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David Cole
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Jan. 15, 2011
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about me

Still an Englishman although I have lived in Germany for 30 years ...

Play less than I would like to.


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Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
After the duplicate we played rubber for an hour for significant amounts of money
The notorious doctors
I think the motivation by the chief tournament director was to only make adjustments where he was confident that these would be upheld in a law court. This is a sad state of affairs, but it reflects the experience that we have had recently with these players.
The notorious doctors
John, These gentlemen sued their way back into the game. The evidence that they cheated is overwhelming and has not been refuted. They then without any doubt broke the condition of contest in the first event they played in, and the chief TD applied the law book. They appealed against ...
The notorious doctors
Tom The DBV has begged us to continue to play - they are doing everything they can. They filmed the doctor's table, they have made the biggest tournament by invitation only. The doctors have not played teams as nobody will play with them. Some players refused to play against them ...
Steve Barnfield
Steve was one of my teachers - a great guy who was just nice.
David Cole's bidding problem: 962 AJ6 KQT4 876
Yes, was forcing.
ATB - Two suiter difficulties
Many, many years ago, Richard Fleet told me that normal bridge logic does not apply for hands with 13 cards in two suits. Partner will never play you for that distribution. This is a bridge tip that is of very limited use, but in the few occasions it has happenned ...
Club game ruling question
East cannot have a spade suit worth bidding as he passed over 1. So passing 4 is not an option
What is fair.
If East believed majors why did he not bid 4? Very fishy indeed!
Hesitation Blackwood
I find the question poor. The auction 1 - 1 - 4NT is completely different from 1 - 1 - 4 - 4NT So why should we answer the question without knowing the bidding?

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