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David Cole
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Jan. 15, 2011
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about me

Still an Englishman although I have lived in Germany for 30 years ...

Play less than I would like to.


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Find that Ace
Kit - you criticise Easts pass of 3NT, even though he scored +600. Double would have led to 4 and not such a large plus score. Agreed - it could have gone wrong, but as South is clearly taking a risk, bidding on does not seem to be mandatory.
Does a BIT always imply UI
The answer to the question is no. BIT means partner has something to think about - if he makes a very strange bid then there is no UI. In this case you were clearly thinking about bidding or doubling, so there was UI. I would bid 4NT as West - whether pass ...
Partners Play Different Styles
Just if asked. My card says preempts, if they want to know the style they ask. I describe any differences accurately. I play long suit trial bids. I describe these as showing partner should judge min/max opposite Axx. If they enquire further, I say it does not do show ...
Partners Play Different Styles
Everything is fine, as long as it is fully disclosed
two weak 2 openers
The problem on 1 is QJ . It is usually zero on offence but worth something on defence.
Play 2NT followed by 4 as the clear slam try
Slow Return
I would say 3NT=. Obvious playing partner for A109x is a logically alternative.
Is it better to double or bid 1H?
How about a bidding poll for this problem.
What is the meaning of 2!H and 3!H?
3 level bids invitational, 2 level bids forcing.
Some interesting and difficult boards in Germany
Good write up - I had another unsuccessfull weekend. 3NT is not easy on a non-spade lead. You have to guess on the third round of clubs who has the Club 10. I guessed wrong. I think that the bidding 1 - 1NT - 2 - 3 - 3 should initially ...

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