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David Kent
David Kent
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April 4, 2011
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Nov. 4, 2016
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Bridge Player

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Gold Life Master
2/1 with weak NT (upgrade often) - 1 level openers are solid in all positions
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Scoring errors
That should be "five golden touques, four pounds of back bacon...".
Starting Times and Playing Schedules
I think it is just enough time for "One bourbon, one Scotch and one beer".
Pollack and Fergani Win Wernher Pairs
John Moschella's bidding problem: AKTxx AJTxx xx x
I have heard they pay a bonus for bidding and making a slam.
XYZ by passed hand?
I play that xyz is on by a passed hand. The difference is that 2D is invitational with 4+ of opener's minor while 2C shows fewer than 4 card support.
second fun deal from common game
Is there some reason that north failed to make a standard Brad Moss takeout double.
Play Problem from 2016 Canadian Senior Team Championship in Toronto
Doesn't SDAM? I read it on the internet, so it must be true.
Forcing or Not
I play 2D as a game force (or forcing to 4m), so this is clearly forcing.
Agreement Disruption at the club
Probably. It is not clear (at least to me) to lead a heart from the South hand.
Who owns this disaster?
North is definitely at fault for opening with 14 cards. South does not know that they both own the 10 so he is blameless.

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