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David Carlisle
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May 28, 2017
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What is the correct call?
ok so sue me lol How else can i know what to play?
From time to time different suggestions for a 1nt overcall have been made. The comic no-trump Gardener style , weak takeout double Simon style, and others no doubt but none have endured. The reason I suspect is natural overcall is more useful. FWIW I would never bid 2 over 1 ...
What is the correct call?
Seems like an impasse has arrived. Why not ask declarer which card he wants and move on? If I had been dummy I would have asked exactly that question.
YBTD after slow double
obviously we play game
YBTD after slow double
Art-yes am happy to take my chances and if in doubt look what happened in 3.
YBTD after slow double
Clubs are not that crucial partner will only bid them with a stiff heart or six of them.
YBTD after slow double
Why is it more than a game try? Say I bid something else what is partner gonna do?
YBTD after slow double
Depends on whether partner is playing you for most of what you have. Here I want to try for game for sure.
YBTD after slow double
make that 2 David
YBTD after slow double
Had a very similar hand recently and bid 4, 3 is clearly taking advantage. U would impose a 3 contract on them.

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