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David Genne
David Genne
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April 25, 2012
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Washington Bridge League
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What are your pet peeves?
I don't pass to West, I pass it to whomever is last to bid on the next hand.
What are your pet peeves?
i wanna refill. I wanna eat burnt, dead brownies, beans in my teeth, I wanna refill.. Refill... REFILL!
What's the correct ruling?
Was there an "unmistakable hesitation"? Yes. Was bidding on "demonstrably suggested" by the hesitation? The only thing South could only have been thinking about was going past 6H. Yes. Is pass a "logical alternative"? If it wasn't, North would have been grand over 5NT. So, yes. This is as ...
Multi went for -1100. Worst bid?
Would there be any interest in a Kickstarter campaign, to pay Kit and Michael to play together for a year? :)
Why Marijuana Should Be Legal
Both North and East should be taken out back and shot. ("pour encourager les autres") Replace the lukewarm coffee and Hydrox cookies with Viagra and BitT. Avail yourself of as much MJ as you can until your headache goes away.
Monkeying Around
OK, besides the two names there's Last Train (to Clarksville) and (I'm not your) Stepping Stone. Is the fifth one Going Down?
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: AQ82 87632 --- AQ83
Playing Precision, I use a 2NT rebid to show a good hand with four card support and unspecified shortness. That's what I would bid without interference. After the unusual 1NT, either 3d or 2NT is reasonable.
How do you card this situation?
When following, we typically echo to show 3 (if that is more important than suit preference). Somehow, since I was leading trumps myself, it felt more natural to lead low from three and high from two. But I appear to be in the minority on that!
How do you card this situation?
We're playing a strong club system with a nebulous diamond. Partner was something like xxx Kx QT9x KTxx. He had an awkward bid over 1H, now that we no longer play that either 1S or a takeout double denies 4 spades. We do have a meta-agreement that 2NT in ...
How do you card this situation?
Except when it is, and then I think it should take precedence.

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