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David Grainger
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Aug. 17, 2015
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4th seat opener will often pass 1S with 3, with that and frequent raising on 3, I wouldn’t expect to catch them. The spots are terrible and you are too flat to elope trumps, pass before things get worse.
USBF Invitational 1: My adventures on BBO part 2
The last time I saw this double from Zach it was Kxx.
Record trump support; Partnership agreement
My partner overcalled 1S once and I held 8. They weren’t as good as this. I also opened 3S once and my partner held AKQTxx. So it depends on context.
Has it happened to you ever?
Not my partnership playing it at both tables, but I remember once my teammates came back and apologized for going down many in 3N after a hyperagressive preempt. My reply was It’s ok, I made it. Doubled.
Your rarest distribution
I’ve held three 10 card suits, two of those were 10-3-0-0. One was hand dealt, the other computer generated.
Charlie Chen's bidding problem: Q8 AKJ4 5 AQT876
Awkward hand, but 3C is not forcing.
Matchgame:Leading from H98x vs. NT
The 2 or the 9 depending on partnership agreement. I think the 9 is superior, although maybe harder if you play rusinow.
An Amusing Matchpoint Result from Monaco
I have a very similar one to this probably about as long ago: My teammates came back once with massive excitement having defended a psych of 1NTXed, down 7, nvul for 1700. They read it out with such excitement. The lose 12 vs 7N making had not occurred to them ...
An Amusing Matchpoint Result from Monaco
I remember once a pair telling me about a redoubled 3-3 fit they played and made in 4S at matchpoints in the first day of a national pair game. They were ribbing each other about it, but one comment made was ‘the one thing i know is it won’t ...
Marley Cedrone's bidding problem: AJ97654 --- --- AJ7632
Not really, there are plenty of options for showing 2 suits here.
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