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Truly trivial
Kit, They also may be less likely to double you not holding any start cards, hence not knowing how the play will start. Especially holding a deuce.
Truly trivial
We usually play aces low in barbu fantan so that the type of hand you’d like for a low fantan is a little different from the negative games. If aces are low, you call the ace and get the clubs going, maybe even winning. If they’re high, you ...
What is standard lead from this holding?
In ‘standard’, you lead the K if you want an attitude signal, and the Q if you want partner to toss the J. That would make it normal to lead the K unless you either a) know you want precisely two tricks or b) know that neither opponent holds more ...
What is the meaning of this double?
I think it suggests opening+, 4D, 4+C and either 2245 or shortness in one of the majors. x Axx KQxx KQxxx or Axx x KQxx KQxxx both seem perfectly fine. The hands with 5D would overcall 1D.
"You got it wrong."
Pretty damned good fantan/dominos hand too.
"You got it wrong."
Patterning out works better in constructive auctions. Opening your minor then bidding 4S over their 4H makes your life a lot easier in competitive auctions. Opening weak 5-6s with strong 5 card suits 1M because you can’t commit to reversing is fine. Doing it with 5-8 is Silly.
"You got it wrong."
I remember two hall of famers bidding xxxxx A - AKQJxxx opp AQx KQx AKQJxxx - to 6S-2 against me after opening the first hand 1S. Bid your long suits.
"You got it wrong."
I heard the other table was in 6HX, didn’t you win imps?
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
Who said the auction at the other table was sensible? seems to be plenty of room and lack of voids for blackwood...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
The 4S bid was clearly an attempt to avoid accident after UI. The director was lazy, and the comment shows a lack of understanding. There is no real way the result would be materially different (could be 5S making if you make them trot out blackwood). Should there be a ...
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