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David Corn
David Corn
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Oct. 9, 2014
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20 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Barry Crane complimenting me on the play of a hand, oh, so many decades ago.
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Penticton, B.C. Regional
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Emerald Life Master
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God has dealt you a par hand. Are you worthy?
I have found that the best way to achieve par is not to make any double or triple bogeys during your round.
What do you bid over 1 NT ?
Regardless of what convention your partnership employs, it is MOST important to buy LUCKILY when choosing to intervene on hands of this type.
1!D Overcall: legal on 3 card suit?
Am I the only one in this thread that would encourage their opponents to bid their short suits? :):)
What do you bid over 1 NT ?
My preferred methods allow me to bid 2C, showing C's & H's, though I doubt that would be my choice with such disparate lengths. 3C seems better here.
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: AK54 KQ KT932 T7
Seems easy, Floyd. What am I missing? If getting involved in this auction at the 1 or 2 level goes off the tracks, c'est la vie. Seems a better problem if I do double and partner bids 3C. Now what? :):)
David Corn's bidding problem: --- KQJT6 T8753 865
9 tricks come home on the layout in 3NT as the 10 of spades is huge and clubs 3/3. 2S, 4D, 3C not to speak of some heart tricks that may materialize. Both opponents run out of safe exit cards. Lucky, but true.
David Corn's bidding problem: --- KQJT6 T8753 865
Nikos - I was simply responding to your having typed "cannot really imagine that any contract other than 2S is best for us".
What do you bid over 1 NT ?
"Too much riding on the opening lead"?? I would lead the J of clubs vs. 1NT myself.
David Corn's bidding problem: --- KQJT6 T8753 865
Nikos, surely you meant 2S doubled? :)
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
David - Don't give up on Gavin so easily. I hear through the grapevine that he has some very good teachers these days.

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