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Dave Waterman
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Dec. 5, 2010
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Of course.  Isn't everything about me? 


United States of America

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Dave & Terry Waterman
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Insufficient Bid
MS, GR, and JL above have righteous concerns. Perhaps the TD has more information about the OS's methods than we do, and he would allow a Double as a valid subset; but that hasn't happened yet and I don't believe West should have been given Spade information ...
Insufficient Bid
It sounds as if he did; as South, I believe I am entitled to know that before I choose -- as South, I object to West being told that. If I accept the IB and jump to 5, West should not have that information.
What Do You Make of This Jump?
O.K. but, I wouldn't (by agreement) be wasting bids in the off-chance that partner has what he has chosen to deny. So, partner should assume I have five.
What Do You Make of This Jump?
Yes to the above. IMO, Opener showed five hearts on the previous round since Responder couldn't have four.
Roger Lee's bidding problem: xx KQJTxxxx --- Txx
Well, in my case, I noticed the footnote; then laughed about it and bid 4
Your Ideal Opening Structure
1st and 2nd-chair openings: all calls pretend RHO has opened 1 (albeit out of turn). 1c=any hand which would double 1c. Pass= any hand which would pass 1 (includes some balanced hands up to 14 HCP) 1, 1,1= overcalls 10-17. 1nt=15-17 2 ...
Partner's reopening double
"3136= 2♣ then x" Yes, but just because I would bid 2, and then x with that, doesn't mean I have that. Partner is allowed to assume I might well have 3 Spades, and I absolutely have 6 clubs -- but a strong hand with 3-2-2-6 for instance would ...
Can I pass? or not?
Well, if my partner bid 6 here, he would indeed be a one-time partner as described in the OP; and I would indeed consider bidding 7 -- but that might be a dumping violation.
Weak Stayman
John: That is not a correct statement.
Weak Stayman
With our 'drop-dead' version, responder will be 4-4-5-1, minus one card; and there will be no continuations.
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