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David Caprera
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July 20, 2010
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I am a lawyer in Denver, Colorado, married to Anne Brenner, my partner in life as well as bridge. I am on the USBF board, the District 17 disciplinary chair, coach of the USA under 26-2 junior team, and write a monthly column, "Sleeping on the Couch." My 16,000 master points aren't worth a damn without a national championship and my dream is that some day I win the "Italian-American, pony-tailed tax specialist playing with the Francophile, retired pathologist four session senior mixed BAM."

United States of America

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Anne Brenner/David Caprera
2 over 1 except rebid
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Precision "Pass and Pull" (part three)
Not that it means a lot, but "my friend", who has 84,000 masterpoints, said he would bid 6H "in a shot." My teammate on Sunday, with a mere 72,000, thought I should have passed 5H while acknowledging that he "knew the hand." Their disagreement was the impetus for ...
Your UI ruling?
Goran, I think your choice of a derogatory term is totally acceptable, appropriate and effective. Now, if West is female, perhaps "vagina" would be a better selection.
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
Sorry. Yes we play PDI. I didn't think it was necessary to get into all of it for purposes of determining what it means to be stronger or weaker, which was the real question.
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part two)
If we are below 4N, 4N is 2P2P. But above 4N you cant do everything. We double (takeout) and then bid which is "flexible." In the rarefied air above 4N, there aren't a lot of options available.
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
Opener's double is takeout. The three suiter is easy. Much more difficult is the "Two places to play" hand where the opponents have taken away Michaels or 4N. There you can either bid one good suit if you have one or double and then bid a suit which is ...
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
The only time responder is going to have a five card suit is when he is 5-7hcp, in which case he is just going to double. If he had 8+hcp and a 5+ card suit, he would have bid it over 2D. I did omit that responder can bid ...
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
Because this is the way I chose to present the problem. I thought it added a little bit of variety to the presentation and it is one way to attempt to get at the question of "What does it mean to say pass and pull is stronger?"
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
I was trying not to sharpen the pencil too much by listing J, Q, K, A, QJ, KJ, KQ, AJ, AQ, AK, KQJ, AQJ, AKJ, AKQ. Perhaps I should have.
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
With 5-7, double is without regard to shape. With 8+ (GF) it denies a five card suit. A cuebid of 3D would be three suited, 8+HCP, and a singleton or void in diamonds.
Precision "Pass and Pull" (Part one)
If you prefer, "What is the minimum number of high card points in clubs you would want to hold before you were willing to raise 5H to 6H?" (But to be honest, I think you understood the question as originally written.)

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