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David Goldfarb
David Goldfarb
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Feb. 25, 2012
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Sept. 25
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Second place in an A/X Swiss, in a field with multiple Grand Life Masters including Eddie Wold and Shawn Quinn.
Regular Bridge Partners
Harry Elliott, Jon Goldberg, Jim Andre
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ACBL Ranking
Ruby Life Master
An Unassuming Club
An Unassuming Club
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Jim Andre and David Goldfarb 2/1 card
2 over 1
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Sheila + David
2 over 1
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2 over 1
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Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
Steven Mcgrahan: I've seen a lot of people bid that way, but I am still waiting for one of them to miss a slam.
Weak raise of Doubled Major Alertable?
I have in fact heard people claim that Precision 1M bids are alertable.
Fate has no mercy
I remember once I was in a competitive auction where we were bidding spades and they were bidding hearts. Partner bid 4NT RKC. I responded showing two key cards without the queen. [i]Ah, too bad,[/i] thought partner, [i]We're missing a key and the Q, so slam ...
Fate has no mercy
Law 45.4(b) says, in the latest version of the laws: [i]Declarer may correct an unintended designation of a card from dummy until he next plays a card from either his own hand or from dummy. A change of designation may be allowed after a slip of the ...
Charley James 1952-2017
Ah, I'm sorry to hear that. I remember teaming up with you two a bunch of times back in the '90s. I'll pass this along to Don V.
Easier Source
[i]it isn't likely to matter, but you should win the opening lead with the king of spades, not the queen. This may leave West in doubt as to the location of the queen of spades.[/i] Missing the queen, though, mightn't you try putting in the jack ...
Can the Director do this?
No. Correct procedure here would have been to play the hand out at 5S-X, and adjust the score if N-S still felt damaged, which of course they wouldn't.
Two ACBL Live questions
Kevin: if you're ever at a tournament I'm at, I'll be happy to let you tether to my iPhone. (N.B.: Kevin and I are both in Texas, so this is not an idle offer.)
Let Them Play
If you had opened 1NT, you probably would have played 2H, which isn't terrible. My own preference is for 1NT 12-14, opening 5-card majors freely. This allows for 1NT 100% forcing, because the hands that would have passed 1NT semiforcing are removed from the 1M bid. Things are different ...
ATB/YBTJ - hand from sectional (Matchpoint Pairs)
It's not clear to me that West's X is or should be "100% penalty". West showed about 7-10 with the 1NT call, and East knows from his own hand that West can't have a trump stack. The X should indicate a maximum 1NT bid; defending the 8-card ...

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