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David Gold
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July 17, 2014
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Nabil Edgtton's bidding problem: Ax xxx xxx K9xxx
Martens doubled against us fwiw.
Richie Schwartz, R.I.P.
Richie was great fun to partner, a good, natural and winning player. I know not everyone liked him, but I did, he had a sweet side to him and a twinkle in his eye. I will miss him. RIP Richie
Is this bid forcing or not?
Is this bid forcing or not?
I need to be able to compete on aqxxxx xx xxx xx without p having to find a bid over it!
Is doubling after this (slight) pause Justified?
Me neither, actually 3D wouldnt occur to me.
Alex Hydes's bidding problem: Q AT32 KQJT4 K63
U2 always keep me smiling on a cold and windy night.
What is 4!S?
Not uncommon to play say 4d as big fit for D and 4C (4other minor) as showing double fit. In that context the Frances hand is certainly a 4D bid.
What is 4!S?
Nat NF. Kqt9x x jxxx kxx as an example.
Zia would know what to do
Spades are probably 44 on lead of the 3 and no overcall. I dont see many people playing the ten of clubs from tx so it is probably a true card. If stiff 10 I need Qx heart plus lho would likely be 4441 and mightve intefered with some majors ...
What are the ruling principles here?
Adjust to 7Hdoubled and a procederal penalty to north for blatant use of UI

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