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David Levin
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May 13, 2015
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about me

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina (US) and work as a freelance editor of nonfiction. The latter was preceded by two lengthy stints as a systems engineer in the telecom industry. I have written and self-published several books and ebooks (one on bridge, the remainder on chess) and have recorded several digital audio tracks. I last played bridge in 2007.

Effective October 29, 2016, I will try to consistently use the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hen," which means "he or she" or "him or her," and the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hens," which means "his or her" or "his or hers."

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What went wrong here?
Regarding (a), East might well have Q10xx.
Considing Otpions When Leading Against A Grand Slam.
Public Service Announcement The "code" tag (enclosed in square brackets) causes comment text to be rendered in a fixed-width font, which is handy for depicting deals. An example follows. [code] x Q KQx --- KQ Jxx --- K J9x x --- --- Axx --- x x [/code] To reinstate the default font (such as for ...
Considing Otpions When Leading Against A Grand Slam.
According to the vugraph record, the bidding diagram contains an error: South doubled 3 instead of passing.
Another Dream About The NABC
I'd have thought that "time to go to bed" was defined by when the bridge session happened to end.
Computer Bridge: Opening-lead Inferences versus NT II
[i]The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge[/i] (6th Edition), on page 328, gives 10 from Q109x or A109x, which seemed to also imply 10 from K109x. I didn't think much about the leads given, since I was using them only as an example. But my guess is that the ...
PtP in 5 Diamonds
Leading a spade for a heart discard (not a ruff) at Trick 2 and an eventual double squeeze caters to West's starting with six hearts. If East were to in effect discourage clubs at Trick 1, this line seems worth taking if Declarer considers the parlay of (1) a ...
PtP in 5 Diamonds
Declarer's choice at Trick 2 could consider East's card at Trick 1. If it's a high spade (say, the jack) and it suggests suit preference for hearts, then lead a middle spade at Trick 2 and pitch the 10. But if East plays a middle or low ...
2!C openers on BBO
The GIB system notes at don't seem to specify responses to or continuations after a 2 opener, which creates a bit of a quandary.
PtP in 5 Diamonds
Another possibly cute line is A, 8 (discarding the 10). If West fails to ruff this trick and does not or can not overtake if East continues with a heart honor, I can arrange to ruff the second round of hearts, draw trump (hoping they're not 0=5), and ...
The fortunes and misfortunes of my first teams tournament
On Trick 1 of the first deal (page 2), I'd have expected East to play the king if dealt KJx.
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