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June 13, 2011
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How far to go for full disclosure
Hi Kevin. I understand your point and agree in general that yes, if you have an agreement, or an understanding based on previous events, disclosure is fair and proper. Even more so in a tournament vs a club game. My comment about whether forgetting the agreement every time being relevant ...
How far to go for full disclosure
The rules say that we need to disclose our agreements, not state of mind, past behavior or what we may have surmised from possible UI. Even if partner has forgotten the agreement every time it has come up, it is not relevant. The opponents are entitled to only your agreements ...
Coffee housing
If South got suckered in by the delay, it was it his own peril and they got what they deserved. If East hesitated with a singleton and did not say "I don't have a problem", then they are guilty of attempting to fool declarer and a procedural penalty should ...
What is the standard for the meaning of this Auction?
The agreement I have with many partners is that the first X in a NT auction is takeout, and subsequent X's are penalty. So in this auction, X is takeout of 2H.
I don't think there should be a director call based on the explanations given. I do think there should be a director call for not alerting Multi, and not supplying a written defense.
It's About Time
Use technology to solve the issue. Cameras can be used to time how much time each person at the table takes to make a bid or play. When the round is over, the directors have factual data to make equitable rulings about slow play.
Bad Habits of Intermediates
Probably not exactly on topic, but snapping their cards as they play them and staring at partner to make sure they know that the card means something.
Conflict of Interest
Steve, you made a comment that personal data on the BF site is secure. Can you please tell us how you know that? Have you seen a SOC or SSAE report to suggest it? From what I can see, the site is not secured via encryption, which is probably the ...
Open Toronto Discussion Thread
If you plan on using the subway more than once, it is cheaper and easier to use tokens instead of cash. Token machines are available outside almost all subway entrances. The tokens can also be used on the above ground buses and streetcars. We have worked with the ACBL to ...
How would you rule? (follow-up post)
HA! You caught me John!

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