And, I would have the same problem you describe.
Results GNT
seems easier to not go through ACBL Live. on the ACBL home page, click 'Toronto', then click 'results/Bulletins' on the Right. You get to the GNT brackets which show the scores by quarter.
Minorwood or Redwood?
Disregard. Misread the auction. If 3c showed a suit, 4c would be Minorwood for us (used by the big hand). If Responder were raising the big hand, it would not be Minorwood because he can't be taking over.
And then CHO bid 2!D
East's CHO did not bid 2, South's did. South wants to know what we think 2 should mean. My partner would have 5+ 5+ in the Majors; if she had something else, then she would be a CHO.
What should 4NT mean here?
The first choice, is consistent with pass and pull= stronger; but I don't like that when we don't know what trump should be. So I went with the inverse pass-then-pick = weaker; we don't know precisely Double will come back to us, so I think we should get ...
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