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David Boxley
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March 9, 2012
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about me

Haven't played seriously in over 25 years.

United States of America

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Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: AKT63 AKQJ Q KJ6
Dave B.: obviously, from now on I will have a cup of coffee before asking a stupid question :)
Duane Christensen's bidding problem: AKJx AKQxx --- ATxx
I would play that as showing 5+ clubs with a diamond stop.
David Parsons's bidding problem: AJ832 74 KJ3 QJ5
I disagree, if South didn't want to GF he could have just bid 3. This sequence is offering a choice of games. Just my opinion...
Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: AKT63 AKQJ Q KJ6
I'm curious, should North confirm or deny the trump Q with 5 small in response to Q ask in this auction? I would confirm it since 4 didn't promise 5.
Stefan Iancu's bidding problem: Axx AK QJx Kxxxx
Duane Christensen's bidding problem: AKJx AKQxx --- ATxx
Guess. I personally would bid 3NT and miss the good club slam. How would you do so much better if doubler had rebid 2 instead of 3?
Kerry Kappell's bidding problem: 6 KQ7 AT94 QJ874
Yeah, but understanding that opener may be (54) in the minors doesn't really help responder in deciding what to rebid with a less than invitational hand when he is 23 in the minors. You have just passed what could very well be the best contract.
Can Korkmaz's bidding problem: 42 AQ8432 K985 J
PH, thanks.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: AKQ 753 T7653 86
Good one :)
Michael Low's bidding problem: AKQTx --- xxxx AQxx
Yrjo, this doesn't allow partner to conveniently show the K.

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