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David Cole
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Jan. 15, 2011
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about me

Still an Englishman although I have lived in Germany for 30 years ...

Play less than I would like to.


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Does a BIT always imply UI
The answer to the question is no. BIT means partner has something to think about - if he makes a very strange bid then there is no UI. In this case you were clearly thinking about bidding or doubling, so there was UI. I would bid 4NT as West - whether pass ...
Partners Play Different Styles
Just if asked. My card says preempts, if they want to know the style they ask. I describe any differences accurately. I play long suit trial bids. I describe these as showing partner should judge min/max opposite Axx. If they enquire further, I say it does not do show ...
Partners Play Different Styles
Everything is fine, as long as it is fully disclosed
two weak 2 openers
The problem on 1 is QJ . It is usually zero on offence but worth something on defence.
Play 2NT followed by 4 as the clear slam try
Slow Return
I would say 3NT=. Obvious playing partner for A109x is a logically alternative.
Is it better to double or bid 1H?
How about a bidding poll for this problem.
What is the meaning of 2!H and 3!H?
3 level bids invitational, 2 level bids forcing.
Some interesting and difficult boards in Germany
Good write up - I had another unsuccessfull weekend. 3NT is not easy on a non-spade lead. You have to guess on the third round of clubs who has the Club 10. I guessed wrong. I think that the bidding 1 - 1NT - 2 - 3 - 3 should initially ...
Comments on the CAS Report
In German courts, if expert testimony is disputed, the court itself orders an independent expert to investigate. This would seem to be the only way that one could deal with the problem of non-expert judges.

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