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David Liu
David Liu
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Basic Information

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May 15
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Nov. 7
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Bridge Player
about me

A passionate and analytic player who often takes an engineering approach.

Studied physics and chemistry in college, got my final degree in molecular biology, now write software for a living.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
79% game on my birthday, then another 70+ in less than two weeks.
Bridge Accomplishments
Down four vulnerable for a 100% board.
Regular Bridge Partners
See web site of bridge club.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Santa Barbara
Favorite Tournaments
The Ventura Regional, the only day-trip gold point event.
Favorite Conventions
A combination of Gerber and Key-Card attempts, then claim 13 tricks in 4NT immediately after opening lead.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
David Liu's bidding problem: JT7652 --- AK72 AQ2
As the Director of the Thursday afternoon 499er, Robert has probably seen it all, but the Monday morning 499er can be a bit more entertaining. Ridiculous bidding happens in Open, too. I agree that a "limit raise" by South should bring slam into the picture. With cold games on both ...
David Liu's bidding problem: 872 7 AKQT53 Q74
It was a bit embarrassing, but I was the one playing 2 in a 4-1 fit against the superstars of our club. It could be made, but down one was the same match point score. At least I did not panic :)
David Liu's bidding problem: AT986542 J93 7 K
"We cannot assume that we can drop both [KQ] when we play the ace." Really? Apparently the author changed his mind five weeks later.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: KQT5 AK KJ83 T98
In general, system on over double with an extra of redouble. Partner did nothing, and I will go quietly.
Precision 1!C opener’s 1N Rebid - What’s Legal
Both opponents have a chance to bid or double at one level, and should ask about the 1NT rebid. So, what is the problem?
To Slam or Not to Slam
Board #14 in A trump lead would have given the contract no chance, but it was not obvious.
To Slam or Not to Slam
Yes, I do use void response to key card, and have gone down because of that, so the adjustment is to show void only if there is confidence in slam, which is still easier said than done. Last month a friend bid grand and went down one because he guessed ...
To Slam or Not to Slam
I would not mind either, unless I go down. But I am still thrilled to play with partners who visualize slams no matter how bidding starts. Once I preempted 3, partner pushed to 6, which had a chance of 70+%, while most tables saw part-score contracts in either ...
To Slam or Not to Slam
In match point, I would not be eager to bid slams of low 50s percentile, on the other hand, dropping stiff trump king and queen does make a good story.
To Slam or Not to Slam
There are indeed legitimate minimum openers of higher HCP yet lacking ace, e.g., KQxxx QJxx x KQx. It is hard to identify hands like these as really bad.

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