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Opinion on a director's ruling.
While I agree the bidding is bizzarre, it’s unusual for foreign players to know this one situation is the only alertable natural call in the ACBL. most north americans don’t even know it’s alertable in my experience. Forgetting to alert it is far more frequent than forgetting ...
Handicapped Regional Knockout Rules
The conditions almost surely specified the KO could be handicapped. Generally, any ACBL KO with two or fewer brackets can be handicapped (depending on the MP spread within the brackets). It just may not have been well advertised. The amount of handicap is up to the disctrict, and should be ...
Cashout Situation?
Ostensibly count, but as declarer could be 1732, you don’t want partner to think he could hold only one diamond if that’s the case, so it’s reasonable to falsecard with the J (you know you dn’t have the CK, with it true count becomes clear).
Snowball in Hell
Just the last time I played opps bid 6N that after the first two finesses won, they needed 3 tricks frm Txx opp AKxx with no loser (their suits were so tangled they had no squeeze chances of any kind). I held QJ doubleton, but that’s nearly 1%. Some ...
Calling All Legal Beagles
That’s odd, I remember ACBL players getting punished in wbf events for asking the question by the revoke becoming immediately established. (unless it’s since changed, the laws/rules do change frequently).
Calling All Legal Beagles
I don’t think it’s part of the laws, it’s illegal outside of the ACBL. It must be part of the ACBL specific rules or conditions, but I have no clue what is limited about it.
Ethics of Taking Advantage of Hitches
So with Hx, given you have nine tricks to think about it, you do and are ready to play low. But with xx, when the moment comes, you don’t start to think about it until trick 10 comes and then pause. There should be no problem with either holding ...
Ethics of Taking Advantage of Hitches
It’s always better to play low to J, it’s not about trying to cause a director problem. Perhaps your inferential count is wrong and west has KQx, maybe you can make life harder on the opps or just keep your open. Causing problems with the cardplay for the ...
Fewest HCP for game bid and made?
The best hand my opponent ever held vs a slam was Qx AQx Axxx AKQJ. 6S merely required 2-1 spades and a ruffing finesse in diamonds. For the record, he passed throughout save doubling a club cuebid.
My apologies then. I see it now, although it doesn’t stand out very well, and I find it interesting that it generated no response.
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