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David Caprera
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July 20, 2010
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Anne Brenner/David Caprera
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Where is the Quantitative bid here?
Maybe not the same, but I faced a similar situation last weekend. 1C (precision, 16+)-(1S)-2N (12-14 balanced, spade stop)-(3S) 4N? Quant, minors, aces? I asked my friends. Total 200k+ masterpoints. I got votes for all three. On the given auction, our agreements are 1C precision and not ...
Diving Duck Blues Played with Finesse
I haven't looked at the deal. Sorry Khokan, I will. I just want to say that was the best title posting on BW I have witnessed.
Trump guess?
Playing in a regional KO, Steve Weinstein led small from Qxx against a slam and it was right. He knew that dummy was hitting with a huge hand, likely including the trump AK. The opponents were in a 4-4 fit. Declarer, a several time national champion, played for Qx offside.
Who gets to sleep on the couch?
Everyone is stealing my shtick!
Misconceptions on automatic false cards
You are correct sir. Reno Nationals. Playing the mixed swiss on the Meckstroth team (yes, Sally.) Exactly as described. As I reported and as is burned permanently in my memory, the contract was 6C, dummy had A8xx, declarer called small from dummy and I played the 9 from J9xx in ...
Prefer to play in 4 Hearts or 4 Spades?
I would have preferred 3H, not forcing but constructive.
4!H/6!D Across from 2N Opener
Playing that 3N is "no majors" will be a problem when responder is 5=4 and precludes bidding puppet with a 5-3. You pays your money and takes your chance.
Figuring out non-obvious suit-handlings at the table?
Consider two 7NT contracts. Contract 1. N: AQJ, AQJ, AKQ, xxxx S: xxx, xxx, xxx, AKQJ Contract 2. N: xxx, AQJ, AKQ, xxxx S: AQJ, xxx, xxx, AKQJ Both contracts are "two of two finesses", but Contract 2 is a better contract because you take the finesses against opposite hands ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: J8 A97 32 AKJ543
Kyle, PLEASE no three level white v red preempting on bad hand, bad suit. In the immortal words of Nancy Reagan, "It is just a little gun", wait, not that quote, "Just say no."
How Many Hands of Bridge So Far?
My first approximation was # of masterpoints times 25. I don't play much "social bridge" or club games for that matter.

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