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David Carlisle
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May 28, 2017
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Hank Meyer's bidding problem: KT3 AKQ9 --- AKQ987
No need Richard I should have made this much clearer.
Hank Meyer's bidding problem: KT3 AKQ9 --- AKQ987
You are quite right Richard.
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: 9642 Q6432 Q 986
All those who doubled presumably think penalty I guess.
Hank Meyer's bidding problem: KT3 AKQ9 --- AKQ987
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
Don't mention that to DB. He will brand you a neanderthal. I think you have a good idea there. What would you suggest a newbie plays?
David Yates's bidding problem: 94 J95 AKQ743 JT
I have a view at these colours pass should be forcing. Double might get me 5 from partner, 5 is risky but brings in your main asset. Pass is not an option I would consider if I had paid an entry fee.
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
Seems pretty easy too me but each to his own. You really are skilled in the art of hyperbole. Double risks playing in spades with a slam available elsewhere for what it is worth.
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
David of course but I still think it best for tyros. I have certainly been seduced by innovation.
Help Newer Players Reach Slam
When I started I was told that a direct cue bid of the opening bid was the strongest bid I could make when they opened--I doubt that much has changed. My advice is to start with 3.
Need help with this auction playing basic Transfer Precision
Seems to me that 4 will be a good start, opener has an obvious 4 bid Italian style, which shows tolerance for clubs. 5 now completes the description and denies a major suit control leaving an obvious 6 or 6nt closure. Asking for aces is not ...

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