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ATB, if any, for this missed slam
Really? I want my partners to dbl with 9 plus and a stiff diamond and good breaks not expected. Voluntary 5M minus one are not my idea of fun.
In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?
Not quite on topic but GCH Fox and his first wife ran the Mayfair Bridge Studio and as is frequently the case it was a struggle but they always made good money on Saturday evening. Dolorosa had been ill for a while and on one Saturday she sadly passed away ...
How do you rule on this sitiuation
I understand what you are saying but the op asked how I would rule as opposed to what is the correct ruling--if there is such a beast. The law is an ass seems appropriate,
How do you rule on this sitiuation
You cannot expect me to know the rules. Just using common sense.
Is there a Standard Meaning for this X?
Unless the opps are crazy the opening bidder must be short in spades usually one but perhaps two. Maybe a void bt only if 5440. Double suggests good defense, so either Andy's example or Barry's is fine. Partner has to work out what is best.
How do you rule on this sitiuation
I understand that failure to know your system is problematic, and that 3 sounds like a cuebid, but 3NT seems obvious. I am guessing that if polled this would be a majority view. I would let the result stand and give EW a procedural penalty.
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
Miss Otis regrets........
ATB: missed slam
A forcing 1NT may not be the best club in the bag for this hand but can be lived with. Are we playing constructive raises? This impacts on future actions. Next what is the best rebid over 1NT? I think 2 is an over statement but others may not ...
David Carlisle's bidding problem: AJT6 543 K7 Q653
Double ill get you 500 and pass 100. I should have suggested money bridge, More sharks in that version f the game.
Is this double take out or lead directing?
KJ10x AKQx KJxx x is an example

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