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David Carlisle
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May 28, 2017
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about me

I have won ma pairs competitions, many swiss teams events including the National Swiss teams on two or three occasions, The Spring foursomes and represented Great Britain and Wales.  Many of these were professional engagements. I was secretary of the LCCBA for while when Richard Fleet was chairman and we ran a very successful congress at Country Hall.  I was also a bridge teacher for many years and together with my wife Jane Preddy ran the West of England Bridge club.  For many reasons these days I no longer play for real but have at the moment regular games on BBO. My basic bridge education was courtesy of Joe Amsbury, the Sharples twins and Jack Marx.  Watching John Collins was very educational,  My wife was a long term friend of Terence Reese who was certainly one of the finest players who ever lived regardless of your views about Beunos Aries.  

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Chung Lau's bidding problem: 3 KQT83 J52 AT74
As a passed hand this looks best but will it always show five hearts? I do not feel comfortable bidding 2 over 1NT as it might easily miss a decent game.
Blind pass or bid!
Andy it certainly is for the pros. I recall a very bad player who was 60 down LHO bid 1NT and partner tanked and passed back to our man and of course with five to the jack and a flat 8 he bid 2. The pro made a big ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Bidding was primitive and card play was King. Bridge was actually breaking down class barriers to some extent. My introduction came partnering a window cleaner against a stockbroker and his wife. Rubber bridge was doing ok until then but was on a path of steady decline.
What is Normal?
I always thought that declarer could expose themselves with no penalty unlike defenders.
Blind pass or bid!
tell that some of my erstwhile partners
Advice needed
Unlike the ruling it seems.
Bill March's bidding problem: J876432 87542 --- 5
Things are gonna break as badly as possible --well almost so why warn them.
Advice needed
Thanks Gordon new to me.
David Caprera's bidding problem: T98xxx K Kxx AJ8
I think 2 is highly dubious unless discussed--if 2 is natural then I bid 6.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Well when I played regularly with a favored partner of course we were prepared and by the way when we were forced to face a pair playing forcing pass we were allowed to refer to our notes but we had to devise our own defense. But casual or non regular ...

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