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David Goldfarb
David Goldfarb
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Feb. 25, 2012
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9 hours ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Second place in an A/X Swiss, in a field with multiple Grand Life Masters including Eddie Wold and Shawn Quinn.
Regular Bridge Partners
Harry Elliott, Jon Goldberg, Jim Andre
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
An Unassuming Club
An Unassuming Club
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Jim Andre and David Goldfarb 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Sheila + David
2 over 1
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Copy of Bridge Winners Standard
2 over 1
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Harry Elliott and David Goldfarb 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Bidding without Lebensohl
Your daughter is 16? Ugh. I remember her when she was five.
Remembering My Dad
You were born in the convention center where many tournaments were held? No wonder you went on to become a pro player.
UDCA and Smith
At any rate, my main point is that we needed at least one more poll option.
UDCA and Smith
I play UDCA and Smith Echo. I play Smith Echo the way Smith originally suggested: opening leader plays high-low to say that she doesn't want her suit returned (that's upside-down, right?) and third hand plays high-low to say that she has something good in the suit: an honor ...
Evaluate, obligate, partnership
The OP specifies that this was a BBO game, where you alert your own bids and have no knowledge of whether partner has made any alerts or not. So UI considerations do not arise.
Raise to 2NT
I voted for 18-19, but I'd do it with a good 17, and with a good 19 I'd just blast 3N. Incidentally, Kaplan Inversion is now legal in most ACBL competitions, and gets you a few of your 1NT contracts back after 1H-1S; 1N-P.
Raise to 2NT
The "K-S Updated" notes are available not just pretty cheap, but free online at the Bridge World web site:
Modified Vacant Spaces
I'm a little confused by this statement on page 6: [i]You can assume that East holds the ♣3, since if West has that card it won't matter what you do in clubs.[/i] ...haven't we just [i]seen[/i] the 3? We know that East held ...
The Best Bridge Players On Wall Street (as of 2011)
I followed the link, and found that in fact he is on it.
Definition of double, if it is not a support double?
I play a weak NT (12-14, although Joe Quinn thinks my partner and I should announce 11+-14), and one thing I've invented is to use X for 15+ balanced with or without a stop. That frees up 2NT to show a hand that wanted to rebid 3m (16-18 ...

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