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Who Can Make What
Actually, you can construct hands where either they make 6D (unlikely, but if it exists, the S void may bid it) or you go -3 (actually quite likely, partner by no means had to have a singleton) in 5S while they make 5D and now pass is actually the winning ...
An Unusual Revoke
The hand can't be made without the revoke and the suggested line following it, so down 1 seems appropriate. (taking the SK establishes a winner for west, not taking it abandons it, declarer needed to lead a club earlier in the play). The declarer should clearly be aware of ...
Unauthorized information or cheating or ethical?
Asking about leads and carding in general is fine and normal. Trying to deceive by askng about specific cards that you hold, or to put ideas into someone's head by suggesting something specific is not right. Note that if the declarer asks what your leads and carding are be ...
restricted choice : help needef
If there's a false card on this suit combination, the other player would not have a small card to produce when you lead back up towards the 8, therefore those are not considered, otherwise it would be so overwehlmingly not to finesse it wouldn't even be worth discussing ...
What is equality on this hand?
They need to weight these heavily in favour of the non-offending side. I have seen a suspiciously higher frequency of revokes that later gain tricks since the rules became about restoring equity and no penalty, which makes me think people are trying to get away with them, as here where ...
Two questions: one on ethics, one on search of website
I don't see why knowing what's going on for the opponents should be taken as a problem. As long as he doesn't put ideas in the opponents heads with a question like "Is that penalty?"
6. S AQT T98765432 2 - W KJ98765432 AK A - E may have the rest of the high cards.
Life master pairs - bummed that I can't play
There's an open pair game opposite the platinum pairs, and the requirement there has a little meaning, so it's ok there, but it's really having the imp pairs opposite it that strengthens the field. The requirement on the LM pairs means very little to the field. Blue ...
Should there be a score adjustment?
True. In fact, the only thing it seems comsistent with is expecting just hearts and having had a look at the east hand. The whole thing seems very sketchy to me. Note that also the convention as described seems both unplayable and illegal.
Should there be a score adjustment?
Norths pass is completely inconsistent with his explanation. He knew his partner had just hearts, else he would raise or bid spades, unless he learned to play yesterday. It reminds me of the people who play transfers vs 1N and know their partner will forget, so they can alert a ...
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