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David Jackson
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Sept. 15, 2011
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Senior Player from Ireland. NPC of Irish Open team 2005-2012. Author with Ron Klinger of 'Better Balanced Bidding: The Banzai Method' which advocates a 54321 point count for the honours when you hold a balanced hand.

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EBL Ruling on Disqualified Teams/Pairs
Not correct Nedju. 'Historic' cheating can be detected now in much the same way as an old murder case can be solved, because the DNA from way back can only now be properly analysed. What might have appeared inconclusive evidence 6-10 years ago - getting singleton/doubleton ruffing situations right - hitting ...
EBL Ruling on Disqualified Teams/Pairs
That clarification has been on the EBL site for a couple of weeks. The issue is 'Will there be any historic disqualifications if the powers that be insist on video evidence when there is none?' When the current appeals etc are over (if ever?) can we expect a deluge of ...
EBL Ruling on Disqualified Teams/Pairs
I hope the phrase 'all EBL events' means what is says.So if evidence emerges of historic cheating, from however far back, and/or a pair/team is disqualified for any other reason then this rule is not limited to 'as of, and including, Opatija 2014'. Is that so Jan?
EBL Convicts Fantoni-Nunes
Of course there is evidence from way back even if it is not video evidence. Statistical evidence is abundant. When players who have been found to be cheating NOW are shown to have as good if not even better results (Titles,Results, Butlers) in previous years, then either you assume ...
Why is this 3NT not a Big Favourite to make?
Nicely rearranged Joshua to make 3NT a favourite. Certainly with two balanced hands if you always bid 3NT with 4 Aces 2 Kings and Two Queens and nothing else that could be considered as even 1/2 a point then you will hope for this layout but the other, I ...
Why is this 3NT not a Big Favourite to make?
Hi Patrick. Yes with x x x x, K x, A Q x, A x x x opposite A x x x, A Q x, K x, x x x x 3NT would certainly be odds on to make with the two 4/4 fits. Unfortunately I would probably be ...
Why is this 3NT not a Big Favourite to make?
The majority of the Bridge World thinks the 90 year old 4321 valuation method of Milton Work undervalues Aces and Kings even in Balanced hands so don't get me going on the KS evaluator. I have just reviewed a book that basically suggests 41/2, 3, 2, 1 for ...
Why is this 3NT not a Big Favourite to make?
'As every book CORRECTLY says, 25-26 points only guaranties a reasonable play for a game, not a sure thing. The value of point count is that it simplifies all auctions and the curse of point count is that we still miss good games all too often by undervaluing the features ...
Why is this 3NT not a Big Favourite to make?
Getting a few different reasons. Poor mesh is a new one. Poor interiors was another. Just have to accept it was another and anything else is 'resulting'. I certainly don't think the reason these cards have so little play for 3NT is any of these but I am just ...
Why is this 3NT not a Big Favourite to make?
As I mentioned in a reply to another comment. I don't think the lack of interiors is the reason these hands don't play well for nine tricks. I am just asking why others think it is so. I haven't said why I had think it is so.

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