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David Collier
David Collier
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June 18, 2011
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Dec. 8
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Bridge Player
about me

Software engineer living in Stevenage UK.

United Kingdom

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Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage
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1M:2C = natural or GF balanced
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Entering leads on Bridgemates
Bridgemates don't normally allow players to cancel agreed scores - you have to ask a TD for that. You can change the settings so that players can cancel scores, but even in this case the fact that a score was cancelled is logged, so a player doing this would get ...
Entering leads on Bridgemates
When the EBU started doing this, the Bridgemates didn't check whether the lead entered was valid. Without that feature I felt that entering the lead was just a nuisance, and the lead was often incorrectly entered anyway because many players didn't care enough about it to get it ...
David Collier's bidding problem: KQJ98532 J92 5 3
Seems fairly conclusive. I bid 4S here and was doubled for -800 (might have been -1100 on better defence). Opps can make 5 of a minor. I wouldn't have minded except everyone was looking at me like I was crazy!
Rich Newell's bidding problem: Kxxx --- Qxxx Axxxx
I'd say that 9 HCP and a *singleton* is usually good enough for a splinter. I'm certainly not doing anything less when I have a void.
What is wrong with the Montreal Relay?
You're more vulnerable to preemption after 1D, but less vulnerable after 1M. Is it clear which is more important? Knowing of a 5-card major suit could allow opener to bid 3M or 4M in competition, when he might not be able to otherwise. If the response is 1D then ...
Tournaments using computers
Richard: I would counter that there is already a move away from traditional mouse- or keyboard-based user interfaces. We now have voice- and gesture-controlled applications, and custom controllers have been around for even longer (e.g. Guitar Hero). In the future, games will be able to use whatever type of ...
Tournaments using computers
I believe the eventual solution will continue to use physical cards, but technology will replace the screens that we currently use: North and West will sit in one room, and South and East will sit in another. They will make their plays using real cards. A camera detects the card ...
1NT p 2NT showing diamonds
What Kieran describes is how I've always played it (this being fairly common round here). You focus on the possibility that responder has a single-suited diamond invite looking for 3NT (3D accepts). This won't always get you to the right suit opposite a weak minor two-suiter, but it ...
1NT - should it be 100% forcing in response to 1H or 1S
For me the biggest problem with forcing NT is what should responder do, holding an invitational hand with four clubs, after 1M:1NT,2C. If we're playing 1NT semi-forcing then I know we should be playing in either 3C or game. Whereas if 2C could be a balanced minimum ...
Cologne court judges the prosecution of Wladow-Elinescu vs. Deutscher Bridge Verband.
Suppose that the ban was reduced to, say, three years, and that after this time they wanted to start playing again. Three questions spring to mind. 1. Would an event organiser (DBV or otherwise) be obliged to accept their entry for any particular event? 2. Would the DBV be obliged ...

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