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David Libchaber
David Libchaber
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July 19, 2012
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3 hours ago
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about me

Associate Real Estate broker withe the Corcoran Group in New York City. Was the general manager of e-bridge in my previous life.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time I executed a double squeeze, not knowing how I had done it, but figured out that it was on!
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Loved to play at the Culbertson, when we were all so young....A magnificient club thanks to Anne Mittman.
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The cue bid as a limit raise
If splinters show unbalanced hands, then shouldn't 3 and 4 show balanced or semi balanced hands? Don't understand your last sentence. 3 and 4 should be either 2-4-(34) or 2-4(52)
David Parsons's bidding problem: 96 JT87 T7643 95
And Red on White, are you still bidding?
System on after balancing 2NT
My point exactly Mike; since so many of the strong hands (15+) can be expressed by doubling and then bidding NT or a new suit, it would seem to me that leaving 2NT in the balancing seat as weak two lowest unbids makes more sense and happens more frequently, but ...
System on after balancing 2NT
What does the balancing 2NT show please? I though that any hand stronger then 14 HCP in balancing seat starts with a double first, hence no need for a 2NT balance. Very interested to know what it shows, thank you.
David Libchaber's bidding problem: A2 KQ92 K9652 86
Wouldn't 2NT by you show the stopper since you have a 3 cuebid to ask partner if she has the stopper?
David Libchaber's bidding problem: K765 QT942 QJ 94
Edited, thanks.
David Parsons's bidding problem: Q83 AKJ97 A53 86
Or both majors.
A Round from the Reisinger
Echoing Paul comments: am I to assume that sitting with a balanced 21 count behind a strong NT, expert practice is to pass in direct seat?
Would you DELIBERATELY take advantage of a penalty card?
Just because you are allowed to take advantage of a situation doesn't mean that you have to! I am sure I am not the only one who understand Ai-Tai's point. It never feels good when one takes advantage of you, even though it is legal; it feels wrong ...
Showing the Three of Spades
How many days to Christmas?

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