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David J Waterman
David J Waterman
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April 3, 2014
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I am the Canadian David Waterman on this site!


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Playing with Adrian Hicks
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Come On ACBL/OnPeak, It's Just Not That Hard! (NABC Hotel Gripe)
I never travel to tournaments so this does not affect me. However, I think the criticism of the ACBL is unfair. This tournament is being held in peak tourist season in a beautiful city. Bridge players have nothing to offer hotels other than the nightly rate. The hotels can easily ...
Bridge Playing Royalty
Ian Macleod, a contemporary of Terrence Reese, was a Cabinet Minister in the UK government - he may well have become Prime Minister if he hadn't died young. He was a world-class Bridge player until he gave it up to enter politics.
Should The Pass be Disallowed after the Pause
But if 5H is an "accept" and showing Aces along the way, how is it possible for North to be signing off?? He can't possibly be requiring THREE aces. If the explanation of the auction is correct, than 5NT makes no sense.
Never a Senior
Hi Rich - I am in the same boat as you - born in 1959. I think you are correct - we will have to be very old before being eligible for senior events. I think the ACBL should simply designate seniors,as of Jan 1 20120, as those who are 80 year ...
Permissible enquiry?
Michael says in part "...that it's not fair to withhold this information from a declarer who asks." If you think this information should be disclosed, then you should not be waiting for declarer to ask. You should be proactively disclosing the information. If you have a long term partner ...
Permissible enquiry?
I do not think the question is permissible, because it is not asking about a partnership AGREEMENT. If we can ask about style, can you ask about competence? Is the opponent, in his partner 's experience, capable of making certain plays? Or can we ask whether an opponent is likely ...
A contemporary political event
That's funny. I imagine the match will not attract the usual media attention(!) given the other small event that will be going on.
How Not To Fill Out a Convention Card Part 1
As has been suggested by many others, I think here I MUST pass - that is what I would do without the UI, and nothing else is possible. The problem is going to be the next round - it is quite likely partner will double or bid 4NT, and I am going ...
What has partner got?
Since I could have a 4 count, nothing other than "partner forgot" makes sense. And of course this is not UI; it is bridge logic. So if we end up with a good result, no adjustment.
Playing up in KO's - what am I missing?
There is no solution to this problem. The bracketing is based on master points, and of course master points do not reflect skill. There is nothing wrong with that, of course - master points were designed to be a marketing tool, a way to encourage tournament participation without having to spend ...

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