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David Jackson
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Sept. 15, 2011
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Senior Player from Ireland. NPC of Irish Open team 2005-2012. Author with Ron Klinger of 'Better Balanced Bidding: The Banzai Method' which advocates a 54321 point count for the honours when you hold a balanced hand.

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Jan Kamras elected EBL President
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
For some examples, to say that the errors relative to reality from a DD analysis of thousands of hands either in favour of or against the declarer roughly cancel each other MAY be approximately true. So in those cases, fortuitously, the results may be similar to reality. For example, how ...
Simulation: Richard Pavlicek
Averages are tricky to work with. To say as others in this thread have said that a DD simulation sometimes favours declarer and sometimes favours the defenders BUT on average the errors balance each other out and the results reflect the reality is an untrue and childlike statement to make ...
Eric Murray 1928-2018
I met Eric at the 1980 Olympiad in Valkenburg and we had a couple of meals together. We walked to a nearby stadium where Ice Hockey was played and although there was no game scheduled we went inside and looked it over. He told me had played Ice Hockey in ...
Selection Problems
Such a rule or judgement call by the SC that a temporary sub would not be likely to improve the team seems common sense to me but that is not a commodity which International Selection committees seem to posses in large quantities. I assume that there have been examples in ...
Selection Problems
A temporary substitute should not be of a standard better than the player being replaced. This judgement is made by those authorised to allow the temporary substitution and they have every right to err on the side of caution. However, having made that judgement, it should not be reassessed given ...
A recent simulation analysis from R. Pavlicek
Averages can be misleading quantities to work with. Assuming that because both Declarer and Defenders play DD that these two unrealistic assumptions will always roughly cancel each other out in the long run is wrong. Consider two 4/3/3/3 hands with no 4/4 fit which contain all ...
A recent simulation analysis from R. Pavlicek
A recent simulation analysis from R. Pavlicek
Rainer Hermann says 'However, over many random deals the average double dummy result will come very close to the average actual table result for most contracts.' And where did Rainer find that piece of information? With generalisations like that 'Fake news' seems almost trustworthy. DD results mean exactly what they ...
A recent simulation analysis from R. Pavlicek
I am in the camp that is very dubious of this type of DD simulation. What does it mean that say 92% of 1000 hands make when declarer is always assumed to finesse a queen the right way and drop singleton honours and defenders always lead the right suit and ...

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