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David Caprera
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July 20, 2010
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I am a lawyer in Denver, Colorado, married to Anne Brenner, my partner in life as well as bridge. I am on the USBF board, the District 17 disciplinary chair, coach of the USA under 26-2 junior team, and write a monthly column, "Sleeping on the Couch." My 16,000 master points aren't worth a damn without a national championship and my dream is that some day I win the "Italian-American, pony-tailed tax specialist playing with the Francophile, retired pathologist four session senior mixed BAM."

United States of America

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Anne Brenner/David Caprera
2 over 1 except rebid
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I apologize for this question
Yuan, Jxxxx bids 1S. I am a self-appointed deacon in the "Pattern Bidder's Church." We also play 1H-1S-2R-2S as GF, 5+ spades.
We play it as "find me", which is more likely to be a major given no stayman or transfer. But the arguments above intrigue me. Does it presume that Annie has read, or will read, Bird? This is a once a year sequence for me (my crude estimate, one out ...
Mike Gill's bidding problem: AQxx Axxx xx Qxx
I voted on the assumption that there were bids between 2S and 3H where partner could show game interest. We play "one under" as a "chicken sh_t game try." But given the hands we open, pass is most certainly a logical alternative.
I apologize for this question
I bid 2D. We are pattern bidders. It is a religion. You believe or you don't.
Do you play forcing pass in this auction?
If we make an invitational+ call and the opponents bid above our game (denying us the ability to accept/reject), we are in a force.
Full Disclosure
There is something practical to be said for the proposition that the amount of disclosure depends on the level of the opponents. In a big boy game, "could be short" for board 1 and nothing for board 2 seems adequate. In a novice game it probably doesnt matter. But in ...
I apologize for this question
One director said alert, the other said, "since it is basically natural" no alert is required. I had described the bid as shows 3+ clubs unless it is 3442.
I apologize for this question
Now I really am sorry. I should have been more precise. It shows 3+ clubs unless it is exactly 3M, 4oM, and 4D. I would advise against playing double as lead directing because it typically has club length. But I am hearing it is nonetheless alertable. Fine.
Another "what is standard?" poll
Without discussion, passing is, at best, ill judged. YAOOYFM. (I just made that up. Eugene, please don't edit it.) In my partnership, "after a bid and raise, including support doubles and jumps to a suit after a takeout double, 2N is F1." They are game tries, probably not 4 ...
What signal do you give?
I know this isn't the question, but I am bidding whatever shows majors before I pass this board out.

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