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Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Those which plug a hole, rather than create holes
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Dave & Terry Waterman
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Opening with a short club
So, if you are saying the same thing as I am, why is what I said not true?
Opening with a short club
The 'cutout' I see is where 4=4=3=2 is deemed natural. That is a separate subject from whether it requires an announcement. And then after an intervening paragraph I find: "State “may be short” for non-forcing 1♣ and 1♦ opening bids which may be shorter than three cards ...
Opening with a short club
"1♣:      Not Alertable if natural (three or more cards in minor) and non-forcing. Announceable if fewer than three cards is the only unnatural or conventional meaning. Any other meaning must be Alerted (e.g., a Precision opening 1♣)." The referenced guide for td's disagrees explicitly with Jeff's statement ...
Opening with a short club
Now, having thoroughly read the guidance for directors referenced by Larry Lowell (way down there), I am clear on what is currently required when 1 or 1 could be short. Perhaps in the future, the requirements will still be clear but will be improved upon. The problem is ...
In the Well: Jeff Meckstroth
Seems you get yourself started.
Opening with a short club
Certain interference methods are allowed over and artificial 1x opening bid which are not allowed over a 1x opening bid which has been declared 'natural'. An announcement 'could be short' is an announcement that the bid has been declared natural, even though 1c might only have 2 of them in ...
Opening with a short club
The 'announcement' is only for a 1 opening which might be exactly 4=4=3=2. Otherwise the agreement is that 1 is artificial, and requires an alert. Assume ACBL
A curiosity
Don't assume from Barry's OP that the strain they played in was the suit opened and raised. I think his wording was very careful on that point.
What's This Double?
"Other" could also include 'unnecessary' and 'an accident waiting to happen'. Your matchpoint result will be the same whether you defend it doubled or undoubled; and your matchpoint result when partner pulls will not be a good thing. So, 'other' could also include 'a no-win double'.
What's This Double?
"other" would include 'suicidal', 'won't ever happen', etc.
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