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David Libchaber
David Libchaber
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July 19, 2012
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about me

Associate Real Estate broker withe the Corcoran Group in New York City. Was the general manager of e-bridge in my previous life.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time I executed a double squeeze, not knowing how I had done it, but figured out that it was on!
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Loved to play at the Culbertson, when we were all so young....A magnificient club thanks to Anne Mittman.
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2/1 GF
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Source of PBN/Deal Files + matchpoint results?
I have a Bridge Plus dealer. I do the same scenario as you, but do not need access to a dealing machine. You just load the file to the bridgeplus server, and the hands are dealt one at a time. You can record the contracts, opening lead, and the machine ...
USA1 Semifinals, Day 2
I am not sure I understand the analysis of the last board. Winning the A rather then finessing must lead to down 1 regardless of the position of the A. Weather you pitch a or your remaining on the Q, the defense still comes to 3 more tricks ...
Bridge Lawyers
The fact that there is a carry over to a KO stage is mind boggling to me. If you have the best record, you should be drawing the worst team; that's not enough of an advantage? Who wrote the Coc?
Has the time come for some new Bridge Hardware?
I have bought a dealing machine from bridgeplus. It is absolutely brilliant. I use it for teaching my private groups and people rave about it. Once your lessons are loaded on the database, you can switch from lesson to lesson effortlessly since the machine reads whatever you tell it to ...
Decision time
I would ruff high, paying off to QJx with opener. I would prefer to lose that way then to lose on overruff and ruff.
What are the ethical obligations?
I couldn't disagree more. If you want people to come and play Bridge, then please, please, please offer a NICE, FRIENDLY atmosphere. It doesn't hurt you any to a,pre announce what you play - even if it is not required by the laws, AND it is in the ...
What are the ethical obligations?
Barry, Did you write the letter to the Bulletin on the ruling the game section this month? Exactly that topic.
Guard Squeezes, ISBN 978-0-9561532-3-4
Ash, Contact the bridge world. In the summer of 2015, they had guard squeeze in their bookstore in the 'recently published' section. They may have some copies left.
David Libchaber's bidding problem: AQ8642 KJT KQ5 7
:) - is that allowed at Honors?
The nature of bridge probabilities
Typo Page 7. Paragraph 5, third line, second RHO should be LHO. Thanks for the article Roland.

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