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Play 6NT
Cash 2 hearts then 5 clubs. If E keeps 4 spades, D finesse, AD, KS, duck spade. If E keeps 3 spades, KS, duck spade and long spade is good.
Poker anyone?
I had 4 aces in 7N once. I know I’ve seen other 4 of a kinds. 4 of the same card on a trick is much rarer - I’ve never seen it in bridge and it’s very difficult to achieve.
Improve my analysis!
This is of course possible, but the chances of partner having the three heart honors and declarer the three spade honors, combined with the only shape where he has 5 diamonds so the diamond lead is clear and wont ask for a shift are so improbable, I would call the ...
Improve my analysis!
Diamond feels right, but only if partner is up to spade shift from Qx(x) when declarer ducks, otherwise I think a spade is right. He probably won’t find the shift if he has Jxxx in hearts, but might if the SQ is his only card. (heart is ok ...
Save Bundy's Sanity
Unfortunately, most people find the rules of bridge too complicated and choose to not learn them. Hence what Nicolas is referring to below flight A. In flight A, more understand them (but not all), but some will do anything they feel will give them an advantage (ie lie). Recorder forms ...
Special Bridge Rate
Prepaying is committal and you also lose whatever hotel points/nights you would gain, so there is a cost associated. That said, I have prepaid $70-$90/night less several times this year, and have seen $50-60 less walk in rates where you can still collect your points several times ...
Special Bridge Rate
This has been pretty normal outside of a handful of districts (most notably 21) for years. But yes, as noted, the acbl is only directly responsible for the rates at nabc’s, they treat the districts or units as separate organizations so they don’t take the hits when they ...
Make the Overtrick
DA, unblock clubs, cash 3 spades pitching H6. Come to DQ and finish the clubs. If south has the SJ, cash the HA to squeeze in pointeds, if north has, finish the diamonds and play the ace of hearts if each started with a Jxxx. Will make whenever the lead ...
New bronze medalists from Opatija
The word president is potentially objectionable.
Placing a whole heap of bidding cards on the table.
Yes, it’s been published for a long time, but with solid 643 shape, or else lho wont have a lock defending the 7 bagger.
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