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David Grainger
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Aug. 17, 2015
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May 19
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Andy Stark's lead problem: 5 K83 832 986532
If partner had passed as dealer, I might lead a heart, but here partner could have enough hcp to open the bidding with some spade length to not enter the auction and not call for such aggressiveness. I would lead my systemic count club spot (the 6 playing 3/5th ...
Debbie Rosenberg's lead problem: 94 743 JT2 T9742
At imps, the DJ is your only chance. Passed hand partner taking 4 tricks with trumps splitting; you’re going to need the miracle 3 diamond trick layout, as well as their having another A or well placed king. At MP, the DJ is aggressive, the CT is passive; either ...
Thanks to Jay Whipple
The random unbookable night(s) show up months in advance of all sorts of tournaments all the time, as early as the day after a room block has gone on sale. I’ve heard many complaining about memphis rooms being unavailable. One problem in the past (at least) is many ...
1NT announcement when you upgrade for length?
People need to learn eventually that ATx Kx AKT9x Txx is a better hand than QJ AQJ QJxx Qxxx, but far too many people call the first one 14, the second 15, open 1N on the second and whine when somone else opens on the first. Then everything the powers ...
Trick one play
1 Also caters to stiff HJ with DA on other side. 3 is a clearly inferior at imps though.
He can tank about dummy’s play so it’s clear what he’s thinking about, not his own with nothing in the suit.
The advice I gave my kids
I would bid 2C over X with the east hand having no illusions of the bidding coming back to me at the 2 level in reality. 4S over XX seems clear, actually less clear over 2C because now west almost surely has no more than one diamond. Over XX, you ...
Kobayashi Maru
Everyone knows Kirk played Fizbin. It suited his talents.
the wait is over
This is why people psych suits of a lower rank than theirs, like the 3D bid above. Attempting such with clubs is rather dangerous.
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
I saw a team get downgraded without being consulted in a bracketed swiss (and that had no business being downgraded whatsoever) that made both them and the second bracket rather unhappy.
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