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A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
if the long suit was a major you achieve what you want by bidding five. tbh I have no idea how to bid this but would start with 1. I would never want to devise a method to deal with this. It would cause brain cramp and like Gerber ...
What should 4NT mean here?
I am not sure I entirely agree can partner not bid with say KQJxxxx and not much else?
What should 4NT mean here?
in crowded auctions 4NT is never blackwood--or should not be rather. in my view here the first example has a clear reason to bid likely six diamonds and three clubs. Second example not good reason to bid. I suggest the first example will have spade control--second maybe not. Not clear ...
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
some years ago an opp held xxxx AKx AKx AQx and opened with a strong club--next hand bid 1 and this got 2 from partner followed by 3. He drove to slam knowing his partner had a stiff or void spade. He finished up with the last ...
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
I had no intention of having agreement its just a decent bid. Yehudit is right in third seat if you own AKQ in a major not to mention it. I agree that the method under question is not licenced but would be happy for my opps to play it.
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
playing a weak no-trump with four card majors there is virtually no downside to opening 1 with sat Ax Axx KJxx KJxx. There are plenty of upsides.
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: xx x Axxx Qxxxxx
over 1 or 1 you can play 2nt both minors with more length in the in bid minor. weal or strong
Scott Stearns's bidding problem: A AKJ652 T98 K65
Peter Hasenson's bidding problem: KQ72 98 --- AKT9854
nice hand for 4!--don't them in over 2nt
Legal, Illegal, Alert Needed or announce
I can live with ferts but I have two questions--you open 1 with 3 cards and a six count vul? How do you sort out what partner has as responder. Next time try a forcing pass in third or fourth seat :)
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