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Aug. 28, 2010
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about me

A bookful blockhead, ignorantly read

With loads of learned lumber in his head,

Fixed like a plant on his peculiar spot

To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot.

United Kingdom

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The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
To "lay" in the sense of "to make a bet" has been in common English parlance since the 14th century. The specialist sense in which to "lay" means in effect to bet against an occurrence by taking (or offering to take) someone's wager that it will occur is not ...
Saturday's common game.
No, but I think he might have one after trick one. However, if the defenders are playing a deep game it is possible that not taking the trump finesse will fail if [i]East[/i] wins K from Kx and gives [i]West[/i] a heart ruff. Never bet against ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Oh, I didn't say you could play DI without disaster - there is no bidding method in the world of which that could be said. I merely observed that you could play it without cheating.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
KSU may stand for Kaplan-Sheinwold Updated, a system created by Edgar Kaplan and Alfred Sheinwold (and presumably updated). DI may stand for Declarative-Interrogative, a use of 4NT not to ask for wholesale or specific controls but to show general slam interest. It may or may not have been the invention ...
How would you play this?
At my table East opened 1 after two passes. I chose to double, West bid 1 to show spades and North bid 1NT. I bid 2, raised to three, and should now have offered partner a choice of games with 3NT, which was cold. Foolishly I bid ...
What do you make of this?
I confidently expect partner to put down A and AQxx. If the fool has AQxx instead, that's his fault (though I may still make if East has four spades and A).
What do you make of this?
It would not have been an error to overcall 1NT if that showed 15-17 - as Steve says, you can be stolen from quite easily, and while 1NT is risky, so is pass. But this 1NT was an error because it showed 16-18.
What do you make of this?
Perhaps South, with the assistance of a clue from West, realised that 1NT had been an error and that damage control should be attempted. I don't see anything particularly sinister.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
Avon, if you're going to keep quoting Danny Kleinmann you should start spelling his name correctly.
How would you play this?
That opening lead could also have been from 109xx or even 109xxx, of course. When people have had a go at this problem I will confess my own blunders on the same deal.

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