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David Levin
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May 13, 2015
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about me

I live in the mountains of western North Carolina (US) and work as a freelance editor of nonfiction. The latter was preceded by two lengthy stints as a systems engineer in the telecom industry. I have written and self-published several books and ebooks (one on bridge, the remainder on chess) and have recorded several digital audio tracks. I last played bridge in 2007.

Effective October 29, 2016, I will try to consistently use the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hen," which means "he or she" or "him or her," and the gender-neutral Swedish pronoun "hens," which means "his or her" or "his or hers."

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A junior defense
"(Why would they play partner for club length holding if they have 5 clubs in their hand?)" If a defender has a stiff club and Declarer loses the finesse, doing so on the first round denies that defender the chance to discard, and the winning shift might well be less ...
A junior defense
Would you tell us the card played by Declarer at Trick 2 (in each deal).
Black-suit queens
Andy, since East can likely see that Declarer can infer the red-suit distribution, I'm not sure why East wouldn't instead discard a diamond--a card "known" to be held. I acknowledge that East might be messing with my brain, although it often works differently from those possessed by normal ...
Black-suit queens
If East discards a club and Declarer tries to enter Kieran's line in the comments-starter, East can ruff the A and exit with a trump. Declarer could then ruff a heart and draw trump, but West would get the Q at the end.
Black-suit queens
The only layout I can think of that would explain East's club discard yet allow a make is where East was dealt 5=1=5=2 without the Q: spade to the ace (at Trick 6), cross to the K, three more rounds of trump, club finesse.
Black-suit queens
"(I also didn't think it was a given that diamonds were 5-3, or that rho had 5, if they were.)" The inference that East was dealt five diamonds seemed valid to me because West's having the jack would imply a deity-given sequence that was not opening led; and ...
Black-suit queens
Did South's 2 show more than five spades?
Black-suit queens
I would find curious that with five diamonds and three clubs, East would discard a club rather than a diamond (on the second round of hearts).
Jorge Barrera Wins Spring NABC Robot Individual
"To hell with the Turing Test. Robots couldn't pass the bridge player test." Many bridge players couldn't pass it either.
Jorge Barrera Wins Spring NABC Robot Individual
Hm, I thought that comments couldn't be edited after 24 hours. I guess that was changed.
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