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David Genne
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April 25, 2012
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Road to the GNT Final Four Part 1
"A man confronts you, he is the enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy." Also, "Sweep the leg."
Mark Chen's bidding problem: KQJT AKQJ2 A 654
If trumps are 3-2, you have 5 spades, 5 hearts, and the minor aces for 12 tricks. Club hook isn't needed as long as hearts aren't 5-0. Axxx xxx xxxx Kx is another hand needing 3-2 trumps.
Mark Chen's bidding problem: KQJT AKQJ2 A 654
Isn't xxxx xxx xxx AQx a pretty good slam?
Sven Pride's bidding problem: QJ63 3 Q742 Q963
This is a hand where you'd rather be playing takeout doubles by responder. Failing that, you'd like to be playing better-minor Lebensohl. With the actual agreements, I would pass and hope we're pushing +100 v. +110. (Or that partner is short enough in hearts that she decides ...
How do you respond to this question?
"Let's go over the hands after the game."
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: KJT9 JT9873 --- J43
A few points: Having an agreement about Texas in competition is important. As Steve referenced, a common one is "Texas is on if it's a jump." With that agreement in place, your options are: X = negative 3M, natural and forcing 3NT = to play 4C = natural and forcing 4D = 5-5 ...
Transfers over a takeout double
Another advantage to the power redouble over 1M is that you can show a 3-card limit raise by redoubling and then bidding 2M, keeping things a level lower when there are likely bad splits. But I see your point about frequency. I'll have to do a little research on ...
Transfers over a takeout double
Yes, if we're red v. white, 3NT might be better than doubling. But sometimes the colors are reversed. And while +500 isn't as good as +600, sometimes it's 800 v. 600 or even +300 v. -100. Aren't penalties one of the reasons people play intermediate 2 ...
Bridge Lawyers
Obviously the carryover is 12 IMPs. Less obvious: why this wasn't calculated in advance, and included on the bracket sheet that went up on the wall. (a failing of the tournament director, yes, but why didn't YOU know your carryover going into the replay?) If PvC head-to-head was ...
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
> it steals valuable table space from the kids From their cigar trays and highball glasses? > "socialiability is a top selling feature for any participating kid" The time to be social is when you go over the hands after the game. How about a compromise? We'll add a few bids ...

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