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Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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Feb. 25
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Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Those which plug a hole, rather than create holes
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Dave & Terry Waterman
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Asking the Opponents to Stop Alerting
Their explanations without being asked was the issue. That you can get stopped, and should.
6-5 Don't Come Alive Here
Some people would double the first time with a hand too good to overcall 1nt.
Asking the Opponents to Stop Alerting
As a club director I would be delighted to provide a setting where these players can: 1) practice/perfect their complicated system 2) practice proper alert procedure. 3) practice the wording of their answers when asked. 4) be an example for others. Moreover, the opponents get a chance to: 1 ...
6-5 Don't Come Alive Here
North has done fine. It was an OBAR and he showed the pointed suits Partner won't be punishing North for doing what he should have done. North is done.
Perhaps DS is confusing two things. When we are asked what PARTNER's bid meant, and pressed further, we should disclose alternative bids she might have made, but didn't. This is after the fact, and might be useful to the opponents. We are not to predict the future; this ...
David, what you are quoting does not apply to letting them know what your upcoming bids will mean. 1) 2nt response to weak 2 asks. 'asks for more information' good, 'asks for a feature' bad. 2) "asks about a singleton" good; "asks me to bid my singleton" (or bid suit ...
"Asking about four and five card majors" is best, and Terry does that -- granted. But they are not entitled to know what responses will mean when they occur before they occur.
"I am supposed to bid a five card major if I have one and bid 3 diamonds otherwise." Cute, typical anecdote in your post; but no matter how many times they ask, I cannot and will not tell them (and partner) what my future bids will mean. Merely, "asking me ...
To Everything There is a Time for the Season or to Remain the Same
You missed the point. Once 2 is rolled back, there can be no weighting of possible bids by South other than 3 because 2 was no longer a legal bid. Calling it illegal if it has been rolled back is just terminology, then we get on with ...
Good points. Partner, however, is better placed to pull with a strong or long Minor when she knows I have no stop -- while she will probably suck it up and pass with a run of the mill 1nt. But here's the thing: I can't ever remember bidding 2 ...
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