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Aug. 13, 2013
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June 21
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The Law: Declarer's Exposed Card
I find very few players know that the rules for what is a played card are different for declarer and for defender. I had a player in a national event in Philly insist I had to play a card because he had seen it. I had detached the card from ...
Straw Man; BW June Editorial
I expect so although I would be hard pressed to rule in favor of defenders claiming they were damaged by an alert of a bid when they never asked for nor were given any explanation. "I assumed his bid did not mean X because X is not alertable but I ...
Nickell vs. Lall - Last Board
this is a bit silly, there is noone in the world who would lead the 7 from JT97
Nickell vs. Lall - Last Board
thanks for looking that up.
Nickell vs. Lall - Last Board
I hope Bart will post a similar article about the 7S hand late in the match, I believe a trump lead killed the chances of making 13 tricks by ruffing 3 clubs. The vugraph commentators were convinced declarer (Rodwell I think) messed it up at trick 1, winning in the ...
Penalty, takeout or cards?
I have never ever had an opponent make a 4 level overcall over my 1nt opener so I'm not going to lose too much sleep about this one.
BBO ACBL games need to mix it up a bit.
Between the robot games and the acbl sanctioned games by my rough calculation BBO is making a fortune with almost no margainal expenses
Mastering the Robots
Well they have daily robot tourneys that are $0.25 each and in total they have more than 4000 people every day so that's more than $300 grand a year they are bringing in having nothing to do with the ACBL.
Mastering the Robots
Based on the number of robot tournaments BBO must be raking in a small fortune, would it be too much to ask them to invest some of this in improving the bots?
Mastering the Robots
No I believe Eric is right, the bots always seem to throw their equivalent cards top down.
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