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Aug. 13, 2013
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As many tricks in NT
"You know there’ll be some pairs playing this in 4♥ (it was a regional Pairs event)" Are you suggesting only weak players look for a 5-3 heart fit with the north hand?
Director Ruling: First ever situation
Yes the claim is the equivalent of playing the space ace but that doesn't establish the revoke, the *offending side* has to play for that to happen.
Director Ruling: First ever situation
Turning the cards over is not relevant and doesn't establish the revoke, not until the offending side plays to the next trick.
Life Master Pairs Mess
The COC makes it clear the deadline is 30 minutes. Has there been any explanation as to why it went longer? Did a director invoke the "unusual circumstances" clause and extend it? Why?
Golden Rules
It certainly implies it is not correct to say the result was decided by an appeal.
Golden Rules
ACBL Facebook page says there was no appeal. "NABC RESULTS CORRECTION: Winners of the von Zedtwitz Life Master Pairs: Vince DeMuy and Brad Moss. Moss and DeMuy won the event, lost it and won it again as scoring corrections were reported after the results came out. At the time the ...
Restricted Choice - or not?
Of course he's not an expert, he's presumably a local player who thinks playing the K from KQ is deceptive and playing the queen is not so he always plays the K.
Foolish or Brilliant?
Just curious has East spoken about the hand? Do we know if these thoughts were all going through his mind at trick one. As has been pointed out, if you are going to duck it needs to be done fast so sometimes you just have a feeling it might work ...
Foolish or Brilliant?
Like Eric said. There are a lot of times where the defense knows declarer's shape, for example on a puppet stayman auction we may know declarer has a 4-4 fit. We could agree to play standard carding if the trump are 3-2 and upside down if they are not ...
Foolish or Brilliant?
Is this legal?
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