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David Goldfarb
David Goldfarb
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Basic Information

Member Since
Feb. 25, 2012
Last Seen
3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Second place in an A/X Swiss, in a field with multiple Grand Life Masters including Eddie Wold and Shawn Quinn.
Regular Bridge Partners
Harry Elliott, Jon Goldberg, Jim Andre
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
An Unassuming Club
An Unassuming Club
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Jim Andre and David Goldfarb 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Sheila + David
2 over 1
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Copy of Bridge Winners Standard
2 over 1
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Is Anyone Else Confused?
Not quite true. It wasn't a transnational event before 1978.
What do you call a 9-card suit?
I've never held 9-card support for my partner's 4-card 1 opening, but I have held 8-card support for my partner's 5-card 1 overcall.
The Second Overtrick
It's true that leading the Q on the first round loses to KTxx on your left; it's worth mentioning that it also loses to singleton K on your right.
What are your pet peeves?
Another I one I thought of: Sitting NS in a team game with 7-board matches, at the table with 3 boards. Getting through our three boards, and sending them to the other table, getting three back....and then, on getting through those three boards, having to send the caddy to ...
What are your pet peeves?
I once had opponents bid: 1D-1S; 2N-4C; 4S-P Before his opening lead, my partner asked if there were any artificial bids. Declarer replied "No". She got quite flustered at the idea that 4C ace-asking would be considered artificial.
What are your pet peeves?
When I am declaring and dummy plays a card before I call it. I don't care if you hold AK tight or even a singleton, I'm trying to concentrate and I find it distracting.
Daniel Jackson's bidding problem: --- AKQ A32 AKQJT82
I want to see if I can get a 4 control bid out of partner. 3 might sound like a stopper ask now, but hopefully if 4 is natural and forcing now, it still will be if I pull partner's 3N to it.
Phillip Martin's bidding problem: A9652 J83 AQJ6 9
I see no reason not to finish showing my pattern.
More judging!
I'm 110% sure that arithmetic is not my strong suit.
More judging!
I thought that I was right – well I would, wouldn't I? – but I was genuinely surprised at how lopsided the vote has been.

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