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David Boxley
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March 9, 2012
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about me

Haven't played seriously in over 25 years.

United States of America

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Nicholas France's bidding problem: 64 A6 QJ832 9432
You can look on their card to see about Flannery. As to the 2nd question, what are you looking for, a percentage? If they said "Oh, about 6 out of 10" would you believe it? If they said "never" you might believe that but I wouldn't bet the house ...
Hunter McClain's bidding problem: AKJ6 --- QT64 97632
The old "head in the sand" approach. It works well except when you have a partner. I reserve the 3rd seat 4 card major openings for when I am happy to pass whatever partner bids.
Jeff Lehman's lead problem: T KQ7652 J8642 K
RHO is bidding on something and it's not cards, probably clubs as well as spades.
Bad Habits of Intermediates
John, that never costs them anything against me. In fact, it sort of works like the Grosvenor Coup.
Howard Engle's bidding problem: KQ6 AJT74 A JT75
Shouldn't I be giving partner a chance to pass the dbl?
Bad Habits of Intermediates
Good article Paul. My favorite is not paying attention to the cards played. I used to direct a club game in Paris, KY many years ago. The Currents, an elderly couple were playing Precision in a six table game with 5 boards per round with traveler score slips. Near the ...
Bad Habits of Intermediates
Gerben, that would net you an avg minus in my club with an occasional top :)
Meyer Kotkin's bidding problem: AQT642 J98 A5 A3
Would one of you please give a typical hand where 6S is cold (Culbertson Rule)? I think AK sixth of hearts and the spade K is the perfecto hand for partner and it is still far from cold.
Kay Beck's bidding problem: --- AKQJ632 9732 QT
Standard Beck :)
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: 84 KQT3 Q852 K84
Without the dbl 4 would show a balanced hand but after, it is a playing trick type hand since partner did not redbl. This should not be a forcing pass situation.

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