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David Grainger
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Aug. 17, 2015
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Defensive Problem
So you figured out partner wouldn’t open 4C with 3217 and would play a lower diamond with 3208, now figure out a way to beat the hand with what’s left. (Like Dave above I am avoiding posting the answer).
Ben Fisk's bidding problem: KQ7 KQT QT9765 8
Only if you can call the spot.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AJ863 A43 76 QJ6
Prefer 2S over 2H. Leaves partner more room to pattern out and doesn’t bid a club suit I don’t have. at this point 3N seems like enough. Give partner 6 solid diamonds and KQJ 4th of hearts and slam has no play. If partner has a 3 loser ...
Rescue 3N after misguess
It looks like west is 4531. I only have one entry to lead up to the clubs if east has the ace of clubs, so I guess I play west for it.
Kayden Ge's bidding problem: T2 A AKJ9832 K86
It would be nice to double saying it’s our hand, but partner is too likely to pass with something like xxxH. I want to find out if partner has either long C or a diamond fit. 4H should accomplish that. Going to drive to slam. Axx xx xx AQxxx ...
Plan the Play in 4H
going to play the Q. Assuming it loses they’ll probably shift to a red suit.
Cornelius Duffie's bidding problem: --- KT543 QJ98632 9
The raise to only 3S makes it very likely partner has a double and bid clubs hand. He’s also going to take a rosy view of say 4 spades, thinking you’re short and may well have a club fit if you don’t convince them you have a ...
ACBL - Time to add new GLM Ranks?
Meckstroth isn’t too far off.
Plan the Play in 4H
What does south play to trick one? If south produces the SK, I would probably take a club hook. If not, ace and a club. I’m worried if I play a heart to the Q I may either struggle to deal with the H9 if north has it, or ...
Stella Wan's bidding problem: AKQJT8 J8 K3 J73
Knowing your opponents tendencies is a valuable tool, but when you keep the information out of the problem it becomes a different problem.
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