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David Boxley
David Boxley
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March 9, 2012
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about me

Haven't played seriously in over 25 years.

United States of America

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Keith Connolly's bidding problem: --- AKT942 --- AQJ9876
I would consider 3 to be forcing.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: AKJ9x AKx A9x Ax
Looks like a suit oriented hand.
David Parsons's bidding problem: Q942 3 KQJ72 KQ7
How can you pose a problem based on partner's having made a terrible bid? I suspect that you were actually the 2 bidder and you expected your partner to double (and maybe give away the spade position to let it make). He was not happy with you so ...
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: AJT7 --- T62 AJ9633
I'm pretty sure partner doesn't have 4 spades or else he would have shown them instead of the 4SFG 2 followed by only 3 bid. I only bid 4 because I was endplayed into it.
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: AKQT5 AKQ4 853 4
Do you ask your partner if he is a really good player? Or do you just say "When I make a jump bid, if you are a really good player then it's a 2nd suit, otherwise it's a splinter"
Hank Youngerman's bidding problem: AJ T973 J82 AQ98
You have 2 of the top 4 in spades. Believe me, if it gets left in you'll beat it.
David Parsons's bidding problem: Q942 3 KQJ72 KQ7
I think we can make 4 and can't beat 3 more than 1, if at all. That makes my choice fairly obvious.
Gregory Nowak's bidding problem: AJT7 --- T62 AJ9633
I'm not concerned about making more than 4.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AKQT4 A9 KQ543 5
Tell us what you would have bid rather than pass.
Jon Derrick's bidding problem: 83 AQ862 QJ6 KQ8
I'm too stubborn (stupid?) to pass.

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