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David Liu
David Liu
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Basic Information

Member Since
May 15, 2018
Last Seen
April 18
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Bridge Player
about me

A passionate and analytic player who often takes an engineering approach.

Studied physics and chemistry in college, got my final degree in molecular biology, now write software for a living.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
79% game on my birthday, then another 70+ in less than two weeks.
Bridge Accomplishments
Down four vulnerable for a 100% board.
Regular Bridge Partners
See web site of bridge club.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara
Favorite Tournaments
The Ventura Regional, the only day-trip gold point event.
Favorite Conventions
A combination of Gerber and Key-Card attempts, then claim 13 tricks in 4NT immediately after opening lead.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
My Turn to Speak
The word "enjoyable" seems to be an over-bid. I would prefer "informative" because the content is of general interest.
David Liu's bidding problem: A3 AT985 KQ8 Q64
Having a lot of trumps is useful if we can ruff something. When neither hand has much shape, neither partner is motivated to look for a suit contract. On the other hand, there are times when 4432 opposite 4432 produces an extra trick in a suit contract. There are too ...
Common Leb mishap
A few years ago, a controversial ruling on "failure to alert" in a high profile match resulted in protests by many players who alerted every bid by partner through the rest of the tournament. It is hard to draw a line in situations like these.
No Race
It is generally accepted that when it comes time to support partner's rebid, a singleton ace is better than two low, one could also argue that balancing against 1NT feels a bit like take-out four suits, thus Axx is probably more playable than four low.
David Liu's bidding problem: A3 AT985 KQ8 Q64
Nowadays we bid more with fewer points. Besides, partner can always choose a suit contract if that works better. I think the advantage of systems for follow-up to 1NT more than compensates the risks.
David Liu's bidding problem: AT9 AT7 AK74 KJ8
Shiang has a good point, or a couple of them. We cannot expect too much from partner. Our perception is often skewed by a few sensational boards, where the reality is much less exciting.
Robert Greene's bidding problem: KQT8754 2 KJT93 ---
1, of course. If anyone calls the director, I will apologize -- I thought 4 was the ace.
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
Play to the end instead of conceding one trick if the 12th trick will be played from hand instead of table. Even the best players might lose focus once in a while. And I have heard stories where KO matches were won by one IMP.
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
They always win a trick with A. With spades as trump, there is no way to avoid losing a trick to the 10 fifth behind me. Here is the full result (board #20) I did not ...
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
Well done! It was much faster at our table. Bidding started with a gentle 2/1, over 2 from S I bid 3 (Western) Partner had a different opinion and invited with 5. Of course I took the push, won the opening lead of 8, played a ...

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