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David Burn
David Burn
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Aug. 28, 2010
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about me

A bookful blockhead, ignorantly read

With loads of learned lumber in his head,

Fixed like a plant on his peculiar spot

To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot.

United Kingdom

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TGRs Young Chelsea
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BBO claims should be "*You* (opponents) get X more tricks", not "I claim X more tricks"
Such a rejection was the subject of [url=]a recent post[/url]. There is nothing particularly remarkable about it.
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
One more time. You, defending, have to decide whether or not to play your partner for a queen. If he has it you will set the contract by following a particular line of defence, if not you will concede a needless overtrick by following that line. Especially at matchpoints, this ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
For most of us the performers of [i]The Kids Are Alright[/i] require no punctuation. RJF would append a question mark.
For System Geeks Only
"Maybe my computations are hopeless. I await to be enlightened." Not completely. But they might lead a club. For all that, I could have chosen a clearer example.
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
Alerting is not the only form of disclosure, despite a commonly held view that it is.
For System Geeks Only
Paying me to do what? Point out that a hand such as Ax AQxxx AQJ10xx might resent being told to "start cuebidding" with hearts set as trump (and would have very little chance of ending in the right contract if it did, facing your example). Instead: [code] 1H 2C ...
The Kibs Are Not Alright
Silver. Big Daddy for the gold.
For System Geeks Only
"I wouldn't want to give up 1M-2C-3M as "good hand, sets trump, start cuebidding". In a [i]strong club[/i] system?
Playing 2NT as Spiral, what does a direct 3NT mean?
Means that on the basis of information received to date I consider that 3NT might be a better contract than 4. Partner is allowed to express a different opinion, but should not do so with, say Jxx Qxxx KJx AJx in case I have Qxx AKxxxx Qx Qx
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
"A 1-level overall is limited to 13 hcps and is deemed at such minor variance to opponent's expectation that we do not alert it." You don't get to do the deeming. If I find out, after misguessing a suit by playing overcaller for a 15 rather than a ...

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