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May 5, 2012
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Roland Wald R.I.P.
What a sudden and heavy blow to us all. The vast number of tributes here indicate the influence that Roland had in the world of bridge and online commentary on the game. I greatly enjoyed so many hours of voice commentary with him. What amazed me most about him? It ...
David Birds Inappropriate Comment
Well, thanks for that, Kay! One jocular remark and I am now the subject of a multi-page Bridgewinners investigation. I am not going to read any of the further comments that you have triggered, which would probably upset me further. Those who appreciate my style, both in commentary and 40 ...
Selection Problems
There seems to be little natural justice in a situation where if a team does well with an accepted substitute playing, the scores from that section of the match will be removed from the final accounting. If they do badly, the scores will count. Of course, the selectors have a ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
The reason that so many players in the tournament opened 2C on AKJ9xxxx, -,xx,AJ10 is that it was a totally obvious bid. They did not want to risk missing a game by opening 1S and it was unsuitable for a pre-emptive 4S. Like 99% of EBU members (and me ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
I am still trying to work out if this is a comedy forum or a serious discussion on real bridge. The hand: AKJ9xxxx, -,xx,AJ10 is obviously worth an old-fashioned Acol two-bid and should therefore be covered by 2C when playing Benjamin Twos. For any opponent to claim redress because ...
Shireen Mohandes's bidding problem: 8642 875 KJ6 K52
3D should not have been described as a 'pre-empt' in the problem description. 3D shows a weakish raise, not worth any of the stronger alternatives. Surely this 4-3-3-3 hand is not worth any more than 3D?
Shireen Mohandes's bidding problem: 8642 875 KJ6 K52
It seems fine to raise to 3D. Apart from anything else, the fancy lower bids (even if think you are worth them) leave more options for the opponents.
E-Cigarette Impacts Vanderbilt
Suppose there were an ACBL rule that it was not allowed to shoot an opponent. Would it be OK to place a loaded gun on the table, informing the opponents that there was no need to worry - you would not be using it? Anyone who dislikes smoking would be aggravated ...
Forcing or Not Forcing, that is the question
Forcing for almost everyone, here in England.
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