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Trivial - NO, something worse than trivial
It says the lowest card. Stiff ace can count one and still be the lowest card, while the 2 is the lowest card in A2.
Expected shapes?
Opener has 6+S & 4 diamonds. Responder could have just about anything, but is offering a signoff.
How to play 6!H and win or lose the Bermuda Bowl
Doesn’t west have no choice from KJx when low to the T is a winner vs cashing the ace?
Duck or fly?
You’re just down to AK 5th of clubs and D void - it’s just one less down by hopping Q, which suggests taking best play to make. (ok, you can squeeze one hand: QJT87 QJT - AKxxx. If you passed 1N then led a low club from that, I’ll ...
Duck or fly?
I would phrase it as holdings where west might lead the club 4 instead of would. How would we know what this west would do? Do remember that every holding with an H in them counts twice as those that don’t. JT9xx also doesn’t matter for those who ...
Would you let 7!H stand?
for #4, could be either after the fact, or the UI has them thinking about how to justify using it before they make their bid (like the 7H call), which, as Michael Rosenberg has suggested, is using the UI.
Fascinating Drop vs Finesse decision from Wuhan
Someone is intentionally hiding the SK. The CQ is almost surely with east, unless it’s Qx with west. The tempo of the bidding over 5H is worth considering here, but we don’t have that. The partnership style for the 4S bid is also relevant, also unknown. If east ...
For Frank Stewart
It’s not just Boston. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone’s come at me the wrong way, all over north America. Bicyclists are the worst offenders though, which is still dangerous enough to a pedestrian.
D22 Orange Co Regional Review
The problem is that 50% of the teams field goes home if they don’t feel comfortable in their brackets. It’s happening everywhere, not just with the mistake of overlapping a 2-day event with the naop qualifier (Which compounded it). The acbl has done so much to encourage that ...
Keycard response with ten trump
It’s still an error, partner will always cooperate with 3 (or 4) keycards. Kickback admittedly makes this easier though.
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