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Dave Waterman
Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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about me

Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Those which plug a hole, rather than create holes
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Sapphire Life Master
Dave & Terry Waterman
2/1 Game Force
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Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
You know that; I know that. But, units run Sectionals; and the agenda is to tolerate A/X players, not to accommodate them. Because of this, there are fewer and fewer that they have to tolerate.
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
since the painting is all in the permanent grooves on the top, I wonder if an old-fashioned fountain pen with red and black ink would work well.
Recommend a partnership style
Is inviting with an invite 'heavy'? Is it conservative? All I know is that both people shouldn't be tucking in or stretching on the same hand. It makes sense to me that the invite should give information upon which the other guy should decide what to do with the ...
Recommend a partnership style
If your choice is to just bash fine; just don't use the word 'partnership'. It is hard enough for teachers/mentors to get the idea of partnership bidding instilled.
Barry Rogoff's bidding problem: AJ74 J97 5 AKQJ3
After a 1 overcall, my partner's 2 has committed us to game. So, our situation is different and I can slow down, set trump with only 3 of them, and let her go serious/non-serious before launching. They won't be doing any further interfering, but if ...
Steven Mcgrahan's bidding problem: 765 AQ7643 --- J654
Yep. "With only 3 trumps, often times voids are fool's gold." If this isn't a popular belief, it should be.
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
Conventional and artificial are not the same thing.
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: AKJT84 J42 KQ87 ---
I have found that Lightner Doubles at the 4-level are helpful in reducing the overtricks.
Small Sectional Swiss Team Event
"telling a few of the B teams with the most masterpoints that they are now in a round robin with all the A teams." How awful for them.
Seeking information on Refurbishing Aluminum Boards
Touching up the directions and board numbers with black is labor intensive and requires patience and a steady hand. The same red inserts used for plastic boards are ok for the aluminum ones.
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