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Upside upside down
I would call always an overbid. Playing the J from Jxx can make declarer’s life a lot easier on a lot of deals when dummy has QTx (or declarer the T), he isn’t always swimming in hand entries and can blow tricks when dummy has 4 with the ...
What's this X? (I believe I know the answer, but conflicting claims have been made).
There’s no need for X to be t/o, even if you don’t have a way to show a t/o X with no spades on the first round (eg. 1S denies spades). If the hand has decided it wants to bid now, but not the first time ...
Play 1NT
Duck. If W continues hearts, win the K, play S to J, S to K, S to T, AS, AH, pass DT. If west shifts, expect H 5-1 and the shift to help me. If E overtakes, can win trick 1, but I don’t expect this.
BOD Restructure Vote
The other members age with you Art, I think you’re about 9-10 years out from the average age at this point.
Josh is leaving out imo a crucial piece of information by not revealing who his partner who made the bid was.
Ok. A stupid question on a Wednesday evening.
The truly worst I have ever seen was this suit combination: ....... K97x QJT8x xxx ....... A I led the Q against 1NT. it went king-low-ace and declarer, vaguely realizing something wasn’t quite right said something about always having to cover an honor with an honor. I got in, led the ...
Bidding philosophy
The scoring doesn’t matter. Preempting after they’ve found their fit with crappy suits and defensive tricks is losing strategy. Different when you get to open the bidding.
Bidding philosophy
1S. You have some offence if you catch a fit, but the suit is awful. You aren’t going to stop them from bidding 4H if they want to and they aren’t going to bid 6 (ok, some rare days partner pushes them there), so this is just about ...
Assess the Regional Swiss blame
I like 3D. Four-loser hand, 2 honors in partner’s suit, fantastic diamonds and I know damned well if partner passes down comes a stiff heart and we belonged either in 5D or 4S.
I forgot. Is there any chance to recover?
The 4H bid wakes you up, and passing 4H with a singleton is ridiculous, so bidding is clear. Surviving whatever you choose to do is another matter.
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