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Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
The first time a director at our club with more experience than me ran the 9.5 table movement with only 27 boards in play my mind was blown. At our recent Buffalo regional the directors ran web movements in the pair games, typically two sections of about 15 tables ...
San Diego Motions
I'm understand that I'm thinking more about discussing hands at the table. Conversations that start with "did you play board x yet" are awfully common.
San Diego Motions
Unfortunate since I already made plans to play the the NAOP then the IMP pairs Friday-Saturday and fly home Sunday!
San Diego Motions
That one jumped out at me too, it really seems over the top. We are never supposed to discuss a hand with opponents when we know already that all four of us have played it?? This happens all the time.
Second Hand High- make it difficult for the defense.
I found it somewhat remarkable that such a simple play which makes it much much harder to defend accurately was missed by the vast majority of declarers in what should be a decent field (separate gold-rush game was going on). Yes there is a theoretical loss of one trick if ...
Second Hand High- make it difficult for the defense.
Lol good point. So hypothetical problem for east without the nine...
Splitting honors: which honor to play?
Can someone give an example where you have a sequence of honors which you are splitting, declarer is covering with an honor of his own,and you want partner to duck and successfully tell him to do so by your choice of honor?
Splitting honors: which honor to play?
This is related to the JT9 vs. QJ comment above. When declarer leads toward, for example KQT in dummy it might be routine for 4th hand to duck the Ace giving declarer a losing option. I wonder though how often in expert play when declarer leads off dummy with only ...
Just how bad can a BBO bot be?
Isn't there a computer world championship every year? And doesn't GIB never win? Why doesn't BBO just contract with a better robot?
The Language of Bridge by Kit Woolsey
I had a partner once who calculated out that the number of possible auctions in bridge far exceeds the number of possible hands so I don't see why it's so difficult to find the right contract!
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