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David Cole
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Jan. 15, 2011
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about me

Still an Englishman although I have lived in Germany for 30 years ...

Play less than I would like to.


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2019 Cavendish Pairs in Monaco
I certainly agree that the ratio of boards in the qualifying to final was wrong - and would prefer to have had a longer final. What would you bid over 3 (3NT) ? with AKx, KQxx, QJxx, xx? This was one decision of a top player that made a big contribution ...
You Be the Coach - Part III
Am I allowed to pass?
Accept the Transfer
Why does North know that the spades are breaking? Why cannot they be 5-0?
ATB missed !s game
No blame for not reaching 4S on your own steam. Not even a jack wasted and you still need a 3-2 diamond break. Both could or should have saved.
Richard Bley's bidding problem: T93 AKT983 T7 73
Richard - did you not get the bidding wrong. From what I remember of the hand, I opened 2 second in hand, and partner raised to 4
Help finding info on a German Tournament.
Deutscher Bridge-Verband e.V. Geschäftsstelle Augustinusstr. 11 C 50226 Frechen-Königsdorf Telefon: 02234 - 60009-0 Telefax: 02234 - 60009-20 e-Mail: Internet:
Best defence to a possibly-short 1C?
If 1 is opened on all weak balanced hands, I pass with a standard 1NT overcall. Then on the next round X shows this hand - so we occasionally pick up a penalty. INT overcall is then available as Raptor - 5 card minor with 4 card major. This is particularly ...
Keep LA's in Pandora's Box
Where is the damage? Why was South's behaviour changed because of the question?
Ban Collusive Cheaters For Life
I think it is not black and white. Two 16 year olds, jsut learned the game, agree to pass additional information through eye signals and thus have a gain. This is collusive cheating - but there is no reason to suppose that after a severe lecture they will not turn into ...
For Bridge Players Only
In Germany no. DBV German Bridge Federation) has a monopoly on competitive bridge, and thus is subject to court control. So in the tournaments they organise, no. A privately organised tournament could just not invite players, as a club could do. Whether the WBF and EBL statues would survive in ...

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