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David Cole
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Jan. 15, 2011
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about me

Still an Englishman although I have lived in Germany for 30 years ...

Play less than I would like to.


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Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
I think it is clear: The BIT say "I have an ace". It is not clear which ace from the BIT. The comment makes it clear that if an ace is missing it will be the diamond ace. So the important question is: Was the diamond lead clear without knowing ...
LEE Leads Reisinger
Some guy in 15th place who I heard of somewhere ....
Monaco Decline 2014 EBL Gold Medal!
Let us applaud that Monaco and Poland declined the medals. I assume they will be asked to confim that they wish to accept these new positions - maybe they will decline these as well.
17th European Champions' Cup
The team is that which won the most important domestic competition - so in Germany the Bundesliga
How do you play the second double?
Good hand with no clear bid
Retry.... ATB bad slam
How about both?
European Bridge Clubs
German rules: Anounce NT ranges, length of minor suit opening and transfers. No alert at the 4 level except on the first round of bidding. However most are friendly and tolerant.
European Bridge Clubs
The strongest club in Munich is As noted above, we play pairs on Mondays and teams on Thursdays, starting 7:00 pm. Contact for partners/teammates. Looking forward to seeing you there!
You be the judge!
Pass is not a LA. I think 5 could be bid. A question is whether partner would bid 6 over this.
Nikolas Bausback's bidding problem: A84 KJ95 --- QT7652
I would have bid 5 not 4. Partner has a hand too strong to overcall 1 - I need KQxxxx, Ax, xx, AKx for 7

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