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David Hankins
David Hankins
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March 7, 2014
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about me

Occasionally, I follow suit.  Mostly I bid when it's my turn.

United States of America

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Silver Life Master
The Dellster
2/1 GF Hardy Style
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Jeff Ford's bidding problem: J42 95 Q AK97432
Agreed. And with AK of clubs, I offer defense if pard doubles some subsequent auction on their part - holding AK of clubs, I'm certainly going to pass.
David Hankins's bidding problem: Qx ATxxxxx xx xx
Very well - but why bitch about the posed problem? Fill in the spots to your liking - and then suggest an action based on the supplied spots. Instead, you've insulted me and supplied zero value to the discussion. Good job. ======= To carry the above commentary on - I presume this isn ...
David Hankins's bidding problem: xx Axxxx Kx Kxxx
Strange.... The results above suggest that pass is best with this hand, moreso than opening with the hand linked here: The hand posited in this problem is a 10hcp, 7-loser hand, with 2 quick tricks. While the hand posited in the alternative hand, is ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: J42 95 Q AK97432
Hmm. I find myself in agreement with your actions on most hands. Here though... I think that a jump to 3C is a preempt. A preempt is a preempt is a preempt - meaninging, "pard, I've got a bunch of offense, but little to no defense." AK-7th of clubs does ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: J42 95 Q AK97432
My partner bid 2C because he thought that his hand was too good for 3C - I think I agree with his thinking. On the night, my RHO made a really risky negative double. I held 11 or so HCP, with a nice 5-card heart suit headed by the AKJ so ...
David Hankins's lead problem: KJT QJ8 Q8 QJ872
Although 4th best club seems to be most popular, at matchpoints, I think that, at matchpoints, your primary aim is to not give away tricks - defeating the contract is secondary. On the auction, assuming that the opponents have around 26-or-so HCP for their 3NT contract, partner cannot have much at ...
David Hankins's bidding problem: Qx ATxxxxx xx xx
This was my hand - at the table, they actually opened an intermediate 12-15 NT. Of course I passed, but, had they opened a strong NT, I'd have come in with 2H. I changed the auction to show a strong 1NT opener as there was a diverse set of opinions ...
David Hankins's bidding problem: xx Axxxx Kx Kxxx
Yup - just trying to gauge whether or not this qualifies as an opener among good 2/1 players. Assuming you've agreed to open light, I like opening with this hand. Personally, I'm more conservative, and would pass holding this hand. By way of contrast is this: http://bridgewinners ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: T Q932 Q742 9853
Pard took the plunge and bid 3C (Stayman). After my 3D response, he bid 3NT - down 1 on mis-defense. I think I like pard's bid - if declarer holds 4H you want to be in game for sure, and on some layouts, 3NT makes when pard doesn't hold 4H ...
David Hankins's bidding problem: KTxx xx AJx AQxx
The system my partner and I are playing is Hardy 2/1. In this system, 1D is bid only if not holding a 4-card major or unless strong enough to game force (or occasionally with extreme distribution). Additionally, 1C-1NT promises 8-10 HCP (I should have mentioned this in the initial ...

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