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David Burn
David Burn
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Aug. 28, 2010
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about me

A bookful blockhead, ignorantly read

With loads of learned lumber in his head,

Fixed like a plant on his peculiar spot

To draw nutrition, propagate, and rot.

United Kingdom

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TGRs Young Chelsea
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Any Suggestions for Best Line in 3NT
Would probably play ace and a diamond. Would almost certainly not make the contract.
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
If it were, you'd have to add a rider to the unique factorization theorem. Since mathematicians are all bone idle, they decided that 1 wasn't a prime.
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
I had no idea people were still playing Standard Kersey. In Streamlined Kersey, a 2 opening acts as a one-round force on the player with A, whose 3 bid shows 13 hearts in the same way as the opening showed 13 spades (and is forcing on the player ...
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
I cannot call to mind any definition of an even number that would not include zero. However, conventions are changeable - until fairly recently, for example, 1 was considered prime.
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
In Kersey's system a player with 13 spades opens 2. The next player with 13 hearts overcalls 3. The next player with 13 diamonds bids 5. This is lower than 5NT doubled and the complete hand is known. Christopher had better not take up complex bidding ...
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
Double is legal if a bid is followed by an even number of passes.
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
I don't think I'd take that even at 2/1, never mind 6/4. Indeed, I don't think I'd take it at two million to one.
Test Your Play – The Bridge World, September 2017
It is true that West might not find a diamond shift on his own. But might not East overtake the spade at trick one to shift to a diamond at trick two?
ATB : Expensive Misdefense
I can find another reason. If I want to show clubs in a hand worth 3 I can bid 3. If I want to show clubs in a hand worth 4 I can bid 4. If I think our side might be outbid, I do not ...
The problems of over-alerting
Oh, I don't mind alerting with an announcement to the effect that "you shouldn't assume this has a common meaning". In fact, I don't mind doing anything that helps the opponents know what we play. The thing I do mind doing is hiding information from them; I ...

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