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David Cole
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Jan. 15, 2011
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about me

Been playing for over 40 years - and you will see me at most German tournaments and a few others.


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What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
There is a well know slow player in the German Bundesliga (league first division). Here in Germany the directors will always dish out penalities if you finish late - so there is pressure to finish on time, and it does work pretty well. It just happens that the slow player seems ...
On Bridge Journalism
If you know a pair is cheating, but they have never been convicted, it is lynch justice to refuse to play against them. If we are talking about pairs that have been convicted, but the courts have allowed them back in. The organisers cannot stop such pairs from playing. So ...
Paul Grünke's bidding problem: Q876 AT9863 6 AQ
Axxxx, x, xxx, xxxx is enough for 4. 4 bidders are often weak.
On Bridge Journalism
This is why we should all support this site
On Bridge Journalism
Hi Avon, The link on page 9 does not work. Great article - but I find your criticism of the WBF attorney unfair. He may have not been planning to show the videos as the evidence was anyway overwhelming - fact is that the WBF did investigate the allegations against the doctors ...
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
Gambling. We hope that partner has something in spades as there was no raise
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
The most likely bid is 3nt from South. But pass can hardly be regarded as an error.
Rate mY Idiocy
Why do you not start from hand- the only holdings you can pick up legitimately are single 10 or jack on your right
How do you play 1M X p 2M?
To give the hand that prompted this discussion: KQx xx QJxx QJxx 1 X pass ? You would like to show invitational with both minors. However Partner nowadays may have a 4333 shape when you want to stop in 2. So I would be interested in your methods and ...
Spam or Abuse of BW membership or Legit?
I reported this and the account has been blocked

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